Femmerol is a herbal supplement for balancing the hormones and healing you through depression, fatigue while undergoing menopause.

To begin with, menopause is a stage bookmarked in a woman’s life. Besides, during this phase, women goes through lots of mood swings, menstrual cramps, sleep deprivation, lesser libido and lethargy etc. Similarly, one of the lesser known fact during menopause is depression which affects the entire body. Moreover, a recent study has proven that women in the stage of menopause are three times likely to be affected than normal women. Likewise, depression is caused by wavering hormone levels which is induced by estrogen and testosterone.

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Depression and Femmerol

Firstly, depression is treated by antidepressant medications to stabilize the chemical imbalance. Few antidepressant medications even relieved hot flashes during menopause. But as allopathic medications provide side effects, it is better to go in for herbal treatments such as Femmerol. In a research conducted in 2009, it was studied that depressive symptoms during perimenopause was far more disturbing than hot flashes or variating hormones.

UltraLife Her Harmony – Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms are seen even when a woman have the menstrual periods and the ovaries are functioning. The signs of menopause phase are disturbed sleep, depression, fatigue, less appetite, body aches, loneliness etc.

Many medical practitioners recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women which boosts your estrogen levels thus relieving hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats etc. Risks associated with HRT is a well known fact to all which include blood clots, breast cancer, cardiac arrests etc.

Many people who were continuing Hormone Replacement Therapy have stopped them and turned to Femmerol. Femmerol is a natural way to hormone replacement therapy which boosts your estrogen levels in natural way without any side effects.

Ingredients of Femmerol

It consists of –

  • Damiana Leaf which aids depression, low libido in women who are passing through the stage of menopause.
  • Black Cohosh,
  • Ginger Root,
  • Red Clover,
  • Capsicum
  • Including other natural ingredients to promote better health to overcome menopause and age gracefully.
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Many women have noticed the difference after using Femmerol with improved positive energy and lessened occurrence of depression. Many people who were going through stress in their personal lives were affected by early stages of menopause and depressed mood swings. By regular usage of Femmerol, they received prolonged relief from unpredictable mood swings and painful menstruation during menopausal transition.