Coughs and cold are some of the most common diseases which can make you uncomfortable in your day to day activities. There are many medicines which are available in the market which comes in various forms and shapes.

Throat lozenges are something which is small and mostly in the form of a tablet which can dissolved in mouth for acting against cold and cough by lubricating and soothing the irritated tissues in the throat. The term lozenge came from its shape of a diamond. Lozenges can be made from home with simple items and can be used for getting relief from cold and cough without going to a drug store when in need. I would like to give some methods by which you can make throat lozenges with the most common ingredients of your house. There are many modes of lozenges which address a variety of issues relating to sore throat and cold. Lozenges concentrated in menthol usually help in the opening up of stuffed up nasal passages.

Lozenges are highly useful because of its ease of using and its gradual release helps in a longer period of comfort for the sore throat. Lozenges can be made by yourself with the ingredients of your liking as some of the ingredients in the commercial throat lozenges might trigger an allergy reaction.

Here I would like to share a recipe and method for making your own personal version of the throat lozenges. The medications which are available in the market do have side effects of their own as there are chances that the company uses added preservatives in the medicines for making it last long. It is also possible that the ingredients in the commercially made lozenges might have an adverse effect on your body.

Honey and lemon are two very effective Ingredients which are very effective against cough and throat irritations. Honey suppresses a cough by creating a coating over the throat walls which prevents the further exposure of the sensory nerves to get stimulated which leads to throat irritation. Honey is also an excellent antioxidant which removes the free radicals that is made in the body as the result of its wear and tear. Free radicals can grow and can lead to many diseases in the likes of cancer, depression etc.

Honey-Lemon Throat lozenges

Here I would like to give you directions on making cough lozenges at your home effortlessly to get fast relief from throat irritations. The ingredients needed are 8 ounces of sugar, 6 ounces of honey, and 4 tablespoons of water and zest of two lemons. These ingredients will be sufficient for around 100 lozenges more or less depending on the size of one lozenge. The effect would be great if you can procure the best possible honey for the preparations as honey is the main ingredient in the preparation.

Honey-Lemon Throat lozenges preparation steps are

  • The first step involves the mixing of sugar, honey and water in a container. The mix is then heated together till the mixtures churns and boils. This is then covered for up to 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Next step involves the measuring of the mixture temperature. A candy thermometer is used for the measuring the temperature inside. When the reading reaches a temperature of 295 degrees the mixture should be taken from the stove for cooling.
  • The mixture should be left to cool down as then it will get thickened. This should be then added with the lemon zest.
  • Use a small teaspoon to spread the mixture onto the parchment or a silicone mat lined baking sheet and leave it to cool. This should be done fast as the mixture will solidify fast and it should also be kept in mind to leave spaces between each dot as it will spread.
  • Seal the mixture in an airtight container and the separate layers of the arrangement should be separated using parchment paper. These lozenges will last for more than two weeks under room temperature.
  • Now that we are almost done with making part, it can be easily stored in a comfortable wrapping and will easily last for a long time.

Throat lozenges are some of the most effective and easy ways for getting away from a throat irritation. Lozenges help in the gentle dissolution and this will create that layer in the throat which eases the walls and gently suppresses the irritation. Lozenges are the perfect solution for minor and temporary throat irritation as this will help in suppressing the throat irritation by providing a layer through the hardened honey on the lozenges. The honey in the lozenges has the property of an antimicrobial agent which means that it has the potential to kill bacteria which means along with the suppressing the irritation it also helps in the killing of the virus that is causing the cough. Another advantage is that the ingredient in the lozenges does not react with other medications. The users can use it freely without the fear of an overdose or a side effect. Another highlighting factor is that it doesn’t have any alcohol compared to sore throat sprays. The lozenges are also useful for dealing with allergies and are perfect for long term use without any side effects.

Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges  Magnus DIY Homemade Throat Lozenges

Though along with all the advantages it also has certain disadvantages in the form of its impact on the teeth and the gum because of its excessive sugar content this can cause many dental problems. This can be countered by brushing the teeth often during the use of the lozenges. Another counter step would be to drink a lot of water which will rinse away the excess sugar from the mouth. The case only worsens when the lozenges are used for several weeks without proper oral hygiene.

Throat lozenges would be one of the best means to counter a sore throat with ease as this helps in comforting the throat in case of throat irritability. Throat lozenges are also easy to make and use with household items and also in a comparatively lesser time.