Blood sugar level is something that must be maintained all the time. Any fluctuation of blood sugar up or down can cause troubles.


Blood Sugar Support

Magnus Fruits That Help Control Blood Sugar Level Naturally


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The blood sugar level is controlled by the enzyme insulin that converts the sugar into glycogen. When there is lack of enough insulin or when the sugar level is too high to be handled by the insulin the sugar level in the blood goes up. This increase in sugar is controlled by taking insulin shots, or by avoiding food that contain no or less sugar or by consuming food that can actually help reduce the blood sugar level. There are many food items that can perform this miracle.

Fruits That Lower Blood Sugar Level

Most fruits have natural sugar content in them but choosing the ones that has less glucose is the trick. When it has more fiber content it is an added attraction for diabetic patients. The best fruits that can actually help lower the blood sugar level are the ones that have more fiber and less sugar content. The fiber will take more time to digest and thereby it cannot raise the blood sugar level faster.

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Berries blueberry, blackberries, and raspberries all contain very less glucose in them. The main advantage of these fruits is that it can stimulate the insulin sensitivity and boosts the cell glucose uptake. They will reduce the sugar level in the blood naturally. It increases the insulin and reduces the sugar level. The flavonols and anthocyannins in blueberries are the responsible compounds for this action. They are high in fiber Vita C and potassium and antioxidants.

  • Grapefruit

also has the power to boost the insulin sensitivity and reduce the blood glucose level. The antioxidant compound in grapefruit, naringenin, can help increase the insulin and reduce the blood sugar.

  • Avocado


Blood Sugar Level

Magnus Fruits That Help Control Blood Sugar Level Naturally

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contains monounsaturated fat that prevents the sugar absorption into the blood there by reducing the blood sugar level naturally when it is high. It also contains soluble fiber that slows down the digestion and prevents the rapid rise in the blood sugar. These avocados must be eaten in smaller portion as it has more calories.

  • Cherries

are also found have the ability to reduce blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Unripe bananas contain certain resistant starch which is mainly digested in the large intestine and can help in lower blood sugar level.

  • Apples

are high in fiber and contains galacturonic acid that lower the insulin requirement by 35nd it is also has low glucose content and having them cannot raise the blood sugar. Pears are also helpful in lowering the blood sugar and they have fiber, vitamins, potassium, alcium, iron and magnesium.

  • Oranges

Acidic fruits can help with the blood sugar levels since they have fewer carbohydrates. Fruits like oranges can be consumed safely by a diabetic patient. Oranges also has naringenin that helps balance the insulin and glucose levels.

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