One cannot be blamed to think that the fat we eat is what makes us fat. In reality, the fat, which we eat has got nothing to do with us gaining weight or depositing fat all around the body. It is all the same with the cholesterol. Fat does not directly cause the increase in blood cholesterol.

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Then why it has been believed for long that the fat is the culprit behind both the cases! Fat could be a problem alright. The villain here is the bad, saturated fat. The body needs fat, good fat to build and protect the organs, produce hormones and also in the absorption of some nutrients.

Blame it on carbs

Eating too much of carbohydrates is what makes you fat. When there are too many carbohydrates, the body turns all the unused calories that are in any form, into stored fat. In low carb diet, the fat is not stored but used for energy production. Although our body is designed to process all kinds of food molecules, it may not do well when the equation is all wrong.

Our body needs all the fat, protein, and carbohydrates, but there are limitations and restrictions. The best way to put is that when you have too much of carbohydrates, there is insulin spike in the blood that does not allow the other hormone that helps utilize the fat. The insulin stores the glucose as fat and in addition to that the fat molecules that would have been used for energy are also ended up as FAT.

As for the cholesterol levels, our body makes the major part of cholesterol. If one has to blame it for overproduction, check your sugar intake. The liver converts all the extra sugar molecules into cholesterol. The high sugar diet raises cholesterol levels in any day. But the fat does not do so as often as sugar.

Only the saturated fat and trans fat in the fast food diet causes a raise in cholesterol levels. The other useful fats actually fight against the raise in cholesterol level. It can regulate the cholesterol levels in blood.

Healthy fat gives you fat free body

Fats are of two categories, good fat, and bad fat. You can move all those fast food fat, trans fat etc as bad ones. The good fat will give you instant energy, satiate you for longer, and also help improve the health in many ways.
The healthy fats are the selected saturated fats like that in coconut oil, monounsaturated fats that comes in olive oil, polyunsaturated fats like omega fatty acids are the one you should be targeting. They have many roles in the metabolism than just being the source of energy. It is really hard to store them as fat unless you are overloading the body with it.

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The good fats are all part of the structural integrity of the body. These fats can help stabilize the insulin levels, mental health, brain health, improve immunity, reduce inflammation, heal wounds etc. Most of all these good fat can reduce the belly fat and the threat of diabetes as well.

With lots of good fat in the diet, the body can concentrate less on storage and more on proper utilization of them. This sure will help maintain a fat free body. If you are trying to lose weight, eat led carbohydrates and that is high in beneficial fat.
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Fat is satiating

There are many who argue that carbohydrates are the best thing that can happen to the body and that the fat is just plain old FAT. They are right, but only partially. Our body needs both of these molecules but the body can process the carbohydrates faster than fat. If you are looking for instant energy, rely on carbohydrates. It goes into the sugar faster and the same could trigger the production of the insulin will get to work faster and use up all the glucose in the blood. Where does that leave you? Hungry again!

With fat, good fat at that will not be processed as fast as the sugar molecules. The slow energy release will be constant and stays longer. The insulin will be produced in adequate quantity and there is also no sugar spike in the blood. With less or normal sugar in the blood there is nothing to send signal to the brain to feel hungry.
Feel of satiation is related solely to the blood sugar level. The faster it fluctuates, more we will feel hungry. Fat does not cause the sugar fluctuation and can take part in slow energy release. This will satiate you for longer than having a carbohydrate-rich food.

The balanced equation to reduce body fat and cholesterol

If you can follow a balanced diet with the right amount of good fat, controlled, sugar, or carbohydrates, enough protein and plenty of fiber, you no longer have to worry about the body fat or blood cholesterol levels.
The main focus should be low carbohydrates and choose complex carbohydrates than the simple sugars. Include lots of beneficial fats and plenty of lentils and beans. These protein sources also contain high fiber in it. Have at least one bowl of fruits or vegetables with every meal. Split the meals into smaller servings and increase the frequency. Here are some ideal food choices for the balanced diet


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Healthy fat sources for the balanced meal are avocado, olives, nuts, nut butter except for peanut butter, olive oil, flaxseed oil, various seeds, sardines, soybean oil, spinach, grass-fed beef, corn, coconut oil, salmon etc.


I am not against sugars and neither is I saying that fat the best thing for you. All you need to do is to choose wisely. There are fats and fats and there are fats. You need to differentiate them from the good to bad. I believe that too much of sugar does not do you any good but too much good fat is good for the health at any age. The body sees the sugar or glucose as the energy resource only but the fats have got other duties. We need to focus on those ‘other duties’ of fat to prevent the body fat development.