Dermatin is a natural remedy to ease the irritated and dry itchy skin caused by eczema. The Progressive Health has formulated a natural formula that relieves the pain and itchiness caused by the skin inflammation. Dermatin is a unique blend of some useful nutrients and soothing herbal extracts. The ingredients work on reducing inflammation and the pain caused by it and also in hydrating the skin cells so that it does not be flaky. Dermatin has come as a solace to nearly 15 million citizens in the US itself, to have natural relief from this irritating disease.

How Dermatin works?

Collectively, all these ingredients in Dermatin reduce the skin inflammation and the production of histamines and urge the body to fight sensibly against foreign particles. It also helps hydrate the skin and reduce the dryness and itchiness.

The Dermatin ingredients nourish the skin and regulate the immune response of the body. Since the body may react to the wrong trigger to result in eczema, this immune modulation is important to treat eczema. Dermatin reduces the flare-up of eczema and relives of the symptoms. The skin health is also improved with it.

In short, Dermatin can be the easiest way to manage and prevent eczema by all means.

What is eczema?

Eczema, in simple terms is the inflammation of the skin. It appears as reddened areas that are itchy and dry. The dried skin cells start peeling off. The inflamed cells form into crusts that ooze some liquid as well. The affected skin will be raw and painful to touch and will be itchy most of the time.

Generally, eczema is not contagious but people with a family history of eczema will most certainly have at. For them, a slight allergic reaction to dairy products, eggs, or fish is enough to trigger the onset of eczema. This, when coupled with rough fabrics or dust, can worsen the symptoms soon enough. It is as if, the body responds to the slightest trigger to form into eczema. Dermatin lowers this inflammatory response of the body and prevents further spreading of this disease.

What are the symptoms of eczema?

The common symptoms of eczema are inflamed patches of skin here and there. These patches will be dry and flaky. Itching of these patches is the next step in the symptoms. The skin in the affected area will be hot to touch. Later it may turn blistered and can also burst to ooze liquid. The other symptoms may vary from person to person. Some have constant flaky skin while others will have a leathery texture.

What causes eczema?

The exact cause of eczema is still unknown. Food allergy and dyes or fragrances are the most voted culprits that trigger the eczema inflammation on the skin. These allergens will flare up the already irritated skin. The commonly used soaps, perfumes, humidity changes in the environment, processed food in the diet, stress, common allergens like pollens, dust etc all contribute to eczema. If a person is to have an eczema attack, these above-mentioned factors will speed up the process to bring it on. If you are able to pinpoint the exact cause, you can easily counter the effects with a natural remedy such as Dermatin or other methods.

The conventional treatment for eczema Vs Dermatin

The conventional methods use a line of medications that reduce the inflammation, itchiness and the body response to the allergic reaction. There will be anti-inflammatory drugs and lotions to apply over the skin, immune suppressants, antihistamines etc. In worst cases, steroids may also be used to keep the disease under control. The possibility of any side effects from these medications is not ruled out.

Whereas Dermatin, being a natural remedy and formulated carefully to avoid side effects there are fewer chances of adverse effects. The ingredients in the Dermatin modulate the body and immune system to respond in such a way to bring comfort and does not suppress the underlying cause altogether. The natural remedy will help the body to bring down the symptoms and also to raise a fortress against future recurrences as well. The conventional treatment cannot assure about preventing future recurrences. They only suppress the symptoms and find relief for the time being.

Dermatin ingredients

  • Artichoke: The skin inflammation and itchiness is a sign of allergic reaction in the body and Artichoke extract helps reduce the response. It lowers the production of the substances that lead to inflammation and itchiness. This herbal extract increases the bile flow from gallbladder that ensures proper digestion and the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Grape seed extract is effective in reducing the itchy sensation in the affected areas. Eczema is often accompanied by bacterial infection by Staphylococcus aureus, and Grape seed extract has antibacterial property against it. It also prevents the hay fever that can be a result of longtime bacterial infections and eczema. This herb can bring balance to the gastrointestinal tract. The imbalance in the gut is also the reason for eczema eruption in many and for them; the balance brought back by this herb will help in reducing the symptoms.
  • Milk Thistle: eczema has lots of histamines produced in the body and that is produced n liver. The reason why Dermatin has Milk Thistle is that it can inhibit the histamine production in the liver. It also fights against free radicals to protect the liver cells. It acts as a natural tonic to the liver and digestive system.
  • Olive leaf extract has antioxidant which helps the immune system to get rid of the foreign particles from the system, which usually triggers the allergies leading to eczema. Its healing properties include anti-infectious which can prevent the infections of eczema affected areas. Adding it in Dermatin is a very good idea, which is good for cardiovascular health as well.

Additional key ingredients

  • Zinc deficiency is popularly seen in people who suffer from eczema. By reinstating this element in the system, has other tasks. By adding this mineral to Dermatin, it is ensured that the elderly have no deficiency of this which can lead to other complications. It is essential for the making of many enzymes, immune system strengthening, and skin health.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are primarily related to cardiovascular health and energy production in the body. Here in Dermatin, it is useful to fight inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory property is proven through studies, which can also relieve the itching and scaling of the skin tissues.
  • Gamma-linolenic acid or GLA is deficient in eczema conditions. This compound can keep a check on inflammation and improves the roughness of the skin. The redness, dryness, and scaling of the skin tissues are also seen to be reduced with the use of gamma linolenic acid.
  • Biocell collagen type II retains the skin elasticity which is bound to be lost with the dryness. This can also promote the production of hyaluronic acid which is important to fight eczema.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin that hydrates the tissues of the skin. It helps reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Dermatin dosage and usage instructions

Dermatin comes in capsule form. The recommended dosage is one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. It would be a good idea to take it along with the meals to avoid GI tract irritation. Remember to take lots of water, at least 8 ounces, along with the capsules.

Dermatin is not meant as a long-term support remedy. the minimum period required to see desired results are 45-60 days.

Other ways to manage eczema

Using Dermatin is not the only way to manage eczema. It also requires diet modifications and lifestyle changes. Try to identify the food that might be triggering the inflammation and flaring up eczema. That will be relief itself and you will be able to better manage the disease. Also, try to stay away from common allergens like dust and pollens which also can contribute to the discomforts.

Use no soap and find natural replacements to avoid skin irritations and use coconut oil to nourish the skin which can hydrate and can also fight bacterial infections on the affected areas.

If you are planning to get rid of eczema or tend to suffer from itchy skin that breaks out and triggers inflammation, then Dermatin is best recommended for you. Now that you have had an introductory session such as ingredients, dosage and a brief history of how eczema is triggered in the body, here is a look at the side effects, reviews section to help you get a broader overlook about the product.

Dermatin side effects

Dermatin has been found by Progressive Health keeping in mind the current lifestyle and the products we use that trigger undesired and embarrassing rashes and inflammation in the body. But how effective is the product? Does it trigger any side effects in the body? Read on.

When it comes to Dermatin side effects, I have done my share of research but didn’t found anything that would trigger a side effect. The reviews received from people never pointed out the fact that there were any detrimental side effects after consuming Dermatin.

The only side effect are the ingredients that can trigger effects if consumed with any prescription medication advised by your health practitioner. For instance, milk thistle, one of the ingredients of Dermatin can trigger laxative effect, nausea, intestinal gas, loss of appetite and many more. Hence it is best recommended to consult your doctor before ingesting any medication if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or currently taking medication.

Dermatin General Reviews

Dermatin claims to cure any inflammation in the skin or any forms of eczema right from atopic to xerotic. The ingredients are completely herbal and natural that provides you apt results what you asked for.

Though reviews are rare, they are quite satisfactory and say that they have received desired results from Dermatin. They did not notice any side effects either. Users who have been using Dermatin opine about their alleviated inflammation and rashes within weeks of Dermatin dosage.

The only downside to this product is the cost that tends to be on the expensive side and since you need to consume it for certain months it might affect your budget. But with discount codes, promotional offers, you can atleast get a cut-off on the price. The money back guarantee gives a risk free purchase because if you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it back and get a complete reimbursment.

Dermatin testimonials from users

Dermatin testimonial 1: “It worked and quite simply. I didn’t expect any miracles since I have been using many anti-allergen products for a while now. So Dermatin wasn’t a big deal. My dermatologist told me to take prescription medication but I refused that. After trying Dermatin, within 30 days, I noticed improvements in my skin. Thank you very much.”

Dermatin testimonial 2: “My eczema started to flare up at odd timings and it would become worse during summer when heat is at its peak. I threw all the products that promised to work but didn’t even help a bit. After using Dermatin supplement, my skin has improved a lot. I have ordered another pack and awaiting the arrival.

Pros and Cons of Dermatin

Pros – Dermatin Shampoo

  • Herbal product that contains natural ingredients too for inhibiting undesired flare-ups
  • Being a health supplement falls under FDA approval scope
    Specially formulated using all the proper ingredients at right proportion
  • Progressive health comprises of experienced pharmacists and medical practitioner from various fields
  • Dermatin heals any skin conditions such as eczema caused by soaps, perfumes, stress, high humidity or other allergens such as pet dander, foods etc.
  • Prepared in FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines
    Comes in a VEGETARIAN capsule form that is void of any gluten, soy or dairy products
  • No side effects noted till now
  • Worldwide shipping of the product

  • Money back guarantee

Cons – Dermatin Powder

  • Drug interactions are possible when taken with prescription medication
  • Only few user reviews are available
  • Not recommended for children
  • Tends to be costly
  • Is available online only and not in retail stores

Six Home remedies for eczema

While waiting for Dermatin to do its job, you can try out these home remedies for eczema which will help you to speed up the healing process.

Coconut oil

One of the best home remedies for any kind of health condition from head to toe, be it internal or external, coconut oil is on top of the list which will help you get rid of any health condition with utmost ease. You can even use coconut oil for making soap. Use this coconut oil lotion bar which will cool your eczema itching and inflammation. (

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

You are not going to eat it anyway, so chill and carry on with the recipe. Apart from reducing any inflammation in the body, it can improve the health of body cells, develop the brains and balance the hormone production. It is equally important for women during their pregnancy period and is vital for children for developing their brains. So make sure to consume cod liver capsules for better health.

Magnesium baths

Magnesium baths or any other type of detox soaking can be helpful in relieving the itching. Of course for some people who are dealing with eczema soaking in water for few minutes can make the symptoms worse.

Take 1/2 cups of epsom salts (magnesium flakes) and mix with 1/2 cup of Himalayan salt. Add 1/2 tsp of natural vanilla extract and 10-15 drops of essential oil (lavender, mint) etc. Make a mix and add to your bath water. Soak for a while to relax your from stress and eczema.

Sea Spray

If you are dealing with oozing eczema, then it is better to dry them off rather than moisturizing it. Use DIY salt and magnesium spray. (


Probiotic rich foods are missing from the current lifestyle and if you are dealing with any skin issues then, probiotic is a must in your daily diet regime. Probiotic supplement can really help in maintaining your skin lively and healthy. Some of the drinks such as Kombucha Soda, Water Kefir, Sauerkraut etc. can really benefit your overall body.

Homemade Healing Salve

Homemade remedies has always worked wonders so why take a risk with outdoorsy products that come with lot of chemicals. Be it scars, inflammation, rashes or anything, then check out this recipe which will work rapidly in reversing any inflammation or rashes. (


Is Dermatin available in antifungal topical cream or in any gel form?

No, Dermatin is currently available in a vegan capsule form that can be easily ingested.

Does Dermatin contain the ingredient clotrimazole?

No, clotrimazole is a content
 used for external application in the skin for any skin conditions and since Dermatin is an internally consumed capsule, clotrimazole is not included.

Is it necessary to consume Dermatin as per the prescribed dosage?

Progressive Health recommends consuming two capsules a day and it is better to stick with it rather than challenging it. However, if you are taking any prescription medication, it is better to consult your medical practitioner and take Dermatin accordingly.

My father is finding it difficult to consume Dermatin in capsule? Is Dermatin available in drops or tincture formula?

No, Dermatin is available only in capsule form. However, you can take out the ingredients (Dermatin powder) from the capsule and mix them with water or juice for easy swallowing.

I checked the internet regarding Dermatin ingredient Artichoke leaf which can certain  side  effects. Will the product give any dangerous side effects in the body?

Individual herbs tend to carry their own part of side effects. But since Dermatin uses ingredients in the right proportion and several tests have been carried out keeping in mind user’s safety, you need not worry about any side effects. For best results, consult your doctor before taking on any medication or health supplement.