Menopause is the inevitable stage of the end of monthly periods in women. The joy of not having periods is most often diminished by the Weight gaining problem. Not everyone gains weight, but this is most common among many.

Though there is no evidence to prove that it is the menopause that causes the weight gain but increase in body weight during menopause is common. The reason behind the weight gain are many or due to the collective effect of the symptoms of this phase.

Reasons for Weight Gain

The hormone estrogen helps regulate the metabolic rate and helps maintain body weight. There is no estrogen production after menopause and this will lead to less metabolic rate. Less estrogen will also cause lesser carbohydrate usage and favors more fat deposition. This leads to more stored energy in the body resulting in weight gain.

The commonly found menopausal symptom night sweating causes sleep disorders. The lack of sleep will reduce the body energy and the feel of fatigue arises. This will slow down the physical activities. When night sweats is a regular problem the other associated problems also will follow suit. The ultimate result will be reduced physical activity that leads to slower calorie burn. This is supposed to be the main cause for weight gain.

The menopause causes mood swings and most women during depressed mind tend to take more food. This increase in calorie intake and less physical activity will lead to storage fat and weight gain. The hormonal imbalance of menopause cause more frequent mood swings and the overeating episodes happen again and again. When this overeating is combined with lack of sleep and less activities, no one can stop the weight increase.

Another opinion about this issue is that weight gain is also considered as part of aging and menopause just happens to be part of aging. Another observation is that the weight gain during menopause is more common among the women who already have a larger waist line. This also means that not all women are gaining body weight and the leaner women are able to maintain their body even after menopause. Sometime the hormone replacement therapy also contributes to this issue.

Menopause and Exercise Tips

The lack of physical activity after menopause causes less fat burning and more weight accumulation. But this can cause more problems than just weight gain. Doing intense workouts can help reduce the menopausal symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes. Doing some regular aerobics, yoga, strength training etc can at least make sure that there is no weight gain.

At least 150 minutes of weekly workouts is recommended for women who are in the post menopausal phase. A daily 30 minutes walk can suffice the goal. Depending on the body fitness the workouts can be rigorous or simple, but make sure not to over stress the body. Stretching can help make the muscles flexible and is beneficial as the age progresses. Aerobics, strength training, yoga etc can be done according to the taste and convenience.

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