You could already be at risk or your doctor just informed you that you have prediabetes. Prediabetes means there is a good probability of you having type 2 diabetes, but you don’t have it. There are plenty of things which you can do to try and prevent it.

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Currently, there is no known way to prevent type 1 diabetes although many studies are looking into a number of different possibilities. But Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. You’re the first Line of defense being a healthy diet, regular exercise and not being overweight. This is very important for everyone, particularly for people with an increased risk like age, family history, etc. or those with prediabetes.

Diabetes: Check on Facts

Diabetes is a lifelong disease. About 18.2 million Americans have the disease and almost 5.2 million or one-third of them are unaware. An additional 41 million people have pre-diabetes. Moreover, millions of people worldwide also have this disease. And it is estimated that the numbers are only going to increase in future. Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes but people can manage this disease to stay healthy.

Risk Factors That Can Develop Type 2 Diabetes

Your chances of developing type 2 diabetes depend on a combination of risk factors like your genes, family history, and lifestyle. Although risk factors such as family history, age, or ethnicity are not under your control risk factors related to lifestyles such as diet, physical activity, and weight can be altered. These lifestyle changes can affect your possibility of developing type 2 diabetes. Here are some risk factors which increases your chances to develop type 2 diabetes –

  • Overweight or obese especially around the waist is risky. Not everyone with type 2 diabetes is overweight, but extra weight can make you more likely to get the condition.
  • People aged 45 or older are at higher chance of getting type 2 diabetes. Though, diabetes isn’t a normal part of aging.
  • The family history of diabetes. If any of your parent, brother, or sister has it, your chances rise. But take action at an early age and make lifestyle healthy habits, like exercise and diet to reduce your chances of following their footsteps.
  • High blood pressure levels
  • Low level of HDL (good) cholesterol, or a high level of triglycerides
  • Women who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy or delivering a baby weighing 9 pounds or more increases the probability to get type 2 diabetes
  • Woman with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Not being physically very active is also unsafe. Check with your doctor and get physically active to be on safe side.
  • History of heart disease or stroke
  • People suffering from depression
  • Ethnicity like African American, American Indian, Asian American, Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander is more common groups of diabetic people.
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Access Your Lifestyle Choices That Affect the Development of Type 2 Diabetes

Consider two people with the same genetic mutation have a different lifestyle. One person eats healthy, keep a track of blood pressure and cholesterol, and is physically active while the other is overweight and inactive. Who do you think is a greater possibility of developing diabetes? – A person who is overweight and inactive. This is because certain lifestyle choices can greatly influence how well your body uses insulin.

  • Lack of exercise – Physical activity has many benefits including it can help you avoid type 2 diabetes.
  • Unhealthy meals – A diet packed with high-fat foods which lack fiber from grains, vegetables, and fruits increase the likelihood of type 2.
  • Overweight/Obesity – Lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet can lead to overweight, obesity, or worsen the condition. Obese people are more likely to become insulin resistant and can have many other health conditions.

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Effective Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Choices to Reduce The Possibility Of Type 2 Diabetes

  • Exercising and staying fit is very important in getting diabetes and other diseases under control. This is one of the fastest and most powerful choices to lower your insulin and leptin resistance. Start today with less and gradually increase for more benefits in future.
  • Avoid intake of grains and sugary foods. Eliminate all processed foods and especially those made with fructose and HFCS. Also, avoid eating all grains including healthy ones like the whole, organic, or sprouted grains from your diet. In addition, keep your diet free from bread, pasta, cereals, rice, potatoes, and corn. Follow this plan until your blood sugar gets under control. Avoid eating processed meats. Studies show no risk of heart disease or diabetes among people eating unprocessed red meat such as beef, pork, or lamb.
  • Eliminate Trans fats which increase your risk of diabetes and inflammation by interfering with insulin receptors.
  • Try eating plenty of omega-3 fats from a high-quality, animal-based source.
  • Keep a check on your fasting insulin level.
  • Concentrate and take action on the risk factors which you can change, like diet and exercise to delay or even prevent type 2 diabetes.