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Buy Enema Bulbs Products at Enemasupply.Com – Specifications & Uses

    • Silicone Enema Bulb w/ Flexible Tip (8 ounces) – The CleanStream Very Nice Flexible Tip Enema Bulb is a great cleansing system for people looking for a quick and safe clean. This is a soft, body-safe and well-designed enema bulb featuring two parts – an easy-squeeze silicone enema bulb, and a soft, luxurious silicone nozzle. It comes with ultra-thin nozzle, and screws onto the bulb for no leakages. You can fill this enema bulb with 8 ounces (or 250 mL) of water, or any other favorite enema solution/ liquid. The flexible removable tip on this enema also works well with the CleanStream Shower System. Product code E-AD502 and Price $24.99
    • Large Enema Bulb (15.5 Ounce Capacity) – This Colt Bum Buddy is a large capacity enema system that can hold 15.5 ounces of liquid. It is large and reusable enema bulb featuring an oversized easy to squeeze silicone bulb. Its nozzle is made of silky, comfortable, no-seam TPR. This nozzle is easy to disassemble for filling and cleaning. The top comes off smoothly (doesn’t screw on). Its tip is 5.5 inches long, with a diameter of one inch. Use code E-SE-6874-10-2 to order this item for $24.99

Magnus Enema Bulbs from Enemasupply.Com

Executive Assistant Enema Bulb

This bulb is soft and easy-to-squeeze. Its large capacity ten ounce allows for more water and less refills.

  • Executive Assistant Enema Bulb (10 Ounce Capacity) – This is an ergonomically designed enema bulb. This Large Enema Bulb features a soft, rubber tip for additional comfort. It comes with holes on the side of the tip to give you a full 360 degree clean. Its nozzle is five inches long, with a diameter of one inch.  Item code E-SI95001 and Price $14.99
  • Deluxe Blue Enema Bulb (10 ounces) – This easy-to-use enema bulb is stylishly and efficiently designed. This soft blue bulb holds up to 10 ounces (300 mL capacity) of liquid, and features ridges for easier grip. The nozzle is flexible and features a screw-in bottom to create a secure seal and prevent leakage. Both the bulb and nozzle are made from hygienic PVC. You should clean Deluxe Blue Enema Bulb after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap. Bottle measures 5.25 inches tall by 2.9 inches in diameter. Tip measures 5.8 inches long by 0.7 inches in diameter. To purchase this item use code E-AD914 and price $12.99
  • Curved Enema – This is cleverly curved bulb to give you the most intense clean. It comes with a screw-on applicator with an easy spray nozzle. It is for vaginally or anally use, as a douche or enema. The Curved Enema holds up to 300mL. The Curved Enema’s applicator is designed to stimulate hard to reach areas. The applicator has a diameter of 0.73 inches. It is 4.5 inches long and features a slight bend. The bottle is easy to squeeze. Fill the bulb with liquid, and squeeze it to release liquid/ water. It is perfect for any adult (him or her). Item code E-PD3921-23 and price $13.99
  • Screw Top Enema Bulb (300 mL capacity) – The CleanStream deluxe high quality enema bulb is easy to squeeze. This premium enema system provides everything you need for a comfortable, efficient cleanse. It holds 300 milliliter liquid and features a curved nozzle with a smooth, rounded tip, flared base, and a durable bulb that’s easy to squeeze. It is easy to fill with water or any liquid of your choice. The nozzle screws in tightly, which reduces spills. This small enema bulb works great and is good for travels too. The 4.5 inch nozzle has an easy-in flexible tip for comfort. Item code E-KL720 and Price $17.99
  • CleanStream Enema Bulb – This is a reusable enema bulb that features a very small nozzle, making it very easy to insert. It is useful for vaginal douching or anal douching. This product is perfect for general cleanliness, relief of constipation or anal sex preparation. It features an easy-squeeze rubber bulb that holds 300 milliliters of water or enema solution. The nozzle snaps on and off for easy cleaning. This high-quality enema syringe won’t spill. To order this product for $6.49 use code E-AB904.
Magnus Enema Bulbs from Enemasupply.Com

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