Green Tea & Lime Body Butter

This body butter is rich in Japanese Green Tea and lime leaf extracts along with ginger and bamboo extracts with the fragrance and healing effects of lemongrass. Green tea decreases the wrinkles and makes the skin younger, while lime purifies and lemongrass can eliminate skin infections. Lemongrass is also an astringent and can close any big pores on the skin making it tight, making it suitable for oily skin. It is surely an herbal blend with a twist. 18 months.

Mango & Mandarin Body Butter

It is wonderful body butter with the offbeat mix of mango, pineapple, white peach, mandarin, and Quince. Mango is useful in cell restoration and wrinkle prevention and can heal sun damages of skin. Pineapple smoothen the rough skin, mandarin extract lighten the skin and eliminate any dark spots or pigmentation, white peach moisturizes and leaves the skin fresh. Quince is an answer for dry skin and hydrates it. The shelf life for this product is 18 months.

Milk & Honey Body butter

The main ingredients in the Milk & Honey body butter are as the name indicates, milk, and honey. Milk cleanses the skin while the honey is a natural moisturizer.

The clover blossom and the royal jelly give warmth and comfort. Dry skin is healed by the benefits of honey. The wheat amino acids, Shea butter, and other essential oils nourish the skin resulting in a glowing skin. Safe for daily using and is ideal for any celebrations or happy memorable occasions. It leaves you fresh and radiant. It is absorbed easily and when used it once you will be hooked to it.

Magnus Choose your favorite Biotone Spa Body Butter

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