On planet almost all women would have thought at least once in their life time that having periods for a week each month is so pathetic and would have wished it to stop as soon as possible. But once it is time to stop permanently there comes yet another trouble to fight till death-MENOPAUSE. Most women would rather suffer hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats when they are faced with the high risk in other treatment options. But company named solutions for women has come up with a right product FEMMEROL that has helped women to resume and live life rather than to fight till death.

WHY DO WOMEN FEAR HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy?

HRT has increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease.


It is a natural alternative to synthetic hormone replacement. The natural ingredients in the product provide relief from menopausal symptom relief like hot flashes, night sweats and improves from pain and bone formation.

INGREDIENTS OF FEMMEROL: It contains of a combination of only natural products that help to manage the menopause difficulty. The clinical trial is available in the official website. Sage leaf extract, red raspberry leaf extract, bayberry, damiana leaf extract, capsicum fruit extract, ginger root extract, licorice root extract, valerian root extract, black cohosh root extract, red clover extract and kudzu root extract.

Her Harmony & Menopause

Menopause symptoms are seen even when a woman have the menstrual periods and the ovaries are functioning. The signs of menopause phase are disturbed sleep, depression, fatigue, less appetite, body aches, loneliness etc.

  • Sage leaf extract in femmerol lowers internal body temperature and acts as an anti perspirant.
  • Valerian extract improves sleep quality and reduces anxiety.
  • Bayberry acts as a stimulant and astringent.
  • Black cohosh binds to estrogen receptors and suppresses LH( Luteinizing hormone)
    and Capsaicin helps in relieving from pain.
  • Damiana leaf helps in relieving symptoms of menopause- depression, low energy, hot flashes, and low libido.
  • Red raspberry is known to strengthen uterine musculature.
  • Ginger root extract is an analgesic, antibacterial and antispasmodic. Best to treat and prevent nausea.
  • Kudzu root extracts has very high in isoflavones and active against allergies and migraines.
  • Red clover isoflavones will reduce hot flashes and decrease bone loss.
  • Licorice root which is an antioxidant lowers cholesterol, very helpful in treating peptic ulcers and constipation.


If you are suffering from perimenopause, premenopause, menopause and premenstrual syndrome in late 30’s or 40’s or early 50’s or older you can have femmerol to relieve the unbearable symptoms and live life happily.


Initially have 2 capsules per day. Have one capsule one in the morning and at night. It is to tune your body with the natural herbs. In later stage you can bring up the frequency up to 6 capsules a day according to your need.


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Femmerol is backed by clinical trials. The trial showed that Femmerol was successful in treating:

  • Hot flashes in 96.8% of women
  • Night sweats in 85.7% of women
  • Mood swings in 73.9% of women
  • Insomnia in 66.7 % of women.
  • 25 day money back guarantee.
  • The ingredients are soy free.
  • The ingredients are 100% natural and cause no side effects.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Free from fillers, binders, preservative chemicals and allergens.


The frequency of intake of femmerol is high without which femmerol working capacity decreases.
Women who are pregnant or breast feeding cannot take femmerol.

The clinical trials though showed no serious side effects, it caused minor gastrointestinal upsets.


Naturality: Femmerol uses standardized herbal extracts which undergoes many tests for determining its power in body before and after extraction. The natural ingredients are micronized which means that the particles of the ingredients of femmerol are small and flat. These micronized particles will make the absorption easier by maximum utilization of the whole herb.

Purity and stability: Femmerol promises a 4:1 extract without any residual or harmful solvents left behind. Femmerol would be the purest form of treatment a women can adopt for all sufferings related to menopause.

No plastic capsules: Femmerol capsules are packed with 100% pure and natural chlorophyll which is a green pigment found in all green plants. It’s easy to swallow, digest and absorb.

Pure packing: Every bottle delivered to the customers is packed in a FDA approved sterile environment.

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