Massage & Healing

Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème

Buy Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème at Magnus. Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème, well suited for face, hands, feet, or a full body massage, is ideal for both deep tissue massages for the muscles and tendons as well as for the soft tissue of the skin level scar massage. To know more click here.

Biotone Massage Gels

Buy Biotone Massage Gels at Magnus. Biotone massage gels comes in four varieties named pure touch, advanced therapy, healthy benefits, and true balance gels.To know more about the ingredients used in Biotone massage gels that have its own effects in reducing soreness or revitalizing the skin or reducing dark circles etc., click here.

Biotone Massage Creams

Buy Biotone Massage Creams at Magnus. Biotone Massage Creams are luxuriously thick or lubricant, organic, unscented or lightly fragrant and comes with professional formulas to meet every need. To check out different types of Biotone Massage Creams, click here.

Types of Massaging Cream

Buy Biotone – Various types of Massaging Cream at Magnus. Nutri-Naturals Massage Crème ingredients are vitamin rich carrot, deep moisturisation of Avocado Oil and Wheat with Vit E, with the healing power of jojoba oil, and the health benefits of Sunflower Oil.To know about various types of Massaging Creams, click here.