Epiq Shred is a non-stimulant weight loss aid meant to help athletes. Athletes cannot afford to have any banned substances in their system and not all weight loss aid could be trusted with it. The Epiq Shred is manufactured by Epiq Results, a company that is focusing on making quality supplements, for the athletes. The company claims no use of banned substances, artificial colors, impurities, or undeclared ingredients in the products.

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Epiq Shred is made with well-researched ingredients and within the USA with high-quality materials. It helps with shedding weight by improving metabolism, providing higher energy with the key ingredients that are popular in weight loss programs.

Epiq Shred Ingredients

Epiq Shred contains many vitamins, selected plant based extracts, amino acids, and raspberry ketones as part of this weight loss capsules.

Epiq Shred – Weight Loss Aid
Epiq Shred is a non-stimulant weight loss aid. Epiq Shred is made with well-researched ingredients and within the USA with high-quality materials. It helps with shedding weight by improving metabolism, providing higher energy with the key ingredients that are popular in weight loss programs.

  • Thiamin or vitamin B1 is a nutrient need by the body to generate energy molecules- ATP. It makes sure that the cells use the available carbohydrates to make energy. With proper dieting and ample physical exercises, this vitamin is a great help with weight loss.
  • Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is a helper in the energy-producing path. By affecting the thyroid glands, this vitamin can control the metabolism of the body. This leads to proper fat utilization, higher energy levels, and weight loss.
  • Niacin, the vitamin B3 is another essential nutrient needed for proper calorie burning and energy production. Without this in the adequate amount, the body can suffer energy loss.
  • Vitamin B6 is an important element for healthy metabolism. The deficiency of this vitamin could lead to insulin intolerance that blocks weight loss. This ingredient does not participate directly in weight loss but can prevent events that could lead to the blockage of weight loss. It can also boost energy production and metabolic rate.
  • Vitamin B12 mainly helps in making the body happy by producing the happy hormone, serotonin. It ensures proper metabolism of fats and protein and maintains steady energy production in the body. It slows down the weight gain process by using the molecules for energy. There is no proof to back the claim to help with weight loss.
  • Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is a nutrient that is essential to release energy from fat molecules. It breaks down fat into carbohydrates and later uses it for energy production.
  • Green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acids that are helping with weight loss efforts. It helps by blocking the absorption of fat from diet and also by reducing the fat in the liver. With higher caffeine in this extract, it works on to trigger the body metabolism into jet speed. More metabolism means more fat burning.
  • Raspberry ketones prevent fat storage in the body, which eventually leads to weight loss. it can boost the metabolism and utilize as much fat as possible for energy production.
  • L-carnitine L-tartrate is an amino acid like, vitamin-like compound that can be a great help in the fat burning process. The purpose of this compound is to take the long chain fatty acids to the energy producing sites. Without this ingredient, the released fat from its storage places cannot be metabolized. It is also found to be a good aid in muscle recovery after workouts.
  • White kidney bean extract is found to block the digestion of starch and preventing its absorption. It interferes with the enzyme amylase and prevents its action on starch. Thus the starch molecules are either excreted out of the body without being digested or fed by the colon bacteria.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid is a fat molecule that can help with fat loss. it can increase the metabolic rate, enhance muscles, reduce the triglycerides and cholesterol levels. All of these actions lead to weight management. It mainly helps with lean muscles and reduces the fat deposition in the body.
  • Saffron stigma extract is found to be effective in controlling overeating, controlling appetite, better energy in the body with positive mood and helping with moderate weight loss.

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Epiq Shred dosage

Epiq Shred dosage is 2 capsules per day. This is preferably taken half an hour to one hour before the 2 largest meals of the day. Drink plenty of water with the capsule.

Support the supplement with a properly controlled diet and enough physical exercises to get the right results. Although the ingredients in Epiq Shred are individually helping with weight loss process, they need the support of low-calorie diet and ample workout sessions to burn more calories.

Epiq Shred is available in bottles of 60 or 120 capsules.

Does Epiq Shred really work?

This is one million dollar question. As in the case of any other diet pills, Epiq Shred also has this doubtful claim. While there is no enough scientific proof for the working of this diet capsules, Epiq Shred seems to be working well with the users. If you are to believe the customers, these capsules have helped them in shedding weight and producing more energy than before.

The claims of Epiq results are questionable as the label does not show the clear amount of each ingredient in the capsules. The users are left to ‘assume’ that each capsule might have a higher or lower amount of each of the ingredients.

The doubt arises here that some of the ingredients are to be taken at a much higher dose to aid in weight loss. It is highly unlikely that Epiq Shred might have that much.

Last, Epiq Shred capsules might be effective but it is sure not any miracle pill that can shed weight over night. It takes these capsules, diet, and exercises to get the expected result. If you are not getting it, then the fault may not be entirely on the capsules!

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Epiq Shred side effects

Epiq Shred contains ingredients that have potential side effects. The common expected side effects of using Epiq Shred would be restlessness, upset stomach, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, smelly breath, sweat, and urine (they may smell like fishy). Other discomforts are bloating, gas, heartburn, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, jitteriness, rashes, breathing problems etc.

These side effects are subjected to individual ingredients. These are also caused in the case of overdose. The clear trouble would be when the user is allergic to saffron, caffeine or to raspberry ketones.

Epiq Shred Reviews

The majority of the users support Epiq Shred as a great help in the workout sessions. The boost in energy and making them sweat while they workout seems to be the highlights of this product. Most of them do not consider this as a diet pill but are happy with the progress they get. The positive comments also say that it helped them stay focused, and accelerated their workouts.

The problem is that some suggesting that these capsules could be addictive. They had difficulty getting together themselves after the mandatory 60 day trial period. They have felt good and energized throughout these days but had trouble when the dosage is stopped.

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Bottom Line

Epiq Shred does lack a scientific backing with its results and effects. If you are a fan of scientific proof and statistics, you are better away from this weight loss capsules. If you believe in firsthand experience and go with the customers, you can confidently go ahead and try the 60 days of these capsules. The product is available at a cheaper rate from Amazon, but no money-back guarantee. You are using it at your own free will.

The bottom line is that you are not a rat and the scientific tests are done on them. Believe in humans and try these capsules to see what changes it can bring you. It is better to believe in your opinions, experience, and most importantly, yourself than believing in others.

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