Drytex Economy Hinged Knee brace belongs to the preventative category; and is a multiple-use brace. Made without neoprene this brace offer mild knee support and protects the ligaments. Most of the braces available in the market are made of neoprene and some people actually have irritation using the same. Read the article to find more about Donjoy Economy Hinged Knee Brace that does not cause allergies and helps support to the knees.

Donjoy Economy Hinged Knee Brace

Donjoy Drytex economy hinged knee brace is an ACL knee brace that is the best alternative for those who have limited physical activities. Usually, high impact injuries need surgical treatments for recovery. Smaller tears in the ligaments can be managed with the help of braces and crutches. This brace is a combination of nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric. It is a neoprene free make and that is why this brace is safe for people with allergies and irritation. Usually, people living in warmer climates find neoprene irritating their skin and develop skin problems in the applied areas. In the case of the Donjoy hinged brace, you can be free from such worries, as it is skin-friendly. The materials used in the making of this brace allow breathability and improved airflow. The fabric also provides compression and support to the knees to relieve pain. This wrap-around style ACL injury brace is easy to use.

Donjoy Economy Hinged Knee Brace – Multiple -use-brace

Donjoy Economy Hinged Knee Brace is available in both popliteal cutouts and no popliteal cutout ( popliteal means back of the knees)

Features of Donjoy economy hinged knee brace

  • Features a cutout on the back of the knee often referred as popliteal cutout
  • Donjoy Economy Hinged Knee Brace is available in both popliteal cutouts and no popliteal cutout ( popliteal means back of the knees)
  • Wrap-around style that comes in seven different sizes
  • Polycentric hinge with aluminum uprights
  • Fits both the legs and features aluminum uprights that are removable/washable

What all conditions can this brace treat and prevent?

The treatment of heavy injuries often requires surgery and other methods. This brace mostly belongs to the preventative category and that means you can use the brace to protect yourself from the following conditions. This brace is also great to treat certain conditions, but of course with a doctor’s consent and depending upon your condition.

  • ACL Injury and Torn ACL
  • ACL Tear
  • Relief from pain due to ligament damages
  • Great knee support while participating is sports and reduces pressure on the knees
  • Knee joint stabilization
  • Protects ligaments from re-injury
  • Helps to decrease inflammation and swelling due to MCL/LCL injury

How to Measure

Want to find your size of the brace, then follow the instructions and choose the respective size from the measurement list. You can start taking the measurement from the knee center, 6″ above knee center (thigh), and 6″ below knee center (calf)

Size/Thigh/Knee Center/Calf

  • XS/13″ – 15 .5″/12″-13″/10″-12″
  • S/15 .5″ – 18 .5″/13″-14″/12″-14″
  • M/18 .5″- 21″/14″-15″/14″-16″
  • L/21″- 23 .5″/15″-17″/16″-18″
  • XL/23 .5″ – 26 .5″/17″-19″/18″-20″
  • XXL/26 .5″ – 29 .5″/19″-21″/20″-22″
  • XXXL/29 .5″ -32″/21″ -23″/22″ -24

Who should buy DONJOY Drytex ECONOMY HINGED KNEE brace?

Those suffering from MCL/LCL injury should consider buying this brace as it offers relief from tormenting pain. In the case of general knee pain, this brace can go a long way in offers great knee support. It is also a great pick for those suffering from mild arthritis, meniscus tear, and patella instability. This brace helps support while you indulge in day-to-day activities. It offers great stability to the knees while twisting and turning. The padded hinges are great for individuals who do not like wearing something rigid. If you are an athlete then this brace offers great support to your knees and helps you move freely without giving much pressure to your knees.
In short,

  • You can wear this as a preventative measure against MCL/LCL instabilities
  • Continue your day-to-day activities without any problems
  • Indulge in all kind of sports with full confidence


The wraparound or sleeve option Donjoy Economy Hinge Knee brace has a special design that offers the knee mild medial-lateral stability. Most of the customers are happy with its wraparound design and easy to fit size. They say that the brace sits properly in both the legs without any discomfort. Health experts say that this brace is a great choice for those patients suffering from MCL, LCL injuries, mild arthritis, and patella instability. Some of the athletes who tried this product had the opinion that this product offered great stability to the knees. They say that it is a breathable brace and a comfortable all-day wear. Another feature loved by customers is the popliteal cutout behind the knees. They say that this helps them feel at ease and the oval cutout prevents bunching of the brace material behind their knees. Overall, this product seems to be the best choice among experts and customers alike.

  • Rhonda “The same brace that I got from the clinic, but got a much cheaper rate. This brace is durable and my first preferred choice among many. I have ligament pain in my knees and having a problem with walking and doing any physical activity. However, thankfully I have this brace that saves me like a grace.”
  • Gk “ I like the Donjoy Drytex knee brace and it serves the purpose. I felt this one works better than other braces available in the markets and it comes at a much cheaper price. It is a great buy and highly recommended. Only one problem that I felt is that it comes a bit loose after wearing consistently for longer periods. The makers need to do something about this problem.”


The Donjoy Economy hinged knee brace is definitely the best knee brace selling in the market. It is a great accessory for sports addicts, especially for intense sportsmen. It helps to protect the knee from injuries and serves as a preventative measure. The removable hinges, oval cutouts, breathable fabric etc are great features that no other brace has to offer. However, I would recommend you have a word with your health expert before using this brace, in the case of any knee serious conditions.