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Eagle-Eyes By UniScience Group – A Vision Health Supplement

Unisciene Group Eagle-Eyes Vision Health Supplement

Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group are a special formula created to support in treating your poor eyesight. It is a powerhouse combination of 16 nutrients delivering brilliance, ultra-clarity, and protection for your healthy vision. It helps alleviate glare, eyestrain, headaches and fatigue.

UniScience Group is committed to create the perfect combination of nutritional supplements for your well being. All its products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are the best nutritional supplements available. Their dedicated team of doctors and health professionals constantly work hard to get each formula exactly right, with the correct content of each ingredient.

They offer a wide variety of supplements to support Bladder health, Urinary Track Health, Heart Health, Joint Support, Blood Sugar, Vision Health, Restful Sleep and much more. In this article the detailed description of their Vision Health supplement called Eagle-eyes By UniScience Group is discussed. Below is the list of content included in this article.

What Is Eagle-Eyes?

Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group are a special formula created to support in treating your poor eyesight. It is a powerhouse combination of 16 nutrients delivering brilliance, ultra-clarity, and protection for your healthy vision. This supplement provides 12 mg of Lutein and 2 mg of Zeaxanthin which is needed daily. Additionally, Eagle-Eyes contain the optimal levels of Vitamin A in Beta-Carotene form, which synthesizes a chemical needed for clear eyesight. Pure Beta-Carotene in combination with other eye supporting nutrients (mentioned later in this article) is made available in Eagle-Eyes to provide you with the perfect formula your eyes require for healthy vision. Your vision is precious and it is important to protect your eyes to see better as well as feel better. But why do we need Eagle-Eyes at first place. Have a look at why is it created.

Why Is Eagle-eyes By UniScience Group Created?

Since the early 1980s, Dr. David J. Blyweiss was an early adherent and experienced practitioner of what today we call as “functional medicine.” He started his medical career as a clinical pharmacist and in 1982 he earned his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. Functional medicine is a practical and broad approach to medicine which he utilizes to effectively manage and alleviate the symptoms as well as cause of the most “difficult-to-treat” conditions. His all formulations are prepared to address the true, underlying cause of the condition instead of just alleviating the symptoms. He created Eagle-Eyes to help maintain or restore your eyesight which gets deteriorated due to aging and unhealthy diet.

Central vision is the key part for your eyesight. It’s essential for driving, reading, watching TV and is the most commonly used part of human vision which helps you see details, colors and shapes with clarity. All the action for central vision takes place in a spot on the retina called the macula. This is one of the first areas to weaken as you age. The word macula means “yellow spot,” in Latin. This concentrated yellow spot (macula) on your retina has a high concentration of carotenoids. And the two main carotenoids in your macula are lutein and zeaxanthin. The lack of these carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) will slowly starve your macula and your vision starts fading. In short, as your macula starts to age and wear out, your central vision suffers.

Other Causes

Food is another important thing needed for healthy eyesight. Modern time’s commercially farming and giant corporate production practices had killed off the traditional farming methods which kept produce real and natural. Today, hybrid and genetically modified fruits and vegetables contain no natural nutrients but just lots of water. The level of key vitamins and minerals are much lower in today’s produce. Even the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in their official report had admitted that vitamins and minerals are disappearing in today’s produce (in many cases by as much as 88%). This also makes your eyes vision suffers. In short, just as your muscles need protein, your lungs need oxygen similarly your eyes need specific vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids to see clearly. Now see below how Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group, a super formula benefit your vision.

How Eagle-Eyes Benefits You?

Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group are powerful formula with 16 super ingredients to help you enjoy sharp vision day and night. Using Eagle Eyes, you can soon enjoy the following benefits

  • Get sharper vision during the day
  • Improved night vision, especially when driving
  • Helps alleviate glare, eyestrain, headaches and fatigue
  • Provides maximum protective support for your eyes
  • Young eyes – see like you did 20 years ago
  • In addition to these benefits, Eagle-Eyes also protect your eyes against
  • Cloudy or blurry vision, “ghost” vision
  • Toxic buildup in the retina and lens
  • Night “blindness”
  • Damaging UV rays and free radical damage

Let’s have a look at all those super 16 ingredients which in combination help you relieve all those troublesome vision issues.

What Are The Ingredients In Eagle-Eyes?

Over the last 15 years, a complete and comprehensive super formula Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group is developed for sharper, clearer vision. This formula is tested and tweaked for years until it delivers results every time. It combines 16 powerful ingredients to help you see better or restore your eyesight.

Eagle-Eyes includes:

  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin from organic sources,
  • Vitamins,
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids

This protects the lining of your blood vessels and the delicate tissues inside your eye. The antioxidants and amino acids help detoxify and clear out waste products that can damage your vision. It contains two of the critical, must have minerals for vibrant, long-lasting eyesight as well as a high-powered version of vitamin C, for maintaining clear lenses as you age. Below is the ingredients detail

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Lutein and Zeaxanthin (from marigold flower) are the foundation ingredients of this ultimate vision health supplement. The important thing about the Lutein, zeaxanthin and other nutrients is how they get absorb into your system while helping your eyes health. Once, lutein gets into your blood stream, there are more than a dozen factors that can zap it, making it nearly impossible for your body to use. If you are over 50, you’ll have a harder time absorbing and using these nutrients. If you’re overweight, it’s even harder, if you smoke or drink (even a little) it gets worst and if you’re liver and kidneys are not working at 100%, you are at more trouble.

Many other supplements contains only 2mg to 6mg of lutein, which is so less for your body to use. Some supplements include 10mg which is needed to improve vision but Eagle-Eyes have right doses of full 12mg of lutein content and 2mg of Zeaxanthin. Thus, whatsoever your age is or what condition you are having, you will get help with your aging eyes, using Eagle-Eyes.

A breakthrough study mentioned in the world’s leading medical journal JAMA says – you need lutein and zeaxanthin for healthy vision. An overwhelming 87% of people consuming lutein and zeaxanthin for just 12 weeks experienced either a partial or complete reversal of their vision concerns.


  • Bilberry Extract – This ingredient helps strengthen the collagen (the support structure) in your eyes and is crucial for good night vision, adjusting to dim light and glare. Bilberry fruit extract 100mg is included in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – It supports your retina and improves blood flow and oxygen delivery to the delicate and hard-to-reach areas in your eyes. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract 60mg is the content made available in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Eyebrite – Makes the blood vessels in your eyes stronger and helps fight fatigue and eyestrain. 50mg of Eyebrite is included in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Vitamin A – It is the most vital fat-soluble vitamin for eyesight. Your retina relies on vitamin A to stay healthy and is essential for night vision. Vitamin A (9% as retinyl palmitate and 91% as beta carotene) content in Eagle-Eyes is 17500 IU.
  • Omega-3 Fish Oil – This ingredient provides food to your retina’s rods and cones, which directly affect the clarity and sharpness of your overall vision. Dried Omega-3 Fish Oil 500mg is part of Eagle-Eyes.
  • Taurine – This content supports healthy nerve cells, your optic nerves and helps deliver other nutrients like vitamins A, D and E. 300mg of taurine content is available in Eagle-Eyes.

Other Ingredients

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine – Provides shield against free radical attacks as well as remove toxic debris and supports healthy liver function. Your liver stores many of your eyes’ nutrients and needs to be strong for good eyesight to be possible. NAC 260mg is included in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – Protects the DNA in the cells of your eyes, protects your optic nerves, and helps enhance oxygen delivery in the tiny capillaries responsible for blood flow. 100mg of this content is available in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Goldenseal – It helps cooling down soreness and inflammation, fights eye fatigue and gets rid of red, bloodshot eyes. Goldenseal root 100mg is part of Eagle-Eyes.
  • Vitamin E – It is popular as an important vitamin for hair but little-known as an eyesight saver, vitamin E protects the cell membranes in your eyes and supports clear lenses. Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate 200 IU is included in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Rutin – It is a bioflavonoid that boosts the effect of vitamin C and prevents it from breaking down too soon. 10mg of rutin content is included in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Zinc – This ingredient nourishes both your retina and macula. Zinc as zinc citrate 18 mg is part of Eagle-Eyes supplement.
  • Selenium and Sodium – This remarkable antioxidant zaps free radicals and protects every part of your eyes, especially your lenses. Selenium as sodium selenate 100mcg and Sodium 10mg are included in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Vitamin C – It maintains clear lenses of your eyes and prevents the buildup by up to 77%. It also supports your blood vessels walls and helps maintain optimum oxygen delivery. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid is 500mg in Eagle-Eyes.
  • Other ingredients – Dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, silica, magnesium stearate and pharmaceutical glaze are other ingredients that are included in Eagle-Eyes.

Dosages Of  Eagle-eyes By UniScience Group

Each bottle of Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group contains 90 capsules – one month supply. The suggested dosages of Eagle-Eyes as mentioned on bottle pack are 3 tablets in a day, which can be taken with any beverage. For best results, it is advisable to use this supplement for one or two months as you may understand that the damage done to your eyes cannot be restored in short span. Take this supplement as per its suggested dosages and find yourself how it had improved your eyes vision while making you independent.

Is Using UniScience Group Eagle-Eyes Safe?

UniScience Group is known to sell all its supplements including Eagle-Eyes after thorough research and independent lab testing. A dedicated team consisting board of doctors and health professionals under the guidance of Dr. David J. Blyweiss brings the very best in all their formulations. Your eyes are very delicate and complex organs which require a steady stream of very specific nutrients to work properly. Eagle-Eyes contain the right dose of 16 must-have vision boosters. Some ingredients in Eagle-Eyes are organic and in its natural form. Some nutrients are exclusively included while some high powered version of ingredients is part of this powerful eye supplement.

Eagle-eyes By UniScience Group is a safe and beneficial supplement as it contains exactly what is stated on its label and there are no contaminants or other ingredients that are not listed on the label. This is a non-prescription item, so for safe side do not exceed the dosage instructions on the bottle, to reduce the risk of toxicity or drug reactions.

Eagle-Eyes are safe to use eye supplement for both older and younger adults. Adults in their 20’s or over 70’s can safely take this supplement to improve eye health. However, you should avoid using Eagle-Eyes if you are pregnant or nursing or are taking blood thinners (anti-coagulants).

Where To Buy Eagle-Eyes From?

Eagle-Eyes are widely available online on various retail stores like Amazon and other affiliates. But the best place to buy Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group is from their official webpage. This is because of many reasons such as

  • Signing up for monthly newsletter you will be the first to receive coupon codes during sale as well as weekly health updates for free.
  • Buy more save more option i.e. on purchase of 6 bottles of Eagle-Eyes, save up to $60 plus free gifts.
  • Free shipping on all orders above $100
  • No Risk money-back guarantee, 100% refund within 90 days
  • Personal delivery service helps you save more up to 20%.

UniScience Group Eagle-Eyes Coupon Codes including for Eagle-Eyes are also available across the web. In addition, you can also find latest Discount Code, Discount Coupons, Voucher, Free Shipping Code and Promotional Code to save money. Some sites also offers up to 25% discount on the purchase price of UniScience Group products. Explore the web and compare prices to get maximum benefit and for saving more.

What Are the Customer Reviews Of Eagle-Eyes?

Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group have received mixed customer reviews. On Amazon this product has received 3.5 stars out of 5. It had worked for many users but in some users was no noticeable improvement. This is just because individuals vary and their body’s response to supplements also differs. Let’s have a look at both the positive as well as negative customer reviews

Eagle-Eyes By UniScience Group – Positive Customer reviews

Many people had experienced a definite improvement in their close up and distance vision. They were able to read comfortably and see more clearly without wearing glasses. Some people also mentioned to have tried variety of supplements and vitamins to improve vision but no eye supplement was as effective as Eagle-Eyes. Most of the customer reviews also mentioned to have improved their symptoms such as eye strain pain, headaches and fatigue. Most of the customers are using it for more than 2 years. Some customers had get Eagle-Eyes checked with their eye care professional which nearly amazed them on how beneficial and effective this supplement was.

Eagle-Eyes By UniScience Group – Negative Customer Reviews

Some customers had felt no noticeable improvement in vision after taking Eagle-Eyes for a complete month. One customer review states of having a pretty strange, nauseous and a bit frightening experience. He was not able to see with a precise area of eyes and thought that the combination of some Synthetic Ingredients with others may be the cause.

Eagle-Eyes by UniScience Group are high quality product and one of the best vision health supplements. It is highly recommended product based on many positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who All can use Eagle-Eyes?

Eagle-Eyes are a vision health supplement that can be used by any adult to improve or restore eyesight.

How Many Capsules Does One Bottle Of Eagle-Eyes Contain?

One bottle of Eagle-Eyes contains 90 capsules.

Do I Get a Free Sample Of Eagle-Eyes?

No, the company do not provide free sample. But you can avail Trail Offer i.e. one bottle that last for one month.

Do I Get Any Money back Guarantee on Eagle-Eyes?

Yes, UniScience group is confident that the product will satisfy you. But if not completely satisfied, you may return any unused portion at any time up to 90 days after receipt for a prompt, courteous and complete refund of the purchase price.

Where Should I Return Eagle-Eyes?

You can return Eagle-Eyes on this address: UniScience Group, PO Box 9515, Lake Worth FL 33466

Where Can I Get Customer Assistance?

UniScience Group offers customer assistance via phone and mail.

  • Phone: North America: 1-866-766-3600 and Outside North America: (772) 446-1083, available Mon – Fri 8:30am-5:00pm EST.
  • Mail Address: UniScience Group, PO Box 9515, Lake Worth FL 33466.


Eagle-Eyes by Uniscience Group are a powerhouse of 16 essential ingredients in right dose to improve your eyesight. It is a stunning breakthrough for bright, clear and enhanced vision. Buy one today and start to enjoy driving, reading, watching TV or many other activities which you loved performing previously but poor vision was constrain then. This supplement is a bit expensive, but it’s worth a try to improve your vision before your next visit at the optometrist.

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