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Crocodile Tears – Artificial Tears – Lubricant Eye Drops

Crocodile tears is a natural product that can be used by people who are dealing with severe dry eyes, irritated eyes, etc. It was created by prominent retina surgeon, Dr. Lauren Rosecan, West Palm Beach, Florida who has more than four decades of experience in the field. Read on to know all about the product, side effects, reviews etc.

Artificial Tears Brands – Crocodile Tears

Research has it that around 2000 workers have to deal with job related eye injury. While one third of them are injuries that are considered emergency, 100 of the injuries call for many days of lost work.

There are many artificial tears brands that claim to be best in the market. If you spend your day sitting in front of computer, laboratory staff, healthcare workers, then it is utmost important to take care of them. Even touching the eyes with contaminated fingers can lead to conjunctivitis or soreness.

While wearing protective glasses may prevent eye risks it is equally important to take care of your eyes that only rests when you are sleeping.

Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Natural Formula – Dr. Lauren Rosecan

Crocodile tears eye drops is a natural soother for those dealing with dry eyes. It not only moisturizes and soothes the eyes but also protects them from dust and other environmental irritants that lurk around in air. Crocodile tears are made with a blend of viscoelastic materials and balanced salt solution.

If you are tired of dry eyes or any irritation, a Crocodile tears provides you good support.

How Does Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Work?

Crocodile tears eye drops is a natural soother for those dealing with dry eyes. The artificial tears eye drops is one of the most sought after brand. It not only moisturizes and soothes the eyes but also protects them from dust and other environmental irritants that lurk around in air.

We all know that the body produces its own tears. It is one of the natural medications in itself that lubricates the eyes from any discomfort. However, it can be hindered when any outside factors such as allergies, dust, weather and so on affects the eyes. Lack of moisture is also a reason why you suffer from dry eyes.

But for elderly people or those who wear contact lenses, natural tears just aren’t enough. They either evaporate quickly or produce more tears which can lead to dryness or simply aggravate the existing eye condition which can go on incessantly.

Crocodile tears are made with a blend of viscoelastic materials and balanced salt solution. The result is fast and effective relief with gentle cleaning for a better focal vision.

Crocodile tears artificial eye drops are a temporary relief for your dryness. Unlike over the counter artificial tears brands, crocodile tears contain key ingredients that are used to protect and moisten the eyes during cataract surgery. The product has been tested and verified to deliver mild lubrication to the eyes. A preservative free product, these artificial tears brands is preferred by many users who are exposed to prolonged hours of eye stress. In fact, you can use it on pets as well.

Within minutes of application, you will notice improved clear vision, alleviated dryness and overall a better eye health.

Crocodile Tears Ingredients & Dosage

Ingredients of include

  • Glycerin
  • Hypromellose
  • Polyethylene glycol 400

Other ingredients include-

  • Sodium chloride,
  • Dextrose,
  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Disodium,
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Purified water.

How to use: Instill 1-2 drops of crocodile tears on the affected eye as required. For children below 6 years of age, consult a doctor.

Can Crocodile Artificial Tears Be Used On Children & Pets?

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before administering any eye drops on your child’s eyes.

There are many artificial tears drops brands in the market that are especially designed from pure saline. It is harmless on children of all ages. If your kid is more than three years old, you can safely use artificial tears on them. They contain antihistamines and cell stabilizers that are meant to treat eye itchiness or redness.

Same goes for pets as well. If your dog or cat is suffering from dryness or redness in eyes, then you can instill crocodile tears after a nod from Vet.

It is a product that stimulates the eye’s natural ability to fight dryness and get rid of any irritative redness. Ingredients of crocodile tears include glycerin, polythylene glycol 400, hypromellose etc. Hypromellose is one of the common medications used to treat dry eyes. In fact, it is used when artificial tears don’t work. Keeping this in mind, experts of crocodile tears blended hypromellose in the product to treat many eye disorders safely.

Though deemed safe for children, adults and pets likewise, I do recommend consulting the doctor before diagnosing it yourself.

Side Effects Of Alligator Tears

Well, unlike the real ones, this alligator or croc tears don’t bite. Till now there have been no reports of side effects seen from users.

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their medical practitioner before consulting any medication and crocodile tears is not any different. So make sure you get a nod from your doctor before trying out this product for you and your baby.

Crocodile Tears Eye Drops Review

There are many Crocodile tears reviews put up by users in various websites including amazon. The reviews are mixed. A general consensus claims in their artificial tears brand reviews that the product is efficient in eliminating any redness, dryness and itchy sensation from the eyes. The price is very much affordable compared to other OTC products.

On the downside, few users claim that Crocodile tears don’t work. In fact, they were having trouble with the redness and dryness in the eyes. They claim that there was no relief in the redness even after using the product.

“Did very little” – Travis Cahill

Did very little to cure dry tears. It is similar to other OTC eye drops. Provides minimal comfort.

Sandra Bigalke – “Not much”

The hole is too big and the drops come out too fast.

“So good” – J Beverly

An excellent product – it is best than any OTC drops I have tried. It is affordable as well. An easily remembered product, crocodile tears, this is just a bonus to the rapid and painless relief.

“Pretty good but needs reapplication” – Matilda’s mom

It does not burn unlike drug store drops. However it does not last all day and needs more than one drop. I like it better than other drops. I switched to a drop with a lipid layer. It does make my eyes blurry for five minutes but it does last all day long.

“Success” – Baby Bubs

I have very sensitive eyes and have tried different brands of eye drops. But no success. My doctor recommended I try crocodile tears and they have been wonderful. I can use them as often as i want to without any discomfort.

Crocodile Tears Artificial Eye Drops Shipping & Returns

Currently it offers FREE DELIVERY anywhere in USA. They also offer a 7 day return policy. However you must return them unused. You also need to carry the receipt or proof of purchase.

Once you return a product, you will be refunded with the amount after deducting the shipping costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Natural Tears Formula

Can I use crocodile tears if I am having chronic dry eye?

You may use crocodile tears for temporary relief and break the cycle of any irritation. However if symptoms persists it is better to consult your doctor.

Do crocodile artificial tears brands ship internationally?

No, crocodile artificial tears brand is sold only in US and are not available in other countries including India, Philippines, UK, Australia etc.

I wear contact lens. Can I use crocodile tears with it?

Yes, in fact, crocodile tears are meant to address issues pertaining due to frequent wear of contact lens such as itching (if any), dryness etc. they moisture the eyes from inside and assist in a healthy retina. Using crocodile tears with lens will not damage the contact lens.

Can I use crocodile tears every day?

It can be administered as necessary for temporary relief from irritation or dryness.


Crocodile tears is a natural artificial lubricant eye drops that has been helping many uses to fight dryness and common eye conditions. They are safe and gentle making it usable for pets as well. The website also features blogs, tips and guides on how to care for your eyes.

The price of crocodile tears is quite affordable. The fact that it has been made by a licensed doctor says a lot about the efficiency. For those who want a gentle solution for eye dryness, itching etc. you need not look elsewhere.

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