The most common problem that worries women is cracked heels. They do anything and everything to get rid of it but the stubborn problem does not seem to go so easily. The cracked heel are a cause of embarrassment and painful. It prevents women from wearing open heels and sandals. The cracked heels does not match with those beautiful footwear that many would prefer only shoes. Though there are numerous remedies to get rid of the cracks, there has to be some way to make it gone for a longer period.

Here you will find some tricks that will help you not just to heal the heels but also help you keep those cracks away for a longer time.

Identify the signs For Cracked Heels

When you see those little cracks over the heels with hard and callous cells, we call it cracked heels. But in fact it is the sign that the heels are screaming to be moisturized. It is a wise known fact that dry skin is more prone to cracked heels. The feel bear the whole weight of the body. With lot of water content in the cells, the cells can expand or be flexible when the weight is placed on them. When there is no enough water and the cells are dry, they become brittle. The pressure of the body weight will crack them open. The drier the cells and feet are deeper the cracks will be.

The key steps for softer heels

The three steps to softer and even skinned heels are exfoliation, moisturizing and maintaining. All three steps are important and follows in the order, skipping one step will not give any results. Regularity is the key to have smoother heels. So let’s go find out how each step works.


The hard callus around the cracked heels is all dead skin cells. These dead cells must be removed to allow the soft inner cells to come out and heal the cracks. The process of removing these cells is called to exfoliate. There are many natural exfoliates that remove the dead cells without injuring the cells around. Massage the exfoliating agent on the heels in a circular motion. The removal of the dead cells gives a breather to the softer cells under. For best results, soak the feet in warm water with a little glycerin added in it. This allows the hard cells to soften and makes it easier to remove the dead cells.

Oatmeal or rice flour mixed with honey, lemon juice, lemon juice mixed with petroleum jelly applied overnight, etc can be natural exfoliating agents. Massage these for a good 5-10 minutes for best results.

If you do not have much time soak the feet, then exfoliate right after getting out of a hot bath or shower. There is no need to spend too much time exfoliating, must be minimum 2-5 minutes.


Moisturizing the heels must be immediately after exfoliation. Do not wait to do this process as it is the most important step. Moisturization must be done after almost every time the feet are wet or dampened. If the problem is too deep, then avoiding too much feet wetting must avoid.

Apply a generous amount of a foot cream or the natural moisturizing agents. Keeping the moisturizer over night is the best thing you can do. It helps is more absorption and penetration of moisture. Apply the moisturizer all over the feet, under and over and not just on the heels. A generous amount must be applied over the heels than in other parts. Put on a sock to lock in the moisturizer and avoid getting the sheets dirty.

Some natural moisturizers: Fresh milk cream is the best moisturizer. Mix it with the exfoliating agents as well to hydrate the cells while removing the dead cells. Honey is another best moisturizing agent. It also helps lighten the skin. Lemon juice can penetrate deep into the skin tissues and soften them. Applying a mix of lemon juice and petroleum jelly overnight will soften the cells and make it easier to exfoliate in the morning. appl y baby oil immediately after a bath over the feet and cover it with a sock. Remove the socks after a few hours.

Vegetable oils, olive oil and coconut oil etc are also natural moisturizers. Massage the oil into the skin for a while.


  • Do not expect a change overnight. You may have to continue the routine for at least a month to get rid of the dead cells and heal the heels.
  • Once you have smother heels, maintain it by repeating the routine 2-3 times a week and then to once a week. Remember, regular maintenance is must for a long term relief.
  • In case a weekly maintenance is not possible for any reason have it done immediately when time permits. Do not delay it for more than 2 weeks.
  • A whole body moisturizing is also called for. Just hydrating the heels will not be enough.
    Those who have dry skin will have the problem back sooner or later. To prevent it, follow the routine and drink plenty or excess of water.
  • Include omega fatty acids in the diet.
  • Wear sandals that cover the heels.