Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion

Buy Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion at Magnus. Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion are especially used for massaging your skin and renewing your skin tone. Unlike other lotions, this product does not leave your body with greasy gooey stuff that makes you sticky. To know more, click here.

Biotone Body Butter

Buy Biotone Body Butter at Magnus. Biotone Body Butter delivers us two products for ultra hydrating skin, Biotone milk and honey ultra-hydrating body butter and Biotone Pomegranate & Cranberry Ultra-hydrating Body Butter. To know how it works on skin, click here.

Different Biotone Spa Products

Buy Biotone Spa Products at Magnus. To know the different Biotone Spa Products and its role in revitalizing the skin and body as well as the basics of facial which includes exfoliating, massaging, and moisturizing, click here.