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Femmenessence MacaPause for Post-Menopausal Women

Menopause is a life-changing stage for women where they actually get a rebirth. The new body of them calls for a new life and that life is not as easy as it used to be. Bombarded with hot flashes, mood swings and all the other consequences due to the obvious hormone imbalance, they badly need something to regain their system balance and start anew.

Femmenessence MacaPause is that magical supplement that helps the post-menopausal women to have a normal life back on track. It is made with the traditional remedy for menopausal symptoms. MacaPause does not ADD anything. Instead, work with the body to make it normal and healthier.

Femmenessence MacaPause 50+ Hormone Balance For Women
Femmenessence MacaPause is that magical supplement that helps the post-menopausal women to have a normal life back on track. The hot flashes, low libido, dryness, mood swings, and weight gain could be kept under control. It helps the hypothalamus and heals it so that it continues to produce the hormones and bring balance.

What is Femmenessence MacaPause?

Femmenessence MacaPause is ideal for any women who have had their menopause recently or over a year ago. The hot flashes, low libido, dryness, mood swings, and weight gain could be kept under control. It helps the hypothalamus and heals it so that it continues to produce the hormones and bring balance.

It works well for all women over the age of 50 and beyond. All the hormones that control the body temperature, thirst, hunger, heartbeat, blood pressure, fat metabolism, emotions, and libido, could be restored and balanced by MacaPause.

Femmenessence MacaPause is an organic product that uses the most natural maca and the right variety to help women. It contains no allergens or additives. It works well to help with many health issues as it has better bio-available maca.

Benefits of Femmenessence MacaPause

  • The primary benefit of Femmenessence MacaPause is dealing with the post menopausal symptoms. It helps in getting rid of the night time sweats and allows better and peaceful sleep.
  • It controls the mood swings so that you can enjoy an entire day happily without getting into all sorts of emotions.
  • Taking these capsules are going to help you get more energy in the body.
  • The lost libido is restored and the dryness in the private parts is also relieved.
  • It helps the cardiovascular health by lowering the cholesterol level.
  • The body weight management is also made easier. The weight gain will stop and you will be able to manage it well and under control.
  • Femmenessence MacaPause is also effective in improving bone health. It helps improve the bone density which is likely to go south after menopause.
  • It benefits the skin health, nails, and hair as well.

Femmenessence MacaPause ingredients

The major ingredient in Femmenessence MacaPause is Maca-GO extract. There is 1000mg in this supplement, along with 15g of potassium and some trace of carbohydrate.


It is an essential mineral for the body that maintains normal functioning. Potassium helps with nerve communication and the muscles also. It also helps in cell nutrient absorption and the waste disposal from the cells. Potassium also counters the harmful effects of excess sodium and controls the blood pressure naturally.

What is Maca-GO?

Maca-GO is a specific phenotype of the plant Maca which usually has 13 different phenotypes. The specific phenotype plants are organically grown. The root of these plants are taken, that later undergoes drying, and careful processing to get the improved therapeutic properties to help post-menopausal women.

The reason for choosing the specific phenotype is that the different phenotypes are useful for particularly aged categories of people. The process of manufacturing avoids any kind of chemicals and the plants are grown separately in the Peruvian Andes.

How does it work?

The Maca-GO root extract can stimulate the hypothalamus of the women, to promote help it continues to work on producing all the necessary hormones by the pituitary and adrenal glands. The body then gets a balanced supply of natural estrogen and progesterone. This avoids the sudden hot flashes, mood swings and all the problems that are common and related to post-menopausal stage.

Femmenessence MacaPause dosage

The regular dosage of Femmenessence MacaPause is 2 capsules taken in the morning and 2 capsules in the early evening. Just make sure that you take these capsules between the meals and not with or near the meals. Ideally, it is 30 minutes before the meals.

4-capsules per day is the limit. These 4 capsules help with the 8 discomforts like hot flashes and night sweats, lethargy, mood swings, sleep disorders, bone and heart health problems, low libido and the health of hair, nails, and skin.

The above-mentioned dosage is only the maximum limit, you may not require that much dosage. Play with yourself and see which dosage suits you better. In some cases, you might just need 2 capsules a day. So start at low and increase the dose, only if it is necessary.

Femmenessence MacaPause is effective for all women above the age of 50, 60, and 70 or even above this age. It doesn’t matter when you have your last period, whether it was 12 months before or 12 years.

Dosing break

You need to take a break with the Femmenessence MacaPause capsules in between. After taking it for 4 months continuous, initially, take a whole week break to let the body adjust itself. Then, take a one week break after every 8 weeks of using Femmenessence MacaPause.

After 4-8 months, the body would be in better balance and you can reduce the dose safely at this stage. If you had been taking 4 capsules per day or 2 capsules per day, reduce the dosage to half of what you have been taking.

Femmenessence MacaPause safety

These capsules are not safe for those women who are taking any kind of hormone-suppressing medications. They might have some drug interaction that could cause problems. If you are among them, consult your doctor and check if it is safe for you or not.

Femmenessence MacaPause is meant for women only. It does not have any side effects and is completely safe.
Relief from the post-menopausal problems would start showing almost immediately within 2 days, in many. The average time estimated is 21 days. If it gets late, it would go up to 2-4 months. Either way, you will have a clear picture within 2 weeks of usage.

Possible side effects

There are no major side effects of using Femmenessence MacaPause. In case there is a digestive upset, first of all, reduce the dosing. Then, you need to take the capsules ALONG with the meals. Once you have your digestive system back to normal, take the capsules, between the meals.

The possible side effects are the headache, strong emotions, diarrhea, bloating, funny feeling in the heart, sleep disturbances etc. The headache would go within 1-2 days. The strong emotions may take about a month to get rid of. The other side effects would diminish with a reduction in the dosage.

You may also include probiotics to strengthen the digestive system or include other vitamin supplements as well.

Rules to follow while using Femmessence

You are expected to…

Simply taking Femmenessence MacaPause capsules are not enough to deal with the post-menopausal body. You need t make changes in the lifestyle and diet as well. Regular exercises of some kind are a definite requirement. You might also have to take other supplements for further improvement. You also need to have the regular checkups with your doctor, without fail.

The assurance of Femmenessence MacaPause

It covers the 60-days money back guarantee. In case, you fail to get any kind of positive response in your body even after using the capsules for 60 days, you are eligible to get the money back. According to the clinical trials, almost 85% of women have found success with the capsules.

Femmenessence MacaPause assures you that you are not alone in this trial and error period. They help you with your queries, anytime. They can also help you find a health professional near your area that uses the Femmenessence.

Femmenessence MacaPause starter pack

On an average, the response time for the Femmenessence MacaPause capsules in women is 21 days. Long-term use of the capsules has shown betterment in the bone and heart health as well. It takes about 4-months period to get these kinds of results. The starter pack of Femmenessence MacaPause is a supply for 4 months when ordering online. Te benefit of this starter pack is that you get the shipping free and can save a good amount. This offer is applicable only once for every customer.

Where to buy Femmenessence MacaPause

Femmenessence MacaPause is available in many retail shops as well as online. You find these capsules at stores like CVS, Pharmaca, Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Fresh Vitamins, Fruitful Yield, Earth Fare, Central Market, etc. You can go to the official site and search for the nearest store for you. Search it with the zip code. It is also available online from the popular stores like Amazon.

Femmenessence MacaPause customer reviews

Jana, who suffered breast cancer, was encouraged by her doctor to take Femmenessence MacaPause capsules. She now is happy with no menopausal symptoms and has been going strong for over 4 years after the treatment.

Suzy is happy that she opted for Femmenessence MacaPause before she consulted her doctor for a hormone replacement therapy. She is not happier than ever with no hot flashes or other symptoms

Janet feels more energy, sleeps better, and feels balanced, both mentally and emotionally, after taking Femmenessence MacaPause.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I don’t see any improvement even after 3 weeks?

All you need to do is to continue taking the dosage and wait. It may take longer for you to start having positive results. The results may take about 2-8 weeks to start showing in many. You need to be patient. Under no circumstances should you increase the dose more than 4 capsules per day. That won’t help.

What if I start having the menopausal symptoms once again, after taking Femmenessence MacaPause for a while?

This may happen when the body has attained its balance and now has too much of the Femmenessence MacaPause. In this case, all you need to do is to take a break from the capsules and let the body reset itself. When restarting, opt for a lower dose.

What is the safety of using Femmenessence MacaPause with other medications?

It is safe to use with all other medications except for the prescribed Tamoxifen- the hormone suppressing drug.

Can I take Femmenessence MacaPause if I have a history of hormone dependent cancer?

NO, it is risky for those with hormone-dependant cancer.

Can I take Femmenessence MacaPause with the hypothyroid drug?

Yes, Femmenessence MacaPausee is completely safe with these medications. Just make sure that you are taking a low dose. It is also safe with hormone replacement therapy. But in all these cases, consult with the doctor to get the ideal dosage.

Can I discontinue my hormone replacement therapy if I get relief from the symptoms with Femmenessence MacaPause?

NO, you should not discontinue the HRT medications at all, unless recommended by your doctor. The doctor would recommend a gradual decrease in the dosage for the medication before you start to discontinue it.

How safe is Femmenessence MacaPause for women who have had a hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy?

For those women who have no active tissue to make the estrogen, Femmenessence MacaPause is the best option available. They would then get natural hormone production and have their life back on track with these capsules. For them, they need to continue use for a good 4 months to have any visible change. It would then offer them a long term solution.


Femmenessence MacaPause suits everyone and even those who have had a hysterectomy. Some say, the price is a bit high, but in real it’s not. Femmenessence MacaPause comes in bottles that carry 120 capsules, which can last for 3 days for the maximum dose and 2 months with 2 capsules a day.

I would say it is economical. When you calculate the cost of prescription medications and HRT drugs, Femmenessence MacaPause capsules are a lot cheaper and the best option as well. You really need to use to know it better.

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