Enemeez Mini Enema For Bowel Care

Magnus Enemeez Mini Enema For Bowel Care

Treat constipation with Enemeez Mini Enema that is used by more than a million users worldwide. Enema Supply offers you docusate sodium bowel evacuant that is one of the easiest methods to soften the stool and prevent incontinence. Here is a complete review of the product.

One of the best selling product from Enema supply, Enemeez mini enema are often used by people who are dealing with spinal cord injury or those who are unable to move independently.

Resembling the characteristics of Therevac (that was discontinued by the manufacturer), Enemeez is an excellent product that offers you optimum relief from any discomfort.

How Does Enemeez Work?

Enema will help you in emptying the rectal vault of stool. Thus, it can alleviate any symptoms of fullness. Using Enemeez also ensures that you will not lose any stool. In fact, it stimulates the movement of your bowels thus assisting in flushing out unwanted toxicity from the body as well.

Magnus Enemeez Mini Enema For Bowel Care

Enemeez Mini Enema

Using Enemeez also ensures that you will not lose any stool. In fact, it stimulates the movement of your bowels thus assisting in flushing out unwanted toxicity from the body as well.It is an easy-to-use and disposable.

The best time to conduct an enema is either before your normal bowel movement or just after having a bowel movement. It all comes down to why you are using enema.

Currently, there are two types of Enemeez Mini Enema available.

  • Enemeez Mini Enema E-MEEZB and
  • Enemeez Mini Enema E-Plus (with Anesthetic)

Those who are confined to bed or having trouble evacuating bowel, this is best recommended. It is an easy-to-use disposable mini tube that can be used every day or alternate day. One ampoule of docusate sodium comes with enough ingredients to trigger a bowel movement.

Enemeez is a 5cc mini enema ampoule that comes with laxative called docusate sodium. It quickly absorbs, usually within 15-20 minutes. The active ingredients function by drawing the water to the bowel from the nearby tissues and mixing it with stool. This creates watery bowel movements. This results in increased mass of feces that stimulates the nerve endings of the rectum. As a result, it promotes softer and pain-free evacuation.

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One bottle comes with 30 tubes that would last for a month based on your Enemeez Mini Enema dosing.

Enemeez Mini Enema Ingredients


  • 283mg of Docusate Sodium,
  • medicinal soft soap,
  • polyethylene glycol
  • glycerin.


  • 283 mg of Docusate Sodium,
  • polyethylene glycol,
  • medicinal soft soap,
  • glycerin,
  • additional 20mg of Benzocaine (an anesthetic) ingredient.

Patients who are partially paralyzed need this anathestic ingredient to prevent pain or cramps. It is also helpful for people who suffer from autonomic dysreflexia that triggers bowel movements.

Magnus Enemeez Mini Enema For Bowel Care

Enemeez Instructions & Directions

For best results lay on the left side. You can also administer the ampoule while sitting on a commode. Another option is to kneel. Then, lower your head and chest till the side of your face is resting on the floor.

  • Twist off and remove the tip of Enemeez. This will prevent scarring of the sensitive rectal area.
  • Lubricate the shaft of the tube with few drops of water or the product itself. It will also help if you lubricate the anus using Surgilube or KY jelly.
  • Using steady pressure, gently insert the enema into the rectum.
  • Squeeze to empty contents of the ampoule. Keep it squeezed till you remove it from the rectum.
  • Once you have emptied the product, remove the tube and discard it.

Stop using enemeez if you feel resistance. Do not force the enema as it may result in injury or any damage to the rectum.

The recommended dosage for adults, elder people, and children of 12 years & above is 1-3 units a day. Discuss with your health practitioner for children below 12 years of age.

ALWAYS consult your medical practitioner for Enemeez dosage and follow as advised.

Do Not Use

Do not use this product if:

  • you are allergic to any ingredient of the enemeez mini enema
  • you have stomach pain, vomiting, appendix issue or nausea

Consult your medical practitioner before using this product if:

  • you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding
  • you are taking any medication (prescription or non-prescription), herbal medicine or any dietary supplement
  • any allergies to medicines, food or any other substances
  • you have noticed a sudden change in bowel routine from the last 2 weeks
  • you have any rectal issues

Enemeez Side Effects

So far there have been no enemeez side effects noted after using these tubes. However, some medicines may interact with enema. But so far there have been no known interactions.

Possible side effects are noted for the ingredient docusate only if taken internally via capsules, liquid or syrup.

Enemeez Mini Enema Reviews

Enemeez mini enema reviews are widely available online and there are many satisfied users who recommend others to buy it.

Tiberbob60 says – “I have a spinal cord injury and need to do a bowel schedule at least 3-4x a week. I was given suppositories at the hospital to assist the process. I checked a lot of blogs where one suggested enemeez mini enema and must say it works like a charm. Great product, I am very much comfortable.”

KW says – “Brought this for my son who has spina bifida. He needs bowel routine due to neurogenic bowel. This is a great product that helps him without any excessive cramping. A 5-star product, the only reason I am giving 4-star is because of the product. Contact the company and they will provide you free samples.”

On the downside, there are few users who claim that the product does not work. The package too is quite expensive. One user claims he received the product in bad shape with 5 tubes out of 30 in opened condition (depends on the seller as well).

Anthony Lovino – “We are finding an increasing number of mini enemas partially filled, broken tips basically making the product absolutely useless. This is a continual problem and I hope the company takes care of such issues.”

Mike – “They do work well. But the package and delivery need to be taken care of. I received the product with 3 tubes already open and leaked all the gel right into the bottle. They are expensive as well which is bad.”

Enemeez Supply – Shipping And Returns

Enemeez mini enema is shipped to you in absolute discreet packaging so that your nosy neighbor is not aware of what you ordered. The company Enema supply offers FREE SHIPPING on orders above $75 in the USA. The company also ships worldwide, so no matter where you reside, Enemeez mini enema will be available at your doorstep with just a simple click. However, you need to bear additional shipping and other customs charges.

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The company does not accept returns (except damaged items) due to hygienic purposes. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, contact the customer care and the company promises to send ONE replacement product (FOR FREE) instead of the unhappy product. Bear in mind the company offers you 30 days from the date of purchase. So if at all you have any complaints, contact the customer care within 30 days.

Enemeez Mini Enema Discount Coupon Codes

Knowing the fact that Enmeez mini enema is an expensive product, many users stay connected to facebook of Enema supply in the hope of getting good savings. The company offers discount codes and promotional deals every now and then so that you can benefit a lot from each purchase.


The Enemeez Mini Enema and Enemeez Mini Enema Plus are both available over-the-counter as well as online.

To sum it up, Enemeez Mini Enema is an excellent product that works on people who are looking to fix their bowel movements. Definitely a better product than Therevac, Enemeez is loved by more than millions of users worldwide for its efficient results.

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