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Does vertifree really work – Review

  • Relieves giddiness
  • Corrects the disturbances of pressure in the inner and the outer ear
  • Balances the central and peripheral nervous system
  • Helps the ears and brain function optimally, thereby preventing future episodes

Vertifree is a homeopathic medicine used for vertigo and it helps relive the many symptoms caused by vertigo. The medicine is available in the pharmacies without any prescription.

The medication cures the first symptoms of vertigo, like dizziness, nausea feel of disorientation etc. Vertigo is the condition where person feel dizziness and the surroundings or he/she is spinning around. This imbalance may be due to many reasons. Some medications can induce these symptoms and must be stopped immediately. Inner ear fluid imbalance, head injury, fatigue etc are few of the reasons for vertigo. But sometime the real cause may be hidden and not known by any tests. The slight imbalance in the body disturbs the whole system. The vertigo attack may be frequent, episodic, or momentary.

Treatment for vertigo includes medications and other exercises. Homeopathic medicines are the safest to use since they don’t evoke any adverse effects inside the body. Vertifree is made from some commonly used homeopathic herbs in vertigo. It works quickly and helps maintain the equilibrium and relive dizziness. It contains no artificial colors or chemicals and is 100% safe. Vertifree is certified by FDA and the ingredients used are listed in HPUS. Vertifree is suitable for anyone from children to elderly people. Though it is safe to take during pregnancy it is better to consult the concerned doctor before administering this.

Vertifree Reviews will give you brief details about vertigo and how Vertifree tablets, a product from Native Remedies works to help you relieve this condition. Read on to know about Vertifree reviews, ingredients, dosage and so on.

About Vertigo And How Do You Get It

Vertigo is a health condition wherein a steady person suddenly feels dizziness. This can be mild dizziness to severe when you feel that your surrounding is completely spinning. It could last for a number of minutes sometimes hours or even days. The rotational dizziness that is defined as vertigo can get to you by one of two causes – disturbance in either:

  • The balance organs of the inner ear, or
  • Some parts of the brain or sensory nerve pathways

The inner ear has the vestibular system which is responsible for the body’s ability to balance. Any malfunction in this area will let you experience unsteadiness or imbalance. The main symptom of Vertigo is Nausea, because you feel that you are rapidly spinning. There are hosts of several conditions that can completely affect balance which could lead to unpleasant episodes of lightheadedness, dizziness to vertigo. Considering inner ear problems, stress, anxiety, hypoglycemia, fever and low blood pressure can contribute to vertigo.

People suffering from symptoms of inner ear imbalance, unsteadiness and disorientation can have a serious impact on everyday life. Normal routine activities such as car driving or going down stairs may cause reluctance or fear. This would compromise the person’s ability to fully perform daily tasks, or participate in social activities. To help you rescue from this, Vertifree, a Native Remedies product is created that temporarily help relieves the symptoms of inner ear imbalance and unsteadiness. Vertifree reviews will help you understand the product working, its safety and available sources to buy it.

Ingredients of Vertifree Tablets

The ingredients in Vertifree tablets are –

  • Cocculus indicus,
  • Lobelia inflate,
  • Gelsemium,
  • Bryonia alba.

All the ingredients are diluted to 30C. The ingredients all work together to relive dizziness, fatigue, headache and other distress due to slight movements or other emotional distresses. These ingredients are combined together and made into small tablets. The dosage is to take one tablet in every 20 minutes until the symptoms subside or take 2 tablets trice a day in case of chronic vertigo.

Caution must be taken that no mint or mint flavored items must be consumed along Vertifree tablets. The mint will reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Effect of vertifree is shown immediately and it may vary from person to person. It not only cures the current occurrence but also works as a preventive measure. The right dosage must be taken for best effects, lesser dosage may not have any effect, and over dosage may be serious trouble. Small dosage is advisable is trying it as support or preventive. A single bottle of vertifree contains 180 tablets that may last for a minimum of 30 days or longer than that depending on the usage and conditions.

Does Vertifree Tablets really work?

Vertifree tablets is a powerful homeopathic formulation for vertigo symptom relief. It uses a unique, proprietary blend of highly diluted natural substances to relieve the symptoms of spinning, dizziness, nausea and much more. It contains natural herbs as main active ingredients to make sure effectiveness on users. This is actually clinically proven and medically researched to work for each and every person. One of its content Cocculus indicus has a long history of offering effective relief from violent dizziness and nausea. Another content Bryonia Alba is known to particularly address vertigo sensations. Vertifree Reviews will give you clear understanding on the complete ingredients details that works:

  • Cocculus indicus 30C HPUS – It is native plant to India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka that helps relieve severe dizziness and nausea, restricted paralysis, motivated you to travel in a car, train or boat by reducing travel sickness, allows unconscious muscular movements and reduce trembling.
  • Lobelia inflata 30C HPUS – It is a vasomotor stimulant that lessen nausea, vomiting, vertigo and gastric headache. It best works for people suffering dizziness and bodily weakness.
  • Gelsemium 30C HPUS – This ingredient helps people with dizziness, lethargy, tediousness, shivering, have lack of muscular coordination, vertigo, headache, cramps and general body coordination issues. It works well for inactive people and those who prefer minimal movements.
  • Bryonia Alba 30C HPUS – It works for people experiencing movement, vertigo, headache, nausea, faintness on rising and shaking. It is extremely suitable for people who admire their bodies and the surrounding when they feel healthy.
  • Lactose – It works an inactive ingredient of Vertifree product.

Thus, Vertifree tablets is a unique blend created using four scientifically selected ingredients that facilitates to offer you a natural, effective and safe way to relieve disorientation and unsteadiness. Not based on only clinically but also through several research and studies from local forum groups and communities and the Vertifree reviews have found out that the product immediately works in relieving vertigo. It is all set to free you from painful symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sweating. This product is most helpful in eliminating the buzzing or ringing and other sensations felt in the ears by most people. Thus, you can restore your body and ear balance to focus more without any disorientation. Final note according to Vertifree reviews that the product really works and help relieve temporary symptoms of vertigo.

Is Vertifree Pills Safe – Vertifree Side Effects?

Vertifree is safe, effective and non-addictive product containing 100% selected homeopathic ingredients. It works to temporarily relieve sporadic symptoms of dizziness, nausea, or motion disturbances, and also help maintain normal inner ear balance. It is formulated by an expert team in natural medicine. Vertifree reviews reported this product will not make you feel sleepy. You can take it to relieve from vertigo symptoms without any side effects.

Also, unlike conventional medicine, these homeopathic remedies are used for years to have no known side effects. Furthermore, there are no interactions reported with herbal remedies or prescription medicine. Besides, you will not experience any contraindications with pre-existing conditions on using this homeopathic medicine.

Vertifree can easily be taken as it comes in small and dissolvable tablets form. This makes it easy to ingest. It does not contain any animal products, gluten, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It is an exclusive homeopathic formula that makes it safe for using in all age groups. It is suggested to avoid eating strong mint-flavored candies when taking Vertifree as this may reduce its effectiveness.

Based on some Vertifree reviews people allergic to lactose should avoid using Vertifree tablets. You should be aware that it contains lactose as inactive ingredient, so if you are lactose intolerant then avoid using it.

Vertifree reviews reported to have dizziness because of several reasons. So if you are suffering from repeated bouts, then consult doctor before using this product for proper diagnosis. This product is proven safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women, but still pregnant or breastfeeding women must ask a health care expert before use.

For persistent or worsen symptoms of vertigo visit your health care professional for help. Vertifree reviews also suggest that homeopathic medicine is taken depending on your history, so before taking any homeopathic formulation you must talk with your doctor.

Vertifree is manufactured under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and dependable pharmacists in a FDA-registered pharmaceutical facility. In addition, it also complies with the specifications of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and all individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

Native remedies Vertifree Reviews

Vertifree reviews give you a clear cut answer based on the experiences of people all over USA. This way you can know your product better.

Vertifree reviews shows how effective the medicine is and that too without any side effects with the best choice and best quality of natural ingredients which for the raw material for the medicine.

Vertifree reviews had reported of having quick delivery and good customer service irrespective of their buying source. But still price is a major aspect to look at and it varies from time to time. Hence, do thorough research on your own and make the final deal from the source that is the most reasonably priced and do not rely entirely on Vertifree reviews.

There are many Vertifree reviews not only in the official website but also in sites such as amazon that speaks how the product actually is. To be honest, the reviews are quite mixed. Some people claim in their Vertifree reviews that the product is actually top notch and works great in delivering the promised results. For others, well, the product simply doesn’t work. But one thing is true that no one has noticed any side effects.

I did note that some people in their Vertifree reviews tried the product only for a week or so. I must say that since this is a herbal product, it will take its own time in delivering the necessary results. So make sure you use the product for a minimum period as mentioned before giving away.

Native remedies vertifree customer reviews

Vertifree is an FDA approved herbal remedy and is non-addictive. It is formulated by a team consisting of expert naturopaths, homeopaths and herbalists and headed by Michele Carelse known for her success for above 10 years by her clients. It is a 100% homeopathic medicine manufactured maintaining the highest pharmaceutical standards like FDA and GMP.

Vertifree as the name suggests is especially formulated with concentrated active ingredients to relieve you from all the symptoms for vertigo including dizziness accompanied with nausea, vomiting and sweating; as well as the root cause – the inner ear problems. The best part of Vertifree is that it frees you from vertigo not only at an upper level but helps to cure it by acting on the root causes of vertigo which include inner ear balance.

Vertifree contains all ingredients that is necessary to cure vertigo, by acting on causes of vertigo such as  restless sleep, weakness, dizziness, disorientation, fainting, fatigue, sedentary, emotional distress, headaches, brain fogginess, motion sickness, etc. The best is that it is free from any preservative or artificial colors. You would see immediate results if the medication is accompanied with the necessities for healthy nervous system like healthy diet, adequate sleep and rest, breathing exercises for sufficient intake of oxygen, enough fluid intake, etc.

You may be thinking on that does Vertifree really work? Then here is the answer to that doubt of yours…Vertifree has been used by thousands of customers and has been one of the highest reordered product in Native Remedies product list.

Customers who have used experienced fast recovery and effectiveness. It seems to work within 10 minutes of taking and within 3-4 days the symptoms are all gone. Some have had relief from not being able to move the head in fear of dizziness and after taking Vertifree is now carefree about head movements. People say that Vertifree is the most effective one among the likes. Swimmers are also benefited as they may suffer more fluid imbalance. Vertigo is a mild and harmless disorder but can occasionally be embarrassing and Vertifree is the most effective and convenient and safer option to get rid of it.

Vertifree Testimonials

Vertigo is not a disease but only a health condition where in the person may feel a sudden dizziness and feel like the world is spinning around, that may last for a few seconds, to minutes. The on- come of vertigo may be frequent or just be momentary. The person may also suffer nausea, vomiting, sweating etc. All these symptoms may be due to inner ear fluid imbalance. The other reason may be fever, stress, low blood sugar and pressure, ear infections etc.

Vertifree is a homeopathic medication that can be taken as an alternative medicine to cure vertigo. Some vertigo is caused by chemicals in some medicines and homeopathic medicines are 100% safe and natural and are also tension free. Vertifree is one such medical preparation that contains effective herbs in diluted condition that work on the symptoms and also on improving the body defense. The medication comes as tablet and the necessary number of tablets is to be taken under the tongue and keep it there for some time. It is convenient and easily absorbed. It is safe to use even on pregnant ladies or milking mothers. The tablets have immediate effect and some people may have to take more than the recommended tablets more frequently to get relief. But whatever the case may be only a maximum of two tablets must be taken at a time.

The ingredients are –

  • Cocculus indicus,
  • Lobelia inflate,
  • Gelsemium,
  • Bryonia alba.

These ingredients effectively relieve the various symptoms like dizziness, headache, weakness, fatigue etc. as well as the root cause for the condition. Vertifree also helps in restoring the lost balance and treats tinnitus or ringing feel inside the ear.

The only drawbacks are that it seems a bit higher in price but yet more effective than any other medication available OTC. No food with mint should be consumed before or after the tablets. The more number of tablets is upsetting some, but it is necessary because the body reactions change from person to person, no two individuals are the same. Vertifree is natural and safe and does not have side effects but have only positive effects in the body.

Vertifree – Buy from Official Site or Stores

Vertifree is the leading homeopathic natural formulation that helps improve the feelings of vertigo, spinning and disorientation caused by inner ear imbalance. Many Vertifree reviews suggest that the best place to buy Vertifree is from the official site of Native Remedies. On this official page you can avail special discount offers as well as combo offers. The discounts on price are offered occasionally and may vary from time to time. Combo offers such as buy 2 get 1 free bottle of Vertifree can also be availed from its official page.

On buying Vertifree from official page you get two benefits – first, 1 year money back guarantee and second, free assistance from expert herbalist, naturopaths and homeopaths.

Native remedies is certain that you will completely get satisfied with this product but still it offer a One Year unconditional money back guarantee. You are allowed to try Vertifree for at least 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied then you can return the used and unused portions of the product within 1 year for a complete refund less shipping fees.

Native Remedies give assistance to its customers by providing support from herbalist, naturopaths and homeopaths. For any questions related to the product dosage, usage, or any other query will be answered by a trained team of experts.

Vertifree can also be bought from the stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, etc. Vertifree reviews suggest that these online mega stores are known to offer great deals with heavy discounts on the product price. Alternatively, you can also look at these sites to save more money while buying Vertifree. These mega online stores offer the same quality product so there are no worries about you compromising with the product.

Causes of Vertigo

Stress is a method of body reaction to certain conditions or situations that are challenging and this response may impact the person’s physical or mental state. Vertigo is the sensation of feeling oneself or the surroundings spinning or whirling. Vertifree is a homeopathic remedy for vertigo. How are these 3 factors related? Stress can impact the person’s well being and this impact may sometimes cause the spinning or whirling sensations commonly named, dizziness which is the chief symptom of vertigo. Stress does not directly cause vertigo but is sure reason for dizziness since stress can trigger lightheadedness in a normal person and also prompt the re-occurrence or relapse of vertigo in many. Mental stress can sometime, worsen any form of vertigo.

Since stress is the chief cause for dizziness and dizziness is the main symptom for vertigo, many have the notion that stress is the cause for vertigo. But it is not so. Stress is not the cause but only a trigger or a reason to show the symptom. A stressed person having vertigo will sure be dizzy. But not all dizziness is due to vertigo. Vertigo symptoms are just an outcome of some other disorder or discomfort inside the body and that reason must be found and cured. Stress can only add into the problem. Relieving stress can surely minimize the impact of vertigo. The many ingredients in Vertifree do help in controlling the nerves and minimize the stress. Vertifree is a cure for vertigo but can also relive stress that may impact vertigo. Taking the Vertifree tablets as supplement may calm the overstressed mind and lessen the vertigo attacks. Relief from stress can also improve the body immunity and has a positive impact on both body and mind.

Buy Vertifree. Where Can I Buy It?

Vertifree is a homeopathy medicine that helps cure vertigo and relieve related symptoms. Vertifree comes as tablets that are to be taken under the tongue. After or before taking the tablets the patient should not consume minty food or drinks since it reduces the effectiveness of the Vertifree. The medicine is made of natural herbs that are proven effective in fighting the many symptoms shown and are good in fighting some underlying causes for vertigo.

This homeopathic preparation is FDA approved and is available as an OTC medicine in pharmacies. It is also available online directly from the manufacturer’s site Native Remedies, or from other online stores like Amazon and eBay. From Native remedies the product can be ordered online, by calling in the toll free number- 1-877-289-1235 from Monday to Friday; by fax- (561) 544-6020 or may order by posting mail. The payment may be done by credit/debit card or PayPal. The mail orders can be paid by credit card, cashier’s check or by money order. Orders are accepted for international shipping but extra charges may apply and also taxes as per the country will be applicable. Look for any discount coupons or other online discounts to get highest benefit. The medication comes with a 30 day money back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Vertifree tablets from Native Remedies is a natural medicine for vertigo related symptoms like nausea, dizziness, disorientation and motion imbalances. It is formulated by the team of medical experts in the field of natural medicines. This health supplement is a non-addictive and safe medicine for eradicating the vertigo related illnesses and is registered with FDA and it also signifies that it contains 100% homeopathic ingredients. Vertifree tablets works on the inner ear balance which is mainly responsible for the balance of the human body. It comes in small dissolvable tablet which can be easily had and digested. This is because Native Remedies does not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives and therefore do not have any side effects for the medicinal course. It can be used by anyone regardless of their ages and state of body i.e., at the time of pregnancy etc. Vertifree is also successful in providing that calm relief when experiencing that initial symptoms of vertigo and related uneasiness. All native medicine products are manufactured and formulated in an FDA and GMP recognized pharmaceutical facility which makes it trustworthy and pure. All the ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

The working of Vertigo is by affecting the coordinating mechanism of the body. The coordinating mechanism includes many organs and their functions. The organs involved are eyes (visual system), ears(vestibular system) and body’s sense of where it is present (proprioception). The information obtained by these organs is processed in the brain and then responded back with a suitable response for the information sent, so all these organs have to be in perfect harmony for maintaining balance of the body. The ingredients in the Vertifree tablets help in the coordination of these organs.

The ingredients of Vertifree tablets are

  • Cocculus indicus: This is a plant which is spread across India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. This is a generally a relaxing agent and can be helpful for people who have trouble sleeping.
  • Lobelia inflata: suited for people suffering from dizziness and other physical weaknesses.
  • Gelsemium: This is also an apt medication for people suffering from sedentary, headaches and other movement related disorders.
  • Bryonia Alba: Another relaxing agent which has the power to cure stress and other mentally and physically affecting illnesses.

So to conclude Vertifree is one of the best naturally made medicine that is there for the cure of vertigo related illness. Vertifree tablets is one of the few naturally made medicines which follow the gentle and effective path of homeopathy.

Vertifree Tablets – Natural Treatment for Vertigo

Vertigo, Dizziness and Nausea are caused due to various reasons in us humans. Imbalance for one could be created due to fluid in the ear, which may again result to dizziness , nausea and Vertigo. If you are diagnosed with Vertigo or have symptoms of Dizziness and Nausea and if the conditions persists continuously you should check out your alternatives with natural treatment. Natural treatment for vertigo with vertifree tablets are entirely homeopathic. Homeopathic natural treatment is now FDA approved and is safe without side effects. Vertifree is one of the few drugs which is completely safe for even babies and pregnant women.

Vertifree tablets are Homeopathic and for most part safe for consumption for children and pregnant women alike. Since Vertifree is a natural treatment for vertigo, Results may depend from person to person and physical condition. While some patients have seen results almost immediately after the first dosage, there are others which take 4-5 dosages to see significant result. Above all this the best part about vertifree tablets and Natural remedies is the fact that its entirely safe and has no side effects. There is no complications of misdiagnosis or even complications due to other drugs.

Vertifree tablets are a composition specifically branded for people with Vertigo, Nausea, Dizziness or imbalance due to ear fluid. The pack comes with 180 capsules to last 1 month of prescription.

Warning : though these pills taste sweet and sugary, its not advised to chew them for pleasure.. These are indeed Medicines and should be kept away from Children

Vertifree tablets review

Vertifree has been one of the few remedies which have been in the market for a long time. Being a natural remedy, Vertifree tablets has had various drawbacks and negative reviews. but the fact always remains that Vertifree has worked for more people. The negative reviews on Vertifree tablets is limited to those who have not tried the product effectively or have had not thought that natural remedies would work. There is no point in telling natural remedies dont work if you wouldnt try it. The lobby of Prescription drugs for various conditions have taken the lime light and vertigo is one of the few conditions which is a constant revenue for the prescription drug industry. Vertigo patients can be treated with prescription drugs but the after effects and the side effects of these drugs are immense and there are problems which are related to the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Vertifree at Walmarts?

Vertifree tablets is available on Walmart but to get money back guarantee, it is recommended that you buy Vertifree from their official website. Vertifree can also be bought from the stores such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, etc.

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