Magnus Enema Syringes from Enemasupply.Com

Enema Syringes from Enemasupply.Com

Enema Syringes are popular pieces of enema equipment. However, it is always embarrassing or uncomfortable when you buy them face-to-face. does a fantastic job by giving you a completely private way to order enema supplies. This online retailer makes it easy and convenient for you to order a large selection of enemas and enema

Magnus Enema Bulbs from Enemasupply.Com

Enema Bulbs from Enemasupply.Com

There is good news for people who feel uncomfortable buying Enema bulbs in person from stores. offers enema and related accessories online. Also, Enema bulbs and rectal syringes are hard to find locally. This company has brought together the largest possible selection of Enema bulbs and associated products. They sell enema bulbs in different

Magnus Bardex Enema Nozzle

Bardex Enema Nozzle

Bardex-Style Inflatable Silicone Bulb Nozzle This silicone inflatable double bulb system is designed from premium silicone. The silicone is ultra soft and flexible for comfortable and body safe use. It is specially designed for the enema enthusiast. Equally, the bulb has an integrated release valve for easy removal and quick deflation. Each of its bulbs