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  • maintain a healthy cholesterol profile
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Buy Choleslo – Supplement Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects

Choleslo is an all natural and herbal product that help to lower down your triglycerides and LDL level thereby boosting your HDL to a good extent. It normalizes the blood sugar and insulin levels.

When it comes to cholesterol, there may be a lot of factors in play. Age, being the primary factor it also plays a major role in the research of cholesterol. When you look at young people who have very unhealthy eating habits, you wonder how come they are not affected by cholesterol. While we age, even a weekend steak could spike your cholesterol levels for a month, while Young adults can consume steaks, Pizzas and other oily food for weeks together without many problems.

The Entire cycle of cholesterol happens while we age. Our body is not able to absorb the required vitamins and minerals we need from the food. our system is imbalanced and weak. The intake of food, without much exercises or workouts, make our system prone to various conditions, cholesterol being just one among them. The solution could be many. We could opt for a Strict diet, Detox our body, work out regularly and get our heart rate up for a short while, eat healthily and maintain a sleep pattern. While all these seem simple and sound good, most people find it difficult to change their lifestyle.

We live in different times. our inability to control our diet and lifestyle has made us a slave to drugs. While most people suffering from Cholesterol are recommended statin drugs and it surely works, there is a range of side effects. Long-term use of statin drugs could really mess up your body creating a range of other conditions.

When people really know that they can’t help but live the lifestyle they have chosen and cant take the drugs the doctors prescribe due to the long-term side effects, many turn to natural remedies. a quick pill which can be safe and yet help you with the condition. Natural remedies are safe and work. The only problem is that they are multi-pronged. Some herbs are not selective. It reduces cholesterol altogether. HDL/LDL cholesterol are both in the low creating a problem in health. There are other herbs which will bring your blood pressure really low, which could be very bad too. Getting to know the right herb, the right medication and getting the intended result is not something most people can do. It requires a concoction of multiple herbs to maintain a balance in the pill.

Choleslo, Dr. Sam Robbins & HFL Solutions, The manufacturer

Enter Choleslo. It is Manufactured by HFL solutions, with Dr.Sam Robbins at the helm. Dr. Sam Robbins personal Experience and family history forced him to come up with a solution which was natural and safe, yet effective. It was meant to be a solution for his parents but today, the formula is on sale and Dr.Sam Robbins recommends Choleslo, a natural remedy as opposed to the statin drugs most doctors recommend. It may go completely outside the norms of most doctor’s rulebook as doctors don’t recommend natural remedies at all. but then, choleslo works and has been working for the past decade and a half.

The Choleslo Supplement Tablets & Pills

Its apt to categorize choleslo as a Supplement rather than a drug. With all Natural ingredients in choleslo, it helps in maintain a healthy blood flow, improves the performance of organs like the liver and maintains a healthy lipid and triglyceride levels. While some drugs can do all of these or some of these, you could use a mix of drugs to give you the same results. The results with drugs are almost immediate. The chemicals in the drugs give you an immediate effect but wear off after a time. Using a supplement like choleslo gives you the slow result but a lasting one. Best of all, Choleslo is free from side effects. While the drugs have long-term side effects and sometimes, the dosage of these drugs need to be increased because our body tends to get used to them. With an increased dosage of Statin drugs, you come across a range of other problems. The complications are much fold and it continues for a long period of time.

Before you compare statin drugs to choleslo, it’s important to understand the difference in the ingredients in these pills.


At first look, the ingredients of the product seem very basic. But what it does is intricate, and very detailed to your body.

The ingredients are sorted to control each of the problems related to cholesterol. To start with the Lipid optimizing system which maintains your Cholesterol levels, HDL / LDL balance and triglycerides are maintained by a set of ingredients which include:

  • Red Yeast
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract
  • Phytosterols Complex from Pine tree extract
  • Garlic
  • Pantesin
  • CoQ10
  • Guggulsterones
  • Policosanol

These ingredients are the prime reasons for the success of choleslo. It maintains the balance of HDL and LDL cholesterol and gives you a healthy triglycerides level.

  • Milk Thistle extract- Liver cleansing is handled by Milk Thistle extract, which is very effective in maintaining a healthy liver. The other ingredient is NAC which also helps in maintaining a healthy liver
  • Alpha lipoic acid -Blood sugar levels are maintained with R+ALA or the Alpha lipoic acid.
  • Turmeric – Turmeric and tocotrienols help reduce inflammation which causes various problems. Turmeric extract is used for a range of conditions and is helpful in maintaining a healthy immune system, Great bone and also acts as an antibiotic, but then it’s a great anti-inflammatory agent too.
  • B vitamins – The homocysteine Reducing formula includes a range of B vitamins which is B12 to help increase energy levels and sometimes used to reduce weight too. B6 and B5 vitamins in small amounts too.

The review of Choleslo ingredients indicates that most common symptoms of cholesterol are easy to control with this concoction of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Yes, this does not assure you a 100% result. our bodies are different. What works for one may not work for another as efficiently, but you can be assured that you will get 90-95 % results in a stipulated time.

Recommended dosage and its side effects

Being a natural remedy, The dosage may seem to be different to most people. While some have gone up to 4 pills per day, the recommended dosage is 1 -2 pills a day. Thankfully increasing your dosage will not give you a side effect, but if you are consuming statin drugs along with choleslo, the results may be very fluctuation. You would want to consider only using Choleslo for a period of a week to see the results, while you stay away from statin drugs during this period. But before you make a decision, consult with your doctor and make arrangements in case of emergency. While there may not be a lot of problems if your cholesterol level is just above normal, you may want to stick to the statin drugs till you get your cholesterol levels to normal, before going for choleslo alone.

For some , there are reactions to choleslo. Notable reactions shows symptoms of

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Joint ache

If any of the symptoms are seen, stop consumption of the pills and consult a doctor. Also return the product for a full refund.

Does choleslo Work? Why should I not stop statin drugs all of a sudden?

That’s a question which most people will ask. If choleslo really works, why not just stop statin drugs and jump on to choleslo. The answer is simple, yet complicated. The results of choleslo take up to a week. So if you are in the higher range of the chart when you do your blood test, only considering choleslo is going to put you at risk for over a week. It’s not a good decision especially for a condition which could be fatal. Consider choleslo only if you have the results in the manageable range and free from the risk of any fatal conditions. If your cholesterol levels are off the chart, Stick to a statin. The statin drug work faster though they have a range of side effects.

Is choleslo safe?

Again, Choleslo is safe on its own. If you are considering taking choleslo with any other drugs, including a statin, you can expect some real fluctuations in your blood tests. It’s not recommended to take cholesterol drugs with choleslo. The results may be very unpredictable, with lower blood pressure, fluctuating blood sugar levels etc. It’s safe if you are only considering choleslo. Mixing choleslo with any other drug should not be considered unless you have a doctor by your side throughout the course, which is really not practical.


It has been on the market since 1998. That’s nearly 2 decades and that creates a complete range of reviews from some extremely bad reviews to extremely good ones. Its hard to judge the product by the reviews itself. While most people are inclined to say that the product is good, there are a few who have found the product not as useful as the claims. It’s important to analyze choleslo reviews independently before you make your purchase. What are the problems the people are suffering from? What other conditions do they already have? how similar are their symptoms and conditions of yours? did it work for them with the same condition and symptom as yours? Chances are that you will find someone nearly your health condition, age, and figures in the blood chart. If it worked for them, chances are it will work for you. But don’t be expecting a miracle overnight

Many choleslo negative reviews are based on the time factor. Cholesterol is a condition which was acquired over a period of decades. your poor eating habit and lifestyle got you into this mess over a period of years and not in days. Don’t expect to wash off your problems with cholesterol in a week. It’s not going to happen with Choleslo or any other product. Expect 2-3 months of choleslo usage before you see any results. If you see a negative Choleslo review from an independent user who has tried the product for a month or less with no results, don’t start judging too soon.

Also, remember that Choleslo is not a scam. It’s not in the market for 20 years without a reason. But choleslo will not work as well as it is supposed to without a lifestyle change. Stop your high-fat food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to get at least 1 hours walk every day. Sweat it out and race your heart for 5-10 minutes every day. You will see a healthy cholesterol level in no time and whats better is that you will feel extremely well too.

Making a few lifestyle changes could go a long way with choleslo. some of the points to keep in mind are

  • Quit smoking
  • Refrain from alcohol consumption
  • Workout daily. Get your heart rate up for at least 10-15 minutes
  • Eat healthy. Avoid fatty foods. Cut off on your carbs and maintain a right ratio of carbs, protien
  • Get a control on your weight

The Take away

  • 20 Year old product – It has worked and there have been repeat customers
  • Results are slow – Short term reviews are sometimes misleading
  • Effect is lasting
  • Food and Lifestyle changes required – the pill alone is not the cure. Requires some changes in lifestyle too

Disadvantages and Complaints

Most people will tell you why choleslo is not working for them or why it’s so painfully slow. Yes, this is a natural remedy and don’t expect a result in a week or 2. It takes time. Expect changes in blood levels only in 2 or 3 months. This is a disadvantage of choleslo. If your blood levels are very high, you are not recommended any natural remedies till you bring it to normal. USe statin drugs till you bring them to a controllable level and also maintain a healthy lifestyle till then.
Also, Choleslo works better with some diet change and lifestyle turn over. Do them and you see better results.

Where to buy Choleslo

Choleslo for sale at the lowest price

You can buy choleslo from You will see the lowest price for choleslo and you can be assured that this is the best price in the market with the Best customer service. If you want the best customer services for choleslo and look forward to getting answered to a few of your questions, try the pills from choleslo website. The choleslo forum will be able to give you a better perspective and help from fellow users who are already using the product and seeing the difference. It’s more of group therapy online with the Choleslo forums. You are also provided with a Phone number for questions on Choleslo.

Choleslo in Stores

Is choleslo sold in stores?: Yes, it is sometimes sold in stores. There are a few stores which stock choleslo from time to time. They may not be available at all times. For instance, currently while at this time of writing, these are the current stocks of choleslo in stores and their prices.

  • 1 Bottle – $49.97
  • 4 Bottles – $119.91 (you get one bottle free)
  • 7 Bottles – $174.85 (you get two bottles free)

Choleslo at Amazon : Available : $49.97 / Bottle .
Choleslo At GNC : Not in stock
Choleslo in Walmart : Never stocked Choleslo
Choleslo in Costco : Currently not available
Choleslo at GNC : $52.99 / Bottle
Choleslo at walmart : $49.95 / Bottle only 3 bottles left
Choleslo at ebay : Not available

The stock and availability of choleslo in the store usually vary from time to time. There may be times when you can order choleslo from these stores at a discount price. I will try my best to keep to date with the prices regularly from the stores, but I recommend that you check them out individually. The only disadvantage of purchasing choleslo from the stores are that you dont get the Customer services which choleslo website provides and there is no “Choleslo Best price” guarantee.

Top Countries where Choleslo is sold most

Choleslo Australia

While Choleslo is manufactured in the USA, Australia is one of the few countries where choleslo is shipped to. People who order choleslo from Australia have found great benefit from the product. Even with an additional shipping charge, the product is purchased by many Australians

Choleslo Canada

Shipping choleslo to Canada has a very small shipping fee. the cost is justifiable to most people and considering the fact that a quality Natural cholesterol product does not exist in Canada, choleslo is one of the first choices when it comes to cholesterol Natural remedies in Canada

Buy Choleslo in UK

The cost is a bit steep when it comes to shipping to the UK but there are few people who order choleslo from the UK. Some of them are people who are American citizens in the UK. The UK, fortunately has a lot of other natural cures for Cholesterol, though not as effective as Choleslo itself.

Other countries where choleslo is ordered

The product is shipped to Romania, Philippines, Malaysia, Newzealand, and India. The orders are minimal and there is not much of information pertaining to the quantity.

Coupons codes, Discount and Free Shipping promotions

Choleslo comes up with Discounts from time to time. You may also acquire Coupon codes for some of the products by 4hfl which will work with Choleslo too. Try them. It comes with Free shipping promotions throughout the year with subscription package and you get a heavy discount if you are using the product for a longer period of time. When there are special discount coupons we can let you know if you subscribe to the choleslo newsletter on official website.

Top products which compare to choleslo.

Choleslo vs Cholestoff

Cholestoff is a great product but then it fails to do many things which choleslo does. For instance, the balance of HDL and LDL is not something which is controlled with cholestoff. Moreover choleslo helps in blood sugar levels but cholestof is strictly into maintaining cholesterol levels

Choleslo Vs Heart savior

Heart savious is comparatively a better product to many others in the market. But then when you put choleslo side by side, you see that heart savior does not really meet the quality levels and performance of choleslo. The liver cleansing of choleslo is a step ahead in cholesterol management which is great with Choleslo. Then there is the ability to control your blood sugar.

You can get a complete, detailed comparison of Choleslo vs other products on the choleslo website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone buy Choleslo?

It is a complete solution for heart and cholesterol problems. It contains all-natural ingredients with organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Also, this supplement comes in a convenient small capsule that you can take twice daily which requires no exercise.

What are the benefits I can expect to get from this product?

This supplement naturally creates healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels. It optimizes HDL and LDL levels for optimal lipid profiles. Choleslo normalizes the blood sugar and insulin levels

  • Improves cholesterol levels and encourages a healthy balance of LDL and HDL ratio
  • Supports the Liver and the process of liver detox
  • improves triglycerides
  • Improves homocysteine

What are the holistic ingredients?

Co-Q10, red yeast rice, policosanal, garlic, pantesin d-pantethine, guggulsterones, artichoke leaf extract, phytosterolscomplex, milk thistle, NAC, R+ aplpha lipoic acid, turmeric, mixed tocotrienols, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, folate and Vitamin B5.

Is Choleslo available internationally?

Yes, it is available internationally using USPS/EMS. International orders take 7-14 days to deliver. Express shipment is also available on request for an additional fee.

Is it FDA approved?

Since Choleslo is a natural product, it falls under the scope of FDA. All products of HFL including Choleslo are manufactured under current GMP standards as defined by the FDA to guarantee the highest standards and degree of consistency, reliability, and potency.

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