When we talk about diabetes, we think insulin injections. Cholesterol is all about bypass surgery. Imagine a 55 year old who has already gone through 3 bypass surgeries and has to go through another in the next day. What is the possibility of this person getting his cholesterol levels to normal? Is it possible for a person of 55 to come around and reverse his blood sugar levels?

The truth is that it’s possible. There is no miracle diet. There is no miracle drug which can reverse your health issues. It’s all a gimmick. But wait. There are a few things which you can do now, today to start with to get your diabetes levels to normal. There are things you can do to get your cholesterol levels in control within the next week or a month. No we are not telling you to not go through the scheduled bypass surgery tomorrow. It would be unwise to not go through a surgery if it’s scheduled in the next week or even the next 30 days. But yes if you are looking long term, there are things you can do. There are life style changes you can make and some of them are simple.

Education and Lifestyle diseases.

Leading Diabetes centers and Cholesterol control institutes help people suffering from diabetes and cholesterol to be aware of their conditions. They ask you to watch what you eat, control on the carbs to reduce your blood sugar levels and tell you not to eat fruits, No pastries and no to a lot of other things. These are perfect. The only problem is that they don’t go the full reach or sometimes go way too far. Reversing diabetes and cholesterol is easy with certain life style changes. And most of these changes start with the word “NO”. Unfortunately, this may be hard for many of us.

For people who have a lifestyle of eating chicken for breakfast, Burgers for lunch and pizzas for dinner with a coke as your drink will have to say no to all of it. A life style change is not just waking up early in the morning, going for a jog (no that it’s easy) and getting yourself a good shower followed by eating every other thing you can get your hands on. While most doctors will recommend a workout in the morning and a good cardio, they don’t tell you that this workout is going to drain you of your energy, which will leave you lethargic for a longer period of time throughout the day. With controlled carbs, you don’t have any way to get back to your normal sugar levels and this makes things go in a big circle.

Fortunately, Changing your diet does a big difference and the education which has to go through has to be widened a bit and deepened some more.

Plant based whole food

Many of the doctors will not approve of you going through a complete diet change. But this is not a diet change. This is a lifestyle change. This will not end any time soon and its going to stick out throughout your entire life. Think about a perfect breakfast without anything meat, egg or dairy. If you can work that out for your breakfast you have a big challenge done. Think of the same for lunch and supper. You have all your challenges covered.

The restrictions are very simple. No processed food, No Dairy, no meat, No eggs. If that’s a lot then you should stick to the insulin shots and bypass surgeries throughout your life. While most people will find it hard to go through such a change in our country, there are plenty of others in countries in the east who stick to a plant based diet. For reasons varied, many consume no meat, No eggs and stick to plant based whole foods their entire life.

While meat is an expensive commodity, Dairy is cheap, yet rare to find in remote areas of many countries. This forces many to consume what they cultivate. They work out perfectly as they involve in physical labor. Many of them live a longer life than an average person in our country.

It’s not possible to live a lifestyle of the laborer when you have all the facilities in hand. You still can work out half an hour on a tread mill and get your heart rate high. You can go in for a complete plant based diet for the rest of your life.

What people experience

While most people who changed from a meat diet to a plant based whole food diet found drastic changes over the period of a week. Not to mention a normal cholesterol and blood sugar level, but also increased energy, better sleep, better mood and calmness. While the saying goes, you are what you eat, we don’t heed to the saying much. With plant based food, you can not only have a better physical healthy, but chances are that you will have a better mental health too.
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