Colo-Cleanse for Toxin Free Clean Gut

Magnus Colo-Cleanse for Toxin Free Clean Gut

Magnus Colo-Cleanse for Toxin Free Clean Gut

Colo-Cleanse Digestive Supplement

Colo-Cleanse is a natural formula that contains only herbal extracts and no harmful chemicals that can add to the toxins list.

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Colo-Cleanse, from Best Life Herbals, is a digestive supplement that maintains the gastrointestinal tract, especially the colon. It is a natural supplement helping in the natural detoxification of the body and gut to keep it safe from parasites and the negative effects of too many toxins.

Colon happens to be the major organ that has to deal with the various types of toxins eliminated from the body. So, it is essential to keep this part healthy and clean. The colon cleanse will remove all the toxins that are accumulated onto the colon walls and keep the entire digestive system and the bowels clean and healthy.

Benefits of Colo-Cleanse

  • Colon cleanse will improve the digestion as there would not be cases of constipation that can eventually slow down the digestion.
  • It will help improve the immune system by getting all the needed nutrients absorbed from the food.
  • The body can feel better energy circulating
  • It eliminates the toxins and the solid waste from the intestines
  • It can help with weight loss process
  • Prevent or lowers the chances of colon cancer
  • Colo-Cleanse is a natural formula that contains only herbal extracts and no harmful chemicals that can add to the toxins list.

Colo-cleanse ingredients

  • Cascara sagrada extract has laxative effects. It relieves constipation and empties the colon. It can help strengthen the colon muscles and tone them. This extract can normalize the muscle movements of the large intestine to keep the bowels regular and healthier.
  • Prune fruit juice is another home remedy for constipation. Prune fruit is high in fiber and the juice can get you instant relief from constipation. It contains a high amount of sorbitol that has laxative effects. The fiber in the fruits is insoluble and makes a bulk in the intestine. It urges smooth movements and cleanses the colon in the process. It would also help counter the low fiber diet.
  • Psyllium seeds contain fiber that can bulk in the intestine. The fiber here is water soluble and forms a gelatin-like substance that can expand with water. This bulk would then scrub the colon walls as it passes through the large intestine and in turn, cleanses it. It helps remove the solid waste accumulated on the colon walls and makes smoother movements for the bowels as well.
Magnus Colo-Cleanse for Toxin Free Clean Gut

Other important ingredients

  • Senna leaves are natural laxatives that have stimulating effects on the bowels. It stimulates the bowels to contract, to make the laxative effect.
  • Chamomile flower extract has the laxative property that can move the solid wastes and debris through the colon. It has antioxidants that can help in the natural detoxification of the liver. It can improve the energy in the body and can strengthen the immunity as well. This ingredient is also helpful in restoring the body pH levels.
  • Licorice root is a general detoxifier. It can remove toxins from the blood as well as from the liver. Licorice root can reduce inflammations in the colon and could heal. It improves digestion and protects the digestive tract. Elimination of toxins from the blood improves the energy production. It is good for immunity, has anti-allergenic properties, and can stimulate the production of many digestive fluids and bile.
  • Wheat grass juice is one of the natural remedies for the intestine inflammation. It is high in fiber and can help in the detoxification of the body. It can clean the colon and other internal organs as well. The juice extract is rich in vitamins and other minerals that add to the general nutrition of the body. This improvement will reflect in general wellness and stronger immunity.

Taking Colo-Cleanse capsules

Colo-Cleanse comes in capsule form. The recommended dosage is taking 1 capsule per day. The single capsule contains a higher amount of the dietary and herbal fiber that is enough for the day. One must not take more than 1 capsule as it can lead to overdose.

Drink plenty of water along with the capsules. Colo-Cleanse contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Both of these need plenty of water while making the bulk in the intestine. Water is also essential for the movement in the colon and to counter constipation.

Colo-Cleanse side effects

There is no information regarding whether or not the Colo-Cleanse causing any side effects. Being a natural product, there should not be any negative effects of these capsules. Still, these herbal extracts could cause some kind of effects when taken in overdose.

Ingredients like Senna and Cascara could be dangerous when taken in the higher amount. Though the capsules contain very less amount, taking a higher number in a day could be dangerous.

Just stick to the minimal dose and see if things improve for you. Do not take more than recommended dosage if you don’t see positive results. Maybe it takes a while for you to have the changes.

Since the ingredients added here are powerful agents and well-known laxatives, you might suffer diarrhea or uneasiness in the gut. In those cases, take the capsules every other day to see if the minimal dosage is higher for you. If that works, you have solved the problem and you will have no more side effects. If the possible side effects last for more than 2-3 days, it is better to stop taking it.

Colo-Cleanse reviews

Colo-Cleanse seems an effective way to detoxify the body and colon. But the lack of enough customer reviews makes it difficult to decide. One thing is for sure; the Colo-Cleanse supplement is all-natural product that has minimal of the side effects, if at all any. It is comparatively safer than the chemical laxatives and detoxifying agents. The product is available at an affordable price making it easier for you to try its effects. The least it can guarantee is a cleaner colon that makes way to a healthier tomorrow.


With the Colo-Cleanse, you have an all natural and powerful laxative at hand that can naturally trigger the colon cleanse. It uses no chemical agents to get the bowels moving. It stimulates the body and muscles to get the positive results. The only thing to be careful is to adjust the dosage accordingly, without going overboard.

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