Jim Diamond Travel Bidet System

This Jim Diamond Travel Enema Bidet System is easy to install in your bathtub faucet with no tools at all.

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Enema Bidet provides hygienic relief to users who have trouble with bowel movements. An enema is a practice of introducing liquids into the colon and rectum through the anus to cause a complete evacuation of the lower intestinal tract. Enemasupply.com supplies a large variety of Enema equipment, enema Bidet, syringe, bags, enema bulbs, related supplies and more. Some bestseller Enema Bidet available at Enemasupply.com for best prices is described here. Read on to know more about them.

Buy Enema Bidet from Enemasupply.com – Features, and Specifications

Enemasupply Shower Cleansing Nozzle

The Clean Stream Shower Cleansing Nozzle is one of the most simple and easy-to-use shower bidet/enema bidet tools on the market. Unlike some other complicated kits on the market, the Shower Cleansing Nozzle is just one piece. It comes with the flow regulator, handle, and nozzle all in one. This cleansing nozzle is made of durable and body-safe ABS plastic. It overall measures 7 inches, with an insertable portion of about 2.5 inches.

For installation –You just need to add a shower cord to connect it to your shower head for better flexibility and reach. Just screw the end of the nozzle to one end of a shower cord and the other end of the cord to your shower head, and it is ready to use. Just turn the shower on and use the small lever in the middle of the device to control the flow of water. This will allow you to get exactly the level of clean you want. This tool is compatible with Clean Stream’s Shower Enema System, which comes with a shower cord that will work perfectly. Its product code and price are E-AE665 and $19.99, respectively.

Portable Bidet

This Portable Bidet is a small plastic bottle with a shower-like tip. Use it to rinse your anal area after bowel movements or enemas. It is an easy squeeze plastic bottle that cleans your anal area for extra cleanliness. It helps you get a thorough cleansing after using the toilet. This bidet is also useful for women during their menstruation. Some people even experienced that rinsing can help relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, infections, and itching. The Enema Bidet instructions included in this package are in Chinese language but the included detailed pictures make it easy to use. It can hold approx. 15 ounces of water. Order this Portable Bidet (E-BIDET) for $16.49.

Stainless Steel Shower Enema Bidet System

Sometimes, this type of enema system is also called a Shower Shot. However, this particular product is Shower Enema Bidet System from Jim Diamond that is made from great materials. The hose has stainless steel material, the fittings are made of heavy nickel plated brass, and it includes everything you need in a kit.

This Shower Enema Bidet System allows you to cleanse yourself in your own shower from the comfort of your own house. Its durable stainless steel materials allow you to keep this bidet system installed full-time, so it is ready whenever you need.

For installation – Installing this shower system is fairly easy. Firstly, remove your existing shower head and install this system with the included valve and hose. Then, reinstall your shower head and its ready to use. Enjoy an enema or flush any time you wish. This shower system is also used to cleanse and refresh before more intimate moments. Its 2-way valve design allows you to use it as shower, bidet, or both at the same time. This set comes with 2 different sized nozzles – One is 0.8″ x 5″, and the other 0.3″ x 3.5″. Buy this wonderful shower enema Bidet (EN202-JD) for just $41.99.

Enema Bidet That Slides Over Your Bathtub Spigot

This Jim Diamond Travel Enema Bidet System is easy to install in your bathtub faucet with no tools at all. You just have to push the rubber sleeve over the spigot for super easy and nice look. This is a Travel Bidet which you can carry it along wherever you go. Its plastic material makes it the perfect bidet to take in your luggage while traveling. It works great for personal cleansing. This set comes with 2 different sized nozzles – one 0.75″ x 5″ and the other is 0.3″ x 3.4″. To order this item for $26.99 use code EN203-JD.

Bathtub Travel Bidet Replacement Hose and Adapter

This Plastic Hose and Adapter replace the hose and adapter for your Bath Tub Travel Bidet. Not all enema kits offer replacement parts, but this kit does. Use code EN203-J to buy this Enema Bidet Replacement parts for $10.99 and save $2.

Enema Bidet On Sale

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