Gongfu Tea Set For Tea Ceremony

Magnus Gongfu Tea Set For Tea Ceremony
Magnus Gongfu Tea Set For Tea Ceremony

Gongfu Tea Set – Kung Fu Tea Ceremony

Drinking tea in a Gongfu way is a part of a Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony. Using a Gongfu tea set for drinking tea will truly delight your senses in every possible manner. Gongfu tea set mostly comprises of small pots and cups that are always richly designed and decorated.

Enjoying a cup of tea along with a pleasant looking tea set specifically a Gongfu Tea Set makes a whole lot of difference. Drinking tea in a Gongfu way is a part of a Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony or kung fu tea ceremony.

It is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony wherein Chinese cultural activity involves the ritual method of tea preparation and presentation. Mostly, it is entirely about the artistic appearance and the display of the tea in itself. Using a Gongfu tea set for drinking tea will truly delight your senses in every possible manner. To enjoy Gongfu way of drinking tea, it is important to know about Gongfu tea, Gongfu Tea Set and what it comprises of. These details are essential as apart from truly drinking tea, it is also important to know about the appearance and enjoyment of tea brewing in Gongfu style.

Introduction to Gongfu Tea

Gongfu tea is a name given to a traditional method of Chinese tea making and not a type of tea. At times it is also known as Kung fu Tea. If you hear about “traditional Chinese tea ceremony” then it actually is all about making a quality tea in a special type of utensils known as Gongfu Tea Set.

Although the origin of Gongfu tea is the subject of debate, it traces its roots to the Song Dynasty. This then became popular during the subsequent Ming Dynasty and extended to many areas of China, especially in Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan.

Introduction to Gongfu Tea Set

Having a right tea set especially a Gongfu Tea Set is as much important for enjoying the appearance and tea making process. Gongfu tea set mostly comprises of small pots and cups that are always richly designed and decorated. Preparing Gongfu tea utilizes plenty of water to rinse everything. It also uses a brewing tray, a tray used beneath everything to hold all the water and tea that is used during the process.

What Does Gongfu Tea Set Comprises Of?

Traditionally, Gongfu Tea Set at least comprises of cups, a teapot, a tea pitcher and a brewing tray. Tea pitcher is also called a tureen which is used to pour the tea from the pot before pouring further into the cups. The superior Gongfu tea sets will normally include strainers, tea towels, tongs (useful to handle the cups instead of using hands), fancy towels, dry tea leaf holders or spoons, unique “scent cups” which are only used to smell the tea from and not to drink and many more things. The typical content of Gongfu Tea Set and its usage are mentioned beneath.

  • Tea Tray: Typically, Tea trays are very good-looking as it displays whole of the beauty of the Gongfu tea set by accommodating all the tools in a perfect manner. Tea trays are shallow and vary in shapes and sizes. The tea tray is used to hold cups and tea pots and can catch any overflow of water or discarded water during the brewing process. Tea trays are more commonly available in square, round and fan-shaped.
  • Tea Pot: Tea pots are useful in brewing and pouring tea as well as to brew tea in a more traditional Gaiwan. Different variety of tea pots are available, such as porcelain tea pots, glass tea pots, or intricately designed pots. But many passionate people about tea are more likely to enjoy a more traditional Yixing clay teapot or sand-fired tea pots.
  • Gaiwan: Traditionally, Gaiwan is used to brew tea leaves in it and then pour the brewed tea in a Gongfu style. Many people use a gaiwan to look at the unfolded tea leaves and smell the aroma of the brewing tea. Gaiwan is available in varied colors, designs and styles. The Gaiwan is also called the “sancai bowl”, which resembles the man, sky and the earth by representing the cover of the gaiwan as the sky, the bowl as the humankind (man), and the saucer beneath as the earth.
  • Tea Holder: The tea holder is also known as the “enjoy tea holder” which is used to hold the dried tea leaves that will be brewed. These tea leaves are removed from its stored container and used for brewing. Tea holders are prepared from many types of materials such as bamboo and wood, but most usually a tea holder is made from the simple white porcelain.
  • Tea Pitcher: The tea pitcher can also be called as fair cup and cha hai. It is used to hold the brewed tea leaves liquid which is then actually brewed in your gaiwan. After the tea leaves are brewed properly, the tea is then poured into the fair cup which is similar to a small pitcher. The purpose of the fair cup is to hold the tea and make it thoroughly consistent in density and taste before serving the tea to the guests in the Pinming cups.
  • Pinming Cup: The Pinming cups are used to pour the brewed tea from the fair cup to actually drink the brewed tea. In western culture it is equivalent to the teacup. However, Pinming cups are much smaller in size and are very shallow and thin. Bear in mind, brewing tea Gongfu way is about completely enjoying every aspect of the tea extensively.
  • Fragrance Smelling Cup: The fragrance smelling cup of Gongfu Tea Set is not used for drinking tea but is used for smelling the aroma that resides at the bottom of the used brewed tea. This fragrance smelling cup is intended just to capture the aroma and essence of the brewed tea, and well complement with the Pinming cups.
  • Filter And Filter Shelf: The tea filter is utilized to filter tea leaves after brewing so that you pour the tea into the fair cup and Pinming cups without having included the tea leaves in them. The tea filter when not in use is traditionally stored on the filter shelf safely.

Other Gongfu Tea Set Tools: Tea ceremony sets are an added set of tools that allows having a Gongfu or any other tea ceremonies. These tools are basically useful when Brewing Tea and usually contains a tea container, a tea funnel, tea spoon, set of tea tongs, tea scoop and a tea pin. In China, tea ceremony sets are also known as Junzi Liujiantao.

  • Tea Container: Tea Container perfectly coordinates with the tea set and is used to hold other utensils such as tea tongs, tea pin, tea spoon, tea funnel and tea scoop.
  • Tea Tongs: Tea tongs are beautiful tools used in the Gongfu tea ceremony which is used to carry cups while warming them or bringing them to the guests.
  • Tea Scoop: The tea scoop is used to scoop out dry tea or tea leaves from the tea container and place them into the tea holder.
  • Tea Spoon: The tea spoon is used to move dry tea or dry tea leaves from the tea holder to tea pot or gaiwan.
  • Tea Funnel: The tea funnel is a cylindrical shaped funnel that is used to direct the flow of tea into the tea pot. It is also useful in preventing the tea from overflowing. This utensil gives you much more convenience in adding tea to the tea pot.
  • Tea Pin: The Tea pins are small tools that look similar to a needle and are used to remove any blocked tea, if needed from the spout of the tea pot.
  • Tea Towel: The tea towel is a small yet very essential component of the tea ceremony set as it is used to clean any spillover, and water or tea stains. It is often made from either cotton or linen cloth material. Mostly the tea towel will actually match the tea set, but depending on your preference you may also use your own cloth as a tea towel.

The above detailed are the traditional items of Gongfu tea set that are used to correctly brew Gongfu tea ceremonially. These parts are used to prepare and enjoy tea for many hundreds of years. Any type of tea can be brewed in Gongfu style while Oolong teas are much more popular. But when brewing Pu-erh tea such as Puer bingcha, toucha, zhuancha and other variety of compressed tea, you will require using other utensils such as a Pu-erh tea pin or tea knife to loosen the tea.

Where To Buy Gongfu Tea Set From?

The best place to buy the Gongfu tea set is from Teavivre. Typically, gongfu tea sets are available in wide varieties which are prepared using clay, bamboo, ceramic, glass and many more material. But most importantly while deciding to buy any gongfu tea sets the quality and appearance of the tea set is essential. At looking to the Teavivre’s Gongfu tea sets you can notice they are works of art and are really fantastic way to enhance enjoying drinking tea allowing into a true ceremony. Additionally, buying from Teavivre also offers 100% quality guarantee, 15 days no question refund and refund for any shipping damage as well.

Alternatively, several other online stores as eBay, Amazon and many more also offers a broad collection of Gongfu tea sets for you to select the best for you.

Customer reviews For Teavivre’s Gongfu Tea Set

The Customer reviews for Gongfu Tea Clear Glass Gaiwan set are positive. The gaiwan is capable to hold about 4.6 ounce (130ml) and tea cup can hold nearly 1.8 ounce (50ml) of tea. The customers are highly satisfied with the product as the Two Double-wall Glass Tea Cups are perfect sized to hold the required amount of tea.

Users reported that the glass material is sturdy and remains cool when tea is poured which otherwise other thinner glass gaiwans are not competent of. Customers say that these perfect sized tea cups looked beautiful when filled with tea. The glass gaiwan looks great and elegant unlike other low quality glass gaiwans. The complete Gongfu tea set is very durable with fine thin construction that is delivered in a perfect condition. Additionally, the whole tea set presents a pleasant visual display of your favorite tea, enhancing the experience of drinking and sharing tea while delighting all your senses.

The only downside about the Teavivre’s Gongfu tea set is that it took bit long to arrive all the way from China, however customer states that with the product the wait was well worth. Teavivre’s Gongfu tea set are highly recommended product for someone who wants a small nice hand crafted glass tea set.

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