Cocotein is a very famous product that is doing the rounds among smart bodybuilders. The main reason behind this smart move is that it contains pure coconut water for refreshment and whey protein isolates for body boosting.

Want to know more about this refreshing and tasty drink then stay tuned. I am sure you might end up ordering a few bottles, as it is so tempting.

What is Cocotein?

Cocotein is a refreshment drink that offers a pure whey protein isolate along with other essential ingredients. Cocotein = pure coconut water + isopure protein (100% pure whey protein isolate). This energy drink is a body boosting supplement that offers loads of proteins and pure coconut water that keeps you away from dehydration. The best part is that this drink does not contain any trace of lactose and fats, unlike other refreshment drinks. This smart formula is now a common routine among many bodybuilders.

Isopure and nature’s best are the names behind this awesome product. They are in this field for 30 years and have been striving hard to meet the protein needs of various customers. JavaPro is one of their products and now Cocotein is the latest entrant.

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Cocotein protein drink

Coconut water is a common drink and pretty cheap too. It is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals that no other drink on this earth will bestow upon you. I have seen many of my friends mixing protein powders and other dietary supplements in coconut water to get more benefits. Coconut water is an excellent way to rehydrate your body after a workout session. It quickly replenishes your body with loads of ingredients. In addition to coconut water, protein is also an essential compound that is important after a workout. Adding both these to your body will make you energetic and full of life. This is where the Cocotein drink comes into play. Nature’s best has utilized the same idea and has come with the new product that conveniently supplies both proteins and coconut water in a compact bottle.

Where to buy Cocotein drink

Cocotein drink is available at various online stores like,,, and You can also find them at other supplement stores and they come in sixteen-ounce glass bottles.

Cocotein flavors

Cocotein is available in three new flavors, the fruit punch (pink color), tropical punch (yellow color) and original flavor (resembles coconut water). All the flavors look tempting and according to customers, every single flavor is just a class apart in terms of taste.

Cocotein Ingredients

Every single bottle of Cocotein contains a total of 100 calories. To break down the list, it contains 20 grams of protein, 5 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat. The 20 grams of protein is 100% pure whey isolate that you will get nowhere else in such a pure form.

In addition, you can find other ingredients like –

  • water,
  • coconut water concentrate,
  • added natural flavors,
  • sucralose,
  • phosphoric acid.

Sucralose is a sweetening agent that is used in this drink. Sucralose is a non-caloric ingredient and does not contribute to blood glucose levels. It is just a sugar substitute and lot many times sweeter than normal sugar.

Cocotein Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Bottle (16 fl. Oz/473 ml)

Total calories : 100,

  • fat :0,
  • sodium :85mg,
  • potassium -250 mg,
  • carbs -5g,
  • sugars -5g,
  • protein -20g,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin C,
  • calcium ,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • magnesium.

Who should buy Cocotein drink?

If you are on the lookout for products that offers something natural and refreshing then this product is for you. Those who indulge in workouts and intense training regimes can buy this product as a post-workout drink. It gives pure whey protein isolate along with essential vitamins and minerals. Those who love coconut flavors should try this product, as it is fully loaded with coconut stuff. It tastes a bit sweet but consuming it chill is just an out of the earth feeling. If you do not like coconut flavor then stay away from this drink as it contains coconut punch in every single drop. No matter what flavor you buy you will feel the tropical coconut punch in it.

Cocotein Coconut Water Protein Drink

Cocotein has a natural taste and flavor. Cocotein is a protein drink loaded with natural coconut flavors and essential ingredients. It contains pure coconut water for refreshment and whey protein isolates for body boosting.

Cocotein Coconut Water reviews

Cocotein has a natural taste and flavor. The whey protein and coconut mix work well to offer a great taste. Moreover, they are available in three different flavors and that is definitively an add-on. Cocotein is a great drink that you will want for more and most of the reviews by customers indicate the same. They say that it tastes sweet, not overtly but the right amount of sweetness with a tropical punch. They also say that this drink seriously makes you feel better after post workouts.

Blake says” love the coconut taste and the protein punch. I like it cool than the lukewarm bottle..”

Defter says, “I never liked coconut flavors but I somehow gave a try to this bottle. Never knew that coconut drink can taste so heavenly. I now like this product than any other protein drink available. I have recommended the same to many of my friends. The best part is that it is way too cheap than any other product.”


Cocotein is a protein drink loaded with natural coconut flavors and essential ingredients. If you have a habit of drinking coconut water to keep your body replenished with essential ingredients then this product is a must have on your list. It contains everything that natural coconut water has to offer along with a mix of pure whey protein isolate. Have this drink chilled during hot summer months or after intense training sessions to cool and repair your body. It comes at a reasonable price and tastes simply great. Help your body to replenish with natural ingredients and this product is from a trusted brand.