There are many contradictory statements released about coconut oil. While some say that coconut is a miracle food, some claim otherwise. Whatever the reason may be if you are planning to cut down your cholesterol level, then this is the guide to know how coconut products will work for you.

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Going Nuts About Coconuts

Okay, so it’s officially summer and nothing feels refreshing than few sips of chilled coconut water. While you are enjoying the luscious taste of coconut water, few experts are scratching their head about coconut oil. They are digging whatever they can to know about coconut oil.

Few years experts claimed that coconuts have rich saturated fat that can prove detrimental to the cholesterol level. Based on the studies both American Heart Association and National Heart Foundation opined it’s better to chuck away the use of coconut oil for cooking.

This was not good news for Miranda Kerr who threw in a fit (just kidding). But it’s a true fact that she is a big fan of coconut oil and uses the green nut in many ways possible to keep her toned and healthy.

IT’S ALL WRONG!!! There are many websites and success stories that prove it wrong that coconut oil can have adverse effects on health. From treating wrinkles to losing weight to treating serious illness, coconut oil has many benefits.

The Controversy – Coconut Oil & Cholesterol

From the past 60 years ago, saturated fat was called the sole cause of high cholesterol and cardio diseases. But times have changed. Many people blindly followed the misguided path that saturated fats such as coconut oil are the main reason for heart disease.

Studies conducted to bring out the goodness in saturated fats and coconut oil have been successful. it was noted that oils that undergo hydrogenated process produce rancid and thick oil that is mainly used for processed foods and companies that make profits out of it.

Two groups of 20 participants were put on a study to detect how soybeans oil (another victim of controversy) and coconut oil works on their bodies. They were provided with 30ml of a daily supplement of soybean and coconut oil. They were also put on balanced low cal diet and told to walk for 50 minutes every day.

No Diets, No Drugs. Lower Cholesterol Naturally

The results were impeccable. While the benefits of both these oils remain similar, coconut oil delivered:

  • Increased HDL levels (i.e. good cholesterol)
  • Lower LDL-HDL ratio
  • Reduced total number of cholesterol
  • Lean waist size or abdominal obesity

What’s So Special About Coconut Oil?

DID YOU KNOW THAT multiple studies conducted on Pacific Island people showed non-existent rates of CVD? The best part is they get their 30-60% of their total calorie from rich saturated coconut oil.

Yup, it’s true. They basically feed on coconut oil and have zilch heart disease or high cholesterol levels.

Coconut oil is helpful for:

  • pregnant women
  • nursing mommies
  • elder ones
  • people dealing with poor digestive system
  • obese people
  • athletes or
  • simply benefiting overall health

This is because coconut oil has the content called lauric acid. Once in the body, it gets converted as monolaurin which is a component found in mother’s breast milk to boost the immunity. OH, WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING!

The triglycerides or medium fatty acids (MCTs) impart a number of health benefits in the body. For instance, they boost the metabolic level in the body and fight off free radicals such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. This nut also contains an anti-microbial property called Capric acid.

Other health benefits of coconut oil include

  • Inhibiting thyroid conditions
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Prevents body from storing fat
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Coconut Oil And Cholesterol – The Verdict

To conclude with, I have to say that there are misleading factors about coconut oil and cholesterol. They are absolutely false and basically have no real evidence. Again and again, coconut oil has proved itself to be helpful and friendly to the body than otherwise. It supports heart health excellently.

To add the icing, Saturated fats that were once termed dangerous are now claimed profit to the body. There is no association that intake of saturated fats would give you high cholesterol and heart disease. In fact statistics say that people who have balanced total cholesterol (i.e. low LDL and high HDL) also tend to suffer from CVD.

If you love coconut oil, then put on your chef’s cap and indulge in some mouth-watering recipes to boost your good cholesterol.Magnus Cracking The Coconut Oil Code – Don’t Hold Back Your Coconut Oil, It Is Beneficial For Your Cholesterol