Dandruff is a common problem not only for human but also for dogs. It should be treated well in advance to provide proper relief for the dog. There are a number of dandruff remedies, drugs, and medications available for treating dandruff issues in dogs and one such effective remedy is the DandRUFF Relief.

DandRUFF Relief is a product by PetAlive of Native Remedies and the reason why it is known to be one of the safest and most effective products for curing dandruff problems in dogs is that of the constituent of all natural and safe ingredients. There are also no drug reactions reported by the user of this brand of dandruff relief. The product is formulated in laboratories of the highest quality facilities and technologies. There is also a high pool of talented medical professional who keeps on researching for improving these products more.

A soothing effect on the itchiness, redness and greasiness is providing for.

Ingredients of DandRUFF Relief

  • Alumina – Alumina is an ingredient used in the DandRUFF Relief for treating the itches and numbness caused on the scalp, hair loss, and dryness of the mucous membranes, dryness of the skin and all the other problems related to the dryness and itchiness faced on the scalp of the dog.
  • Apis mellifica – Another ingredient added in the DandRUFF Relief is Apis mellifica. The burning and stinging sensation faced by the dogs are also cured. The irritations caused on the skin, problems of soreness, scratching, edema, pruritus and all are cured. These conditions worsen when the dog has a cold or under extreme heat conditions. So these too are provided relief.
  • Arsenicum iodatum – For dry and itchy scalp of the dog, this ingredient is good for assisting the performance of the DandRUFF Relief. Burning sensation during the night, intense pruritus, scaly skin and exfoliating scales, dry scales, circular patches of bare spots, dandruff, sensitive scalp, prostration and aggravation at night are all found relief.
  • Causticum – Causticum is a homeopathic ingredient used in the DandRUFF Relief for treating dandruff, abscess, pimples, lice, burns, eczema, thinning of the skin, thinning of the hair, fragile scalp and hair, rawness out of burning, soreness out of scratching and so on. It is also a good element for improving the health of the scalp and the hair.
  • Kali muriaticum – Sometimes dandruff and itchiness causes the powdery desquamation and hair loss in bunches. It also causes dryness of hair with a loose feeling in the head. So these problems can be cured when this homeopathic ingredient is added to the DandRUFF Relief for dogs.
  • Sulphur – Sulphur is a very effective ingredient for dry scalp, immense hair loss, dryness causing itchiness, skin affections, soreness caused by scratching, pruritus, the different types of eruptions, eruptions caused out of aggravation by the water and heat of the den the dog is lying down and so on.

DandRUFF Relief – Relieves Itchiness

DandRUFF Relief for dogs helps in treating the dandruff problems along with improving the texture of the skin from being dry and flaky.

Dosage level of DandRUFF Relief

For the different body weight of dogs, the dosage levels vary. The doses increase when the size of the dog increases this is because the requirement of the dog changes. Big dogs need more doses of the DandRUFF Relief for their problems to go away when compared to the small dogs and puppies. The DandRUFF Relief can also be used for dogs of all ages, that is, even puppies too but just that their doses vary.

  • Dogs who weigh less than 20 lbs require the DandRUFF Relief to be sprayed two times.
  • Dogs who weigh between 20 lbs to 50 lbs require the DandRUFF Relief to be sprayed three times.
  • Dogs who weigh more than 50 lbs require the DandRUFF Relief to be sprayed four times.

Usage of DandRUFF Relief

The DandRUFF Relief can be provided to the dogs in two ways:

  • Spraying directly to the mouth – The DandRUFF Relief can be sprayed directly to the dog’s mouth.
    You have to hold the mouth of the dog close to the spray and then pump it directly. This should be done three times a day.
  • Spraying indirectly to the mouth – Spraying indirectly means spraying onto the food of water they dog to eat or drink. This is a less risky way as you can make sure that your dog consumes the medicine along with its food very easily.