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Douglas Laboratories TestoQuench For Women

TestoQuench™ for Women by Douglas Laboratories® is a Hormone Specific Formulation™ that contains androgen antagonists.

This anti-androgen compounds present in this formulation supports healthy growth of skin, hair, heart, breasts, vagina and other testosterone sensitive tissues in women.

Testosterone is present in the female body as ovaries and the adrenal glands produce it for various purposes. However, when there is an overproduction due to various factors it can affect the health adversely.
In this article, we will discuss testosterone effects on the body as well as, how TestoQuench for woman works as a helping hand.

Role of Testosterone in Women

Testosterone plays an important role in a woman’s body. Healthy levels of testosterone is important to maintain the following

  • To maintain sex drive and increase libido
  • To keep bones healthy and fit
  • Pain relief and management
  • Improve and maintain cognitive health

Douglas Laboratories TestoQuench Hormone Specific Formulation
Testoquench for woman by Douglas laboratories is a combination of antiandrogens and androgen antagonists. This product is a hormone specific formulation that regulates the hormonal imbalance and helps to carry out body functions smoothly. It supports healthy blood glucose levels.

Healthy levels of testosterone are necessary but when they exceed the levels then may cause worse side effects. The side effects are so worse that you might want to treat them immediately to lead a normal life. Take a look at the side effects and know yourself.

  • Unwanted changes in the female body shape and size
  • Large clitoris
  • Change in voice or deepening
  • Change is breast sizes
  • Oily skin
  • Body hair growth just like males in the chin, abdomen, and face
  • Lack of menstrual cycles
  • Hair loss and thinning
  • Increase in muscles

What Is Douglas laboratories Testoquench For Woman?

Testoquench for woman by Douglas laboratories helps to tackle excess testosterone in the body and protects the skin, hair, breasts, and other testosterone sensitive areas in a woman’s body.

Douglas laboratories have many products to credits that have helped humanity to lead normal lives. They have simple alternatives to many bioidentical hormonal therapies that are expensive. Dr. Joseph J Collins is the brain behind these creations. He has created a number of hormone specific formulations that support optimal function of hormones. He has achieved this with the help of adaptogen, hormone specific antagonists, and hormone specific functional mimetic. These formulations are available in simple capsule forms that help to aid hormonal balance and improve overall health. Taking adequate dietary and nutrient support along with these formulations will help to overcome adverse side effects of hormonal imbalance.

TestoQuench™ for Women is an excellent mishmash of Phyto-anti-androgens and it helps to bring back healthy hormone balance. It does the job by calming the body and supporting the ideal functioning of testosterone sensitive parts. Phyto-anti-androgens are phyto-compounds that decrease sensitivity towards androgen activity by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase. It also prevents the conversion of testosterone to androgenic dihydrotestosterone.

Benefits Of Testoquench For Woman

TestoQuench™ for Women is a killer combination of exotic herbs that have power over the effects of excessive testosterone levels and other androgens. This product works in a number of ways and helps the body by offering the following benefits.

  • Contains Anti-androgenic herbs that drop off the production of excess testosterone
  • 5-alpha-reductase-inhibiting herbs to stop the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
  • Androgen receptor antagonists protect the cells from elevated testosterone levels by blocking the receptors
  • Supports the feminine tissues that have strong estrogenic properties
  • Promotes healthy levels of estrogen and progesterone required by the woman’s body and these Hormones control the overproduction of testosterone
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels
  • Prevents inflammation caused due to androgen activity
  • Helps in carrying out normal healthy androgen functions
  • Enhances immune functions and promotes overall health
  • Maintains healthy blood lipid levels
  • Protects testosterone sensitive tissues
  • Normalizes the function of skin, heart, breasts and brain
  • Improves moods promotes healthy cognitive functions
  • Promotes a feeling of general wellness

Ingredients of TestoQuench

TestoQuench is an herbal proprietary blend that contains natural ingredients like fenugreek seeds, holy basil, saw palmetto and nettle leaf extracts. These ingredients work combined to support healthy functioning of the body by regulating the hormonal balance. For a detailed list of ingredients and the right quantities, you can check the list below

Herbal Proprietary Blend 1,440 mg – 2,880 mg

  • (Peony) – Peony inhibits the conversion of delta 4-androstenedione to testosterone in the ovary and promotes estrogen synthesis. It has neuroprotective properties and that helps to tackle stress and depression.
  • (Fenugreek) – This helps to maintain lean muscles without having an androgenic effect. Fenugreek has an estrogenic activity and helps to normalize blood glucose levels. It is a great antioxidant and helps to detoxify the body. In addition, it also helps to regulate cholesterol levels and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.
  • Saw Palmetto – saw palmetto has anti-androgenic effects that it helps to reverse the side effects caused hormonal imbalance. It helps to deal with the adverse effects caused by testosterone and controls the excess production of this hormone. This ingredient helps to overcome unwanted hair growth and acne issues in woman by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT
  • Pygeum – This ingredient interferes with androgen functioning with the help of atraric acid and N-butylbenzene-sulfonamide. Both these compounds are complete and specific androgen receptor (AR) antagonists. These compounds do not inhibit progesterone and estrogen receptors but do inhibit testosterone receptors thereby blocking their way.

Other Ingredients

  • Holy Basil – this ingredient decreases androgen function as it has ample anti-androgenic properties. Once you start using this herb elevated levels will come to normal. It also helps to decrease elevated serum glucose levels and hyperlipidemias. Holy basil has neuroprotective properties that help woman to be relaxed and calm. It helps to overcome depression and promotes stress recovery.
  • Urtica dioica or Nettles – many studies have proved that urtica diocia has estrogenic capabilities that work as an anti-androgen. It helps to normalize blood sugar and helps women with androgen excess from acquiring type II diabetes.
  • Vitex-agnus castus or Chasteberry – this ingredient shows its power and anti-androgen effect by decreasing both LH and testosterone hormone levels. It also helps to improve progesterone levels and support healthy feminine body. This also had a positive effect on the estrogen levels and helped to maintain regular periods. Chasteberry is a common remedy to treat menstrual problems and its related symptoms.

All these ingredients work together to combat the adverse effects of testosterone on the body and support healthy bodily functions.

Who Should Use TestoQuench?

TestoQuench is a hormone specific formulation designed for women who are battling with testosterone overproduction and its related problems. This formulation is the best supplement that such a woman can take along with other dietary supplements. It supports testosterone sensitive tissues and promotes healthy hormone levels in the body.

Dosage & Instructions – TestoQuench For Woman

Take TestoQuench either as a dietary supplement with two capsules each day along with food for two weeks or ask your health professional for the dosage. If he recommends a strong dose then you can take 4 capsules for two to four months under his guidance. After that period, the dosage may be lowered to two capsules a day. The normal two capsules per day are safe for consistent use on a regular basis or if you want to increase have a word with your doctor. You can start with a lower dose in the initial phase and then with high does in the maintenance phase. You can also give a gap and take the medication for best results.

Side Effects Of Using TestoQuench

TestoQuench contains all natural ingredients and healthy friendly compounds. So far, no side effects have reached the makers reported and it does not contain anything harmful for the body. It does not contain soy, wheat, dairy, and preservatives.

Warnings Using TestoQuench

This product is not for kids, pregnant and lactating women. Keep this product away from heat and children. Follow the dosage consistently for best results. If you suffer from any chronic conditions then, better have a word with your doctor prior to taking any medicines. Store it in a cool dry place away from light.

Customer Reviews

TestoQuench for woman is a wonderful product that has caught the attention of many women across the world. Many are of the opinion that this product has helped them to overcome real issues that had turned their lives miserable. Many women are now happy that they have a viable solution to their hormonal problems. Now they do not have to undergo hormone therapies to reverse the adverse effects of testosterone. Here is a few customers opinion from those who used this product.

“I had elevated levels of testosterone and had excessive hair growth on my face. I did many things like waxing and trying various natural remedies but nothing worked. After searching online, I got to know about this product and finally gave a try. My testosterone levels were high before trying this product and I took a test later. The test results were satisfactory and the levels have come down to the normal range. This supplement has helped me to be the real me. I do not have oil sky and acne filled face. In addition, my chin and upper lip areas are free from facial hair. That is something I really feel as a blessing. This product works without any side effects and comes at a reasonable price.”

“Really makes a great difference with my acne problem. It has helped to prevent hair growth in unwanted areas. A great product that you can rely on”.


TestoQuench for a woman is a wonderful product that has powerful anti-androgenic properties. It empowers a woman to lead a normal life and deal with hormonal imbalances. It helps to regulate feminine issues and prevent the adverse effects of testosterone on the body. This formulation is safe and does not contain anything harmful. This product is from a reputed brand that has many such hormone specific formulations that are a great success. Many health experts and professionals rely on these formulations to help patients recover from hormonal imbalances. Since it comes in capsule forms it is easy to use and following the dosage will help to clear out all the problems.

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