Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto-Capsules, 120 Count Ingredients


A balanced and optimized prostate health is one of the primary health requirements if you are a male. As you age, it is difficult to maintain the ‘normalcy’ of the prostate. An optimized prostate can provide the energy and vitality; at the same time can bring balance to the life from many issues. The Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto capsule, 120 counts is a good natural remedy for the needed prostate optimization in elder men.

It regulates the hormone related issues, prevents the prostate problems, provides antioxidant protection to the prostate cells and improves the general well-being. It is formulated with natural ingredients to keep it safe and close to nature.

Why Use Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Capsules?

  • It is natural and causes no harmful effects on the body
  • Provides natural nutrients in the available form
  • Comes in liquid potency that is easy to absorb into the body and thus act faster than other capsule forms
  • It is completely vegetarian with the use of vegetable glycerin and veg capsules
  • The ingredients are easy to digest and do not cause stomach upset
  • It can be supportive of the prostate and be preventive against the diseases.

Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Ingredients

The major ingredients are Saw Palmetto berry extract and the proprietary blend of few herbs

Saw Palmetto extract is effective for dealing with lower urinary infections in men. It is also effective for enlarged prostate, hair loss due to the hormone changes in men, reduced libido and for hormone imbalance.

Proprietary Blend

  • Nettle root extract can relieve the pain associated with urinary infections. It balances the hormones that can cause the cell growth simulation leading to an enlarged prostate.
  • Green tea leaf strengthens the immunity and prevents bacterial infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the prostate enlargement and prostatitis. It can also regulate the hormones.
  • White Sage extract is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties. IT can decrease the pain and inflammation associated with enlarged prostate.
  • Rosemary leaf has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can prevent the infections as well as the tissue damage.
  • Pumpkin seed oil contains beta-sitosterol that reduces the prostate enlargement and can optimize the urine flow. The omega-fatty acid in this oil can ease the symptoms and strengthen the immunity. It enhances the sexual desires by regulating the hormones
  • Pomegranate dried seeds contain antioxidants. These can fight the prostate cancer and deal with erectile dysfunction.
  • Pomegranate seed oil contains a powerful anti-cancer agent that prevent prostate cancer.

How Does Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Work?

The Nettle works on reducing the estrogen imbalance while the Saw palmetto works on the testosterone hormones to optimize the hormones. The optimized hormone level in men automatically improves their energy, strength, and libido as well as the heart health.

The antioxidants provide the protection for the cells and tissues from oxidative damage. These are the major causes of prostate enlargement. The immune boosting ability strengthens the immunity that reduces the chances of infections.

The Gaia Herbs Prostate Health capsules work on the root cause that can lead the destabilization of prostate health. It does not just simply mask the symptoms. Instead, it finds the problem and solves it at the root level to have long-lasting effects.

Hormone Optimization And Prostate Health

The key ingredients in Gaia Herbs Prostate Health are capable of bladder muscle strength and control the urine flow. The optimized hormones and prostate health are closely related to the imbalance can be a risk factor for cancer. It also leads to baldness, low libido, enlarged prostate, increased chances of urinary infections and the frequent urination at night. A balanced prostate health can ward off all of these threats, and work in a preventive manner.

As men age, they would need the extra support from these natural ingredients. The reduction in testosterone as they are mostly converted into estrogen in some is the main problems. The increased estrogen can cause severe problems including cancer. There is also the DHEA factor that regulates the testosterone-estrogen balance.

Magnus Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto-Capsules, 120 Count Ingredients

Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto Capsules Dosage

The recommended dosage of Gaia Herbs Prostate Health is 3 capsules per day. 2 capsules are to be taken in the morning. One capsule is taken in the evening. Both the times, it is preferably on an empty or near empty stomach.

Overdose can cause diarrhea and vomiting. The higher doses of Saw Palmetto can upset the stomach. Otherwise, there are no allergy factors in this Prostate Health capsules.

Care must be taken when there are other drugs or medications involved. People taking medicines for heart diseases, blood pressure or other chronic diseases should consult their doctor’s before taking the Gaia Herbs Prostate Health capsules.

The Gaia Herbs Prostate Health liquid phyto capsules 120 counts would last for 40 days and are the best option for this natural remedy.

Buy Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto Capsules 120

You can buy Gaia Herbs Prostate Health capsules from various online stores. You can buy the product as a single bottle, several bottles at a time or have auto-ship the product on regular basis. Get it from Amazon, Pure Formulas, iHerb etc.

Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Capsules Review

People of all ages have used Gaia Herbs Prostate Health capsules and found it effective. People have the opinion that it works far better than the prescription medicines.

Though there are a few disappointed reviews none have mentioned any occurrence of side effects.

Overall, the reviews say that Gaia Herbs Prostate Health is a great product that has resolved the prostate issues with ease.


Prostate problems are not merely age-related. Before you tag it as an old-man problem, be aware that anyone above the age of 40 can get them. TBecause it works on the root cause, there are less chances of any recurrence as long as you take these capsules. They are safe for such long-term use.

Magnus Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto-Capsules, 120 Count Ingredients

Gaia Herbs Prostate Health Liquid Phyto-Capsules

The Gaia Herbs Prostate Health capsules help maintain the prostate health and cure the problem at the onset.

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