Menopause is a natural life change and is neither a disease nor a disorder. Menopause symptoms are seen even when a woman have the menstrual periods and the ovaries are functioning. The signs of menopause phase are disturbed sleep, depression, fatigue, less appetite, body aches, loneliness etc. Buy HER HARMONY the best alternative for menopause.

Femmerol is an all herbal product which helps you to get relief from perimenopause and post menopause symptoms. This article clarifies all your doubt about how Femmerol works in your body, side effects if any, customer reviews and many more.

Menopause is quite natural and cannot be changed. It is a part of every women’s life. Menopause can be divided into two stages – perimenopause and post menopause. Both are usually quite difficult to deal with as you need to endure fluctuating symptoms which is quite difficult to explain but with Femmerol, cross the stage of Menopause which is a stepping stone for aging gracefully.

Her Harmony Best alternative for menopause

Menopause is just a point in time when a woman stops from having the monthly menstrual periods. This is the phase when the production of the female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, deteriorate.

For those who are not aware, perimenopause and postmenopause are stages that lead to menopause. Did you know that your perimenopause can begin almost 13 years after menopause when you are in your 30s or 40s. The length of your periods, intensity may change and can last for a short time or for years. When you have not had your period for around 12 months consecutively, then you are dealing with menopause. This can affect your mood levels, hormonal changes, mental alertness or other symptoms. You can take the help of a blood test to determine the level of menopause.

Postmenopause is a situation after your menopause which occurs between 34 to 36 months after a person’s last menses. The menopausal symptoms will reduce to a good extent but some symptoms persist such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness may still come and go.

It is important that you stay active and engross yourself during these phases as if ignored it can lead to other symptoms such as fluctuating mood levels, irritative behavior, loss of libido and many more. Keep yourself fit and healthy, join some cardio exercises, yoga, meditation etc. Make sure to eat right and stay positive.

Some of the symptoms during menopause are:

If you are dealing with any of these problems during any of your stages, then Femmerol is for you.

Femmerol ingredients

The ingredients of Femmerol are completely herbal which delivers utmost relief to your body without causing any harmful side effects. It contains whole 11 key ingredients which helps your body to recover from any painful symptoms.

Some of the ingredients are –

  • Ginger Root,
  • Bayberry,
  • Sage,
  • Licorice Root,
  • Red Clover and many more.

Femmerol and its ingredients have undergone various clinical tests individually and together as the product. The result showed that almost majority of the women have been relived from many of menopausal symptoms. With regular consumption of Femmerol, your hormones will be balanced and the occurrence of night sweats will be reduced to a great extent.

Hot flashes are the symptoms that occur due to the low estrogen levels in the body. This results in releasing excess heat from the body that causes your heart, glands, and nerves to cool your body. This triggers a hot rush in your body making you uneasy. The ingredients of Femmerol help in soothing your tensed body thus making your body relaxed and calm.

Ingredients & Benefits

Red clover, Sage are some of the ingredients of Femmerol that contain isoflavones which works vigorously in reducing hot flashes and cooling down your body temperature. It also helps in prevention of bone degeneration and other bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis.

Include foods such as almonds, omega 3/6 acids that can be found in foods such as salmon, fish etc. calcium, vitamins, St. Johns’ Wart and much more. A correct regime and a proper food is always a better option to a healthy life. You can even work out mild exercises such as yoga, meditation to soothe your mind and body.

Weight gain is also an underlying factor for menopause. Many people tend to gobble up food and end up overweight/obese. Cut down on fried foods/junk foods, salt/sugar intake which will definitely give a boost to your life. The ingredient Licorice root in Femmerol also acts as a helping aid in controlling your cholesterol reducing the effects of obesity.

The ingredients are included in Femmerol in the purest available to you without compromising on quality and will be delivered to you with the same consistent level everytime you buy.

You are required to consume two capsules and can adjust the level up to 6 capsules as per your symptoms. The capsules of Femmerol are absolutely safe for vegetarians as it is made out of 100% chlorophyll which is a green pigment that is found in plants. This makes the product kosher guaranteed not to mention easier to swallow and digest.

Why should I buy Femmerol?

Many claims that buying Femmerol is a much better alternative than Placebo as it possesses the power to change almost 17 symptoms of your body. A research was conducted which showed significant relief from many symptoms such as breast tenderness, insomnia, hot flashes and much more.

You can be sure when you buy Femmerol because the blend of herbal extracts of Femmerol works gently and absorbs in your body with ease thus reducing many symptoms of perimenopause and postmenopause. It is a much better option than synthetic hormone replacement (HRT) or drugs that can give you many side effects. As per a study by the North American Menopause Society, it has been shown that HRT can provide relief from many symptoms of menopause but also carries with it many health risks such as dementia, strokes, blood clots or breast cancer.

One of the reasons you should buy Femmerol is because it negates all these issues as they are made out of medicinal plants and are micronized (the particles of the ingredients are small, flat) for better usage and consumption. You can very well check it for yourself that no herbal extracts can give you side effects such as blood clots, cancer or any other side effects.

Femmerol side effects

Till now, there hasn’t been much noted side effects on Femmerol. But some people claim that people who are pregnant, nursing should NOT consume Femmerol. The patients who are dealing with hysterectomy also should stay away from Femmerol.

Some people complain about getting nauseous, dizziness but that can also be a part of menopausal symptoms. Some of the individual herbs can cause some side effects but its only temporary. Make sure to consult your doctor before consuming any medications.

Femmerol coupon codes/discount codes

Femmerol coupon codes or discount codes are a way of aiding you in delivering the product at a low price for users. All you need is to find the correct discount code available at various websites, paste it during check out and Femmerol is yours.

Femmerol reviews

Femmerol reviews have been based from real customers who have tried this product and have found immense relief to their symptoms. But you need to go in other websites to have a clear perspective of how the product works as the official website lists only the positive testimonials which makes one feel tentative about buying the product.

On the downside, there are many femmerol reviews that you need to consume these pills for a prolonged period to retain its effectiveness which makes it difficult for you as this product is quite expensive and consumption of more than 3 capsules regularly only makes things difficult. There are no free samples offered by the company so that you can test it out as how it works. Some people say that it does not improve the vaginal dryness as the company says.