Why is your dog itching or scratching?

Animals also work similar to the working of humans and just like how we scratch for any skin irritation it is the same in the case of dogs and cats. Allergies become the main reason for the itching and the scratching that is seen in the animals. Fleas are also a reason for the scratching and itching in animals. These are some of the common reasons however there are also other reasons for scratching and itching in the forms of mange, sarcoptic and demodectic.

Reasons for scratching in animals

Allergies: Allergies are caused by many factors from pollens to fleas and other minute ingredients. The allergies can be cause by the foods they have or in the form of any environmental triggers. Dogs can also develop skin irritation which can result in heavy scratching sensation. This situation is medically described as contact dermatitis and is especially triggered when they are exposed to substances like pesticides or soap.

  • Anxiety or boredom: Dogs can also exhibit human like behavior like nail biting or hair twirling when bored or anxious. This reaction that we exhibit is in the form of biting, scratching etc. Dogs also go through physical and psychological emotions which can lead to actions like scratching, biting and irritation. These behaviors can result in damage on their body and has to be checked to prevent further damage.

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  • Dry skin: Now this is a factor which can be as it will be difficult to understand as this is related to the weather and fatty acid deficiencies. This can lead to dry skins which can lead to scratching and irritation. The main reaction would be through licking and scratching at the skin or fur.
  • Pain: Pain can be a large trigger for irritation in dogs which can cause a problem. Pain can induce chewing; licking etcetera and also a signal that something is bothering them physically. If you see the dog biting their paw it can mean that it has got a thorn or a sharp stone in his foot which might be causing the pain. Irritation can also be a problem of arthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • Parasites: Parasites is another major reason for the irritation in dogs. Flees, ticks and mites are some of the most common parasites which irritates dogs and as dogs have more fur they can easily get into the fur and go unnoticed from our eyes.

Ways to end your dog’s irritation

  • Parasite control: This is the foremost step which anyone can take against dog scratching. Fleas are tricky as many of fleas species cannot be noticed by naked eye which makes it even more challenging. There are many medicines which are available in the market which can control the growth of fleas in the neighborhood and this can reduce the chances of infection on the dog.
  • Food control: This is a very important step to reduce the irritation in dogs. As I have explained food allergy is a main reason for the irritation in dogs and this can be controlled to a large extent by regulating the food intake of the dog. It should be noted that dogs should not be given foods with a lot of preservatives and artificial color which can cause problems. Avoiding junk foods can be a big step towards giving a healthy life to your dogs. Dogs have allergic reactions to proteins which are usually found in lamb, beef, chicken, wheat, corn etc. and it should be found if your dog has any allergies towards any particular component and it should be avoided from the diet of the dog.
  • Consult a vet: This would be a very wise decision when it comes to the well-being of your beloved pet. It should be consulted with the doctor if you are planning to ingest any steroids for the benefits of the dog. The irritation can be reason for something that the dog has specifically taken in or can be a seasonal one. Consulting a vet is an important and safe when it comes to dealing with your pet’s health as there are a lot of differences between humans and animals.
  • Mange: Mange is a skin disease caused by several species of tiny mites which is a form of parasites found in canines. Some of the mites are normal but some are not and this can cause severe skin infection as they move on. The normal mites which are not harmful are transferred from their mother as they cuddle together. The mites generally share a harmonious relationship with the dogs. The other category of mites is the problem where they lead to skin irritation and infection. Mange is a very important factor which can induce a severe irritation in the dogs. Mange is also known as mange scabies is so severe that it makes your dog to bite their skin so hard that it can cause cuts. The dogs should be treated under a vet care and the hair should be trimmed down in the skin infected area. The dog should be washed using benzoyl shampoo where the shampoo loosens the scales which result in the efficient ingestion of the medicine into the hair pores.
  • Nutrients: Nutrients are very important for maintaining a good health of the dogs. Nutrients deficiency paves way to a poor immune system which subsequently will be weak to defend any skin or allergy related diseases. It should be always noted that the pet should be fed with pure foods than any sorts of adulterated ones as continuous exposure can cause a significant reduction in the power of the immune system.

Skin infection is a common disease which affects dogs and cats and also can be very disturbing for the owners to see their pets suffer. The irritation caused can be of many reasons as explained above. All the diseases can be checked if you can maintain a clean environment for the dog as all the major disease are the resultant of a very poor hygiene environment.

Dog licks quadritop

Is there anything to worry if my dog licks quaditrop where I have applied it on his ears?

Quadritop is an ointment for dogs and cats. Its a combination of neomycin sulfate, nystatin, thiostrepton and triamcinolone acetonide in a petroleum jelly base. Because it has a steroid in it, it is better that your dog does not lick quadritop. There is nothing to worry about even if your dog licks quadritop, but it can lead to some health issues. Some of the possible side effects when you dog licks quadritop is vomiting, irritation, swelling and excessive urination. These side effects are limited to only some dogs.

Allergic reactions are also seen in some dogs who lick quadritop. These inlcude redness, irritation and swelling.

Avoid ingestion of quadritop as oral use of quadritop results in the inhibition of endogenous steroid production following drug withdrawal.