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HairMax – Laser Therapy Technology For Hair Care

  • Increases Density & Fullness
  • Energizes & Awakens Follicles
  • Rejuvenates Aging Hair
  • Reverses Thinning Process
  • Restores Hair Growth Cycle
  • Revitalizes Damaged Hair


Hair regrowth has never been as easy before. With hairmax laserband you can now regrow hair on your scalp with 5 minute everyday.

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Stimulate your hair with HairMax Lasercomb models. Products such as Lasercomb advanced, LaserBand etc. offer you promising results that have been proved true by many consumers. If you are dealing with poor hair quality, male/female pattern baldness, alopecia and so on, then hairmax is the best way to boost the scalp function. Read on to know more about HairMax, contents, products, side effects and so on.

Hairmax User Reviews & Ratings

HairMax Laserband 82 – reviews

HairMax Laserbad 82 reviews are mixed. There are very positive reviews from users who have found the product to be effective. They recommend this product highly.

There are also an equal number of users who have not benefited from this product. They say that it is a waste of money and do not recommend this product.

But overall, the long term use of this product has proved to be beneficial for many people.

HairMax Lux 9 Lasercomb

No need to shell out hundreds of dollars for hair spa. Hairmax Lux 9 lasercomb offers you spa treatment right at your home. HairMax lasercomb looks like any other ordinary hairbrush. But the benefits are manifold. Hairmax Lux 9 lasercomb reviews have been quite positive. An FDA cleared product, it is one of the in-home therapy devices that every users always craved for.

The hairmax lux 9 lasercomb comes with lithium ion rechargeable battery that can be charged when need calls. NOTE that two people are different. So the results may vary. A healthy diet also contributes to excellent hair growth. With good sleep, proper dietary regime and 11 minutes of your time thrice a week will show results within 3-4 months.

So, how does Hairmax lux 9 work? Just like every living being thrives on light, so does your hair. Hairmax lasercomb 9 uses the process of photo-biostimulation (LED photo therapy). With constant stimulation by photo receptors using steady light, the hair follicles are triggered with the necessary energy to grow good. The result is a thick and healthy hair with much better volume. 90% of Hairmax lux 9 laser comb reviews benefited within 5 months.

Hairmax Side Effects

Hairmax 5 minoxidil side effects

Till now there have been no reports for Hairmax 5 Minoxidil. The product has worked excellently for men who want to grow good hair and hide their baldness.

Hairmax Dietary Supplements

Hairmax dietary supplements are recommended by many medical practitioners. The holistic ingredients such as plant sterols, vitamins, folate, iodine are necessary for people who do not get their daily dose of nutrients.

Busy lives often keep us from having the wholesome nutrients we always wanted. No matter how much we try to incorporate dietary routine, we always lack somewhere.

Hairmax is the perfect compensation to increase the intake of quality nutrients everyday. The daily intake delivers visible results within few weeks.

About the company – HairMax

Set in “The Sunshine State” of USA – Florida, HairMax was started in 2000 with a bunch of dedicated staffs. Today, the company has sold its products to more than 170 countries globally. The key to HairMax is to help people frustrated with hair loss.

Approved by FDA, HairMax takes extra effort to get the facts straight that the products have been deemed effective in treating hair loss. The company strictly adheres to using only high quality ingredients so that the users get optimum results. Each and every product/batch of hairmax are quality checked and ensured before shipping them off to the customers.

Hairmax Vs Rogaine Vs Theradome Vs Leimo Vs Igrow Vs Bosley Lasercomb Vs Power Grow – Comparison

Bosley lasercomb

Bosley lasercomb is the first home use laser medical device that has been FDA cleared. Use the unit for 10-15 minutes three times a week and watch how your hair grows. Bosley lasercomb comes with 24 month warranty and can be used for both men and women.

The company also indulges in other health treatment such as eyebrow restoration, surgical hair transplantation etc.

If you are not aware of the cause of hair loss, you can schedule an appointment for consultation with Bosley health practitioner. You will receive a FREE INFORMATION KIT once you submit the form online.


Hairmax is a FDA cleared laser therapy treatment to promote hair growth. The product has received mixed reviews from people. It contains low levels of laser light that provokes the tiny follicles to restore back its strength.

Hairmax has been clinically studied and has been testified to trigger excellent hair growth in users. The product comes with unconditional 5 month money back guarantee period.


Quite a leader in the hair growth business, Rogaine is available for both men and women. Rogaine comes with minoxidil foam and topical solution of 2% and 5% that enhances hair growth. They are absolutely unscented and is the first FDA approved hair regrowth foam.

The company claims that you will have healthy hair within 4 months of regular use.

Stating the obvious, Theradome is a dome shaped device that contains laser molecules that promote hair growth. It contains powerful red light that penetrates in the scalp at a depth of 3-5 mm. They reach the base of the hair follicle and ensures that the mitochondria of the hair cells are stimulated aptly. Theradome comes with cold laser technology that renegerates the cells of your scalp.

Use the theradome helmet twice a week for 20 minutes against hair loss.


Leimo offers you various ranges of hair treatment solutions. From treating female hair loss to alopecia, Leimo gives you natural solution that promotes excellent hair growth.

Leimon contains herbal ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Hydrolyzed silk proteins, Sedaplant Richter, vitamin b3 (niacin), Panthenol, Rosemary etc. These natural components have hydrating and antibacterial properties that protect the dull hair and improve their condition. They also promote luscious hair that is bouncy and shine all the way from the scalp.

Leimo offers a FREE SAMPLE in case you want to try it out before actually ordering the product.


The low level light therapy is the best bet for hair loss. Igrow hair growth system is designed for men who are dealing with androgenetic alopecia. Almost many health practitioners including dermatologists in several countries recommend Igrow laser therapy for patients with genetic baldness.

The best part is you can use Igrow with hair loss products such as Rogaine or Propecia. The company offers FREE SHIPPING PLUS 6 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Igrow comes with one year warranty and is available worldwide.

Power grow comb

Power grow is a laser treatment hair loss comb that is available in various websites such as amazon. There is quite less info about this product since there is no official website or any brick and mortar location mentioned.

The reviews of power grow laser comb are equally bad. Amazon users have given it a 2.5 out of 5 star ratings with their reviews.

HairMax Products

HairMax offers you a wide range of intimating products to choose from!!! From LaserBand to Lasercomb there are lots of goodies that benefit your hair. Let’s take a look at the prominent ones.

HairMax produces four different laser devices. Hairmax Laserband 82, Hairmax Ultima 12 Lasercomb,  Hairmax Prima 7 Lasercomb and Advanced 7 Lasercomb. There is also Hairmax Lux 9 lasercomb that gives the hair a spa like treatment.

Laser Devices

HairMax Laserband 82

WINNER of the BEAUTY CHOICE AWARD!!! The Hairmax laserband 82 offers you HANDS FREE laser medical device. The hairmax band energizes and revitalizes the hair follicles. Clinically tested, the hairmax laserband 82 comes with parting teeth that automatically separates the hair to enhance maximum light penetration. It takes only 90 seconds of your every day life to grow rich luscious hair.

Hairmax laserband 82 comes with 82 medical grade laser modules. Use it thrice a week for 90 seconds and be amazed!!! You will be provided with Hairmax user manual with the unit.

With regular use, you will notice less damaged hair, more thickness and fuller volume. Not to mention excellent density and visible hair growth.

Hairmax Laserband 82 comes with 5 month money back guarantee. So if you do not find any positive results, return it for a refund.

HairMax Ultima 12 Lasercomb

Indulge in the all new HairMax Ultima 12 lasercomb that reverses hair thinning!!! That’s right…!!! The professional approach of HairMax ultima 12 for sale is fantastic. No more hair conditioners to make your hair look thick. With HairMax ultima 12 for sale, you can have thick hair. The product comes with 12 medical grade laser modules that hit the dry scalp and promote excellent growth.

It is usual for many people to lose their hair during the initial treatment. In fact, it is termed as a good sign. This means that the hair follicle is getting stimulated. The treatment is getting rid of dry and wispy hairs. Within a week, you will find new tiny hair strands popping up.

Make sure to take “JUST 8 MINUTES” of your “busy schedule” thrice a week to spend for your hair. The results will be visible within 3-4 months, max by 5 months.

Few people enquire about safety issues when laser comes in contact with eye. Hairmax Lasercombs are specially designed with low power lasers that are safe for your eyes. However, make sure to avoid direct contact with eyes.

HairMax Ultima 12 Lasercomb reviews

Frankly, HairMax Ultima 12 lasercomb reviews are mixed. It has received 3.6 out of 5 star ratings in amazon. The positive side claims that the product works satisfactory. Hair seems to grow good but do not expect miracles. You really need to use this product for a good long time if you want to see actual results. Couple of users have been using this model (old model) for more than 7 years now. It still works good and does not troubleshoot.

Con side claims that Hairmax lasercomb price is way too high at least for a person living in a budget. Users report that the product sheds the existing hair without any benefit. Couple of users who had thick hair lost hair with use of hairmax. NOTE that this point has been made clear by Hairmax that during the initial days of use, one tends to lose the existing hair. This is because the hairmax laser growth therapy chucks unruly and weak hair to promote healthy ones.

Hairmax 12 laser comb reviews, still, claim otherwise. People used for 6-7 months but didn’t find any positive results.

HairMax Prima 7 Lasercomb

Treat your hair loss with Hairmax Prima 7 lasercomb. Using state-of-the-art features, hairmax prima 7 lasercomb delivers fuller and attractive hair within weeks.

Using medical grade laser therapy, HairMax Prima 7 reverses the effect of any health condition such as alopecia (auto immune disorder where hair follicles are attacked triggering baldness and loss of hair). Try hairmax prima 7 lasercomb thrice a week for just 15 minutes. You will see visible results within 4-5 months. NOTE that the results may differ from person into person.

Hairmax prima 7 lasercomb reviews say that the product has been well received. Let’s be honest. Many are scared to use the product. The word laser means its gonna burn a hold in your head. Relax, guys!!!

Hairmax uses low levels of laser for therapy. Hairmax prima 7 lasercomb uses a process called PhotoBioStimulation. It increases adenosine three phosphate (ATP) along with keratin production. They are vital for motivating the hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth. They also improve the blood flow in your scalp area.

Once initiated, users have felt the difference in their hair. There are many before and after pictures available in many websites.


HairMax Advanced 7 Lasercomb

Get thick hair naturally at an affordable price!!! Hairmax Advanced 7 lasercomb uses laser light therapy on to your hair follicles. It stimulates hair growth and treats hair loss effectively. The product was first launched in 2011 and since then has garnered positive responses from users.

It gets rid of damaged hair and in place you can see new strands of thick hair that add to hair volume. Your hairmax advanced 7 lasercomb will include

  • Storage stand
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Hairmax 7 manual with instructions
  • Quick start guide
  • 5 month money back guarantee
  • 2 year warranty

HairMax 7 advanced lasercomb reviews are a blend of sweet and sour. Sadly the negative reviews seems to outdo the good ones. Few users (both male and female) tend to experience poor results even after using hairmax for 4-5 years. That’s right. The reviews are taken from amazon which are put down by real users. They claim that the product promised a lot but delivered none. The price is quite cheap but then the results are none.

To name positives, hairmax 7 advanced lasercomb has benefited some people. Women and men who were skeptical of using laser treatment on head have loved the product. A user who had hair at the nape of her neck noticed good growth. Within 8 months she had thick hair fully grown till her waist. Now that’s some positive impact of HairMax lasercomb.

Overall, bear in mind that results differ from person to person. You should also note that proper health regime, good sleep, exercise are few of the added ingredients that benefit in proper hair growth.

Hair And Scalp Treatments

HairMax density bundle

As we age, we tend to lose the thickness we once had. Many factors need to be considered such as food regime, immunity power, health condition, sleep quality and so on. If you are losing your hair, make sure you utilize HairMax density bundle for optimum benefits. The complete kit includes

  • the hairmax density activator
  • hairmax density shampoo
  • hairmax revitalizer

You can buy these products individually as well. Hairmax also provides a set of density conditioner and shampoo. Combine them to get rid of brittle hair and own hydrated rejuvenated hair.

Get beauty salon treatment at home with hairmax. With regular use of hairmax shampoo and conditioner, you will notice visible results. The combined effort targets thinning, hydrates them and completely revitalizes the hair. Result is a bouncy hair with immense volume and fullness.

The products are FREE from sulfate and IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE for colored hair as well.

HairMax shampoo and other products are not recommended for daily use. But then everyday use of cosmetics are simply not a good idea. Use them regularly for better and safe benefits.

HairMax shampoo reviews have been quite good. Many users have noted wavelength hair post hairmax usage. Simply apply Hairmax on wet hair, rinse thoroughly for best results. You can check Hairmax before and after photos in many websites.


Hairmax offers you minoxidil 5% as extra strength. This is for people who are rapidly loosing their hair. Hairmax with minoxidil 2 is usually recommended for women.

A topical solution, Hairmax appeared on Dr. Oz show to display the effectiveness of product.

It may be hereditary reason that you are losing hair or any health condition. But hairmax topical solution with minoxidil will work wonders on your scalp. They set the natural growth cycle by revitalizing the hair follicles. Use the product twice a day for two months. Within weeks of regular usage, you will notice excellent results. For some, it might take 4-5 months. HairMax with minoxidil (2% or 5%) is available as topical solution only. There are NO HAIRMAX minoxidil spray available.

Hairmax minoxidil reviews are good. The product works just as promised. However, there tend to be a few minoxidil side effects. For one, users noted loss of libido not to mention itchy scalp after using minoxidil.

It is better recommended to consult your medical practitioner before using minoxidil products.

HairMax vitamins side effects

Currently there are no hairmax vitamins side effects. The product has worked safely for many users who are trying to rejuvenate their body. Users have benefited a lot from the health supplement, says hairmax vitamins review. The blend of natural ingredients have made it easy for users to get their daily intake of vital nutrients.

Even the price of hairmax tablets is affordable making it everyone stay within the budget.

HairMax Fibers

Hairmax hair fibers come with keratin protein. This concealer works excellently in your scalp and promptly hides any receding areas. People who are suffering from thinning of hair, hair loss etc. will find this product absolutely helpful. It conceals balding efficiently leaving a natural looking head full of hair.

Hairmax forte fibers is available in different colors that suit the natural color of your hair. So why wait? Go indulge in an altogether new experience.


The accessories section covers everything that need while you are travelling, spare or an additional requirement. For instance, charging cradle, travel case, extra set of teeth, adapters and so on.

How Does HairMax lasercombs and other devices Work?

HairMax is first of its kind. The company uses state-of-the-art technology in treating hair loss – laser treatment. Using hands free technology, HairMax offers you laserband that enables healthy hair growth.

No more shelling out thousands of dollars for hair spa. Hairmax has conducted seven clinical studies on people who were dealing with alopecia areata. Regular treatment with hairmax resulted in 90% of users showing positive and consistent response. Many of the hair treatment products in the market lack solid evidence on their studies.

Light motivates everything on this earth. Your hair is no exception. Keeping this in mind, HairMax has introduced laserband and laser combs. They contain low level of laser energy that enter your scalp and motivate the hair follicles. This pushes away all the weak hairs from your scalp and rejuvenates healthy hair growth.

All you need is to use them 8-10 minutes thrice a week and watch the difference. Hairmax results can be seen in the reviews section. Many Hairmax before and after images are available in official website from real users.

Even HairMax supplements has many nutritional benefits. They deliver optimum results by compensating for lost vitamins from the body.

Summing it up, HairMax features and benefits include:

  • Cleared by FDA
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Covers existing hair loss with natural concealer
  • Available in various hair colors
  • Backed up by clinical studies on results
  • Can be used regularly
  • Low laser level that are safe on your body
  • Money back guarantee available, if not satisfied

HairMax lasercomb / laser devices Side Effects

Till now, there have been no hairmax side effects reported. Few users noted minor itching and scalp irritation in 30 years of its low laser therapy treatment. It has been given a clean chit from FDA for its safety and effectiveness.

HairMax lasercomb / laser devices Consumer Reviews

Hairmax reviews have been mixed. While some find it fascinating, others claim otherwise. Hairmax is designed for people dealing with baldness and thinning of hair. Though hairmax clearly states that hair loss is temporary, Hairmax negative reviews reported loss of hair even after prolonged use.

There are many Hairmax reviews in forum. There are many Hairmax reviews in websites such as QVC, amazon etc. Here are some of the reviews from users – good and bad.

Hairmax lasercomb / laser devices Testimonials

Sent it back too soon – Valerie

“People, do not send it back unless you are sure it does not work. I used it everyday and I now have more hair on top. I did this treatment and never missed a day. But I just lost patience. Since I was suffering from thyroid cancer, it did not work well for me. Buy this product, have patience and give it a chance.”

Waste of money – Skeetsgirl

“Purchased this in January 2015, I used it faithfully just as instructed. Till now there has been no change and my hair is as thin as day one.”

Tingling on my scalp – Ting

“Didn’t work for me. I used Hairmax treatment religiously as per the instructions but within a week I had tingling and soft spots all over my scalp.”

Good hair growth for my wife – D. Finnell

“I am here for Hairmax advanced 7 review. I purchased it for my wife who was losing hair. She was also dealing with thinning of hair. After using it, she says her hair feels fuller and stronger. There are also fewer hairs in the shower and there are many new follicles growing. I would recommend it.”

HairMax Coupon Codes & Discount Codes

Hairmax coupon codes and promo codes are available on various websites. Punch in the discount codes before proceeding to payment and the amount will be deducted from your total amount.

Hairmax laser devices Warranty & Returns

Hairmax products come with 2 year warranty on repair and replacement. If the unit stops after the 2 year warranty period, contact the customer service and promptly arrange a return. Hairmax will inspect and call for repair or replacement as deemed fit.

Hairmax also comes with money back guarantee. Use this product for 20 weeks. If you find it not satisfactory, simply return it within 5 months from the date of purchase and get your money completely reimbursed (minus the shipping and restocking fees).

Hairmax Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hairmax available in amazon?

Yes, hairmax is available in amazon for a discounted price.

Is Hairmax available in Australia for sale?

Yes, there are distributors who will provide you genuine Hairmax laser units.

Where can I find Hairmax advanced 7 manual?

You will be provided with the instruction manual for hairmax advanced 7. However, you will find Hairmax directions online as well –

How often does my Hairmax unit need battery replacement?

The lifecycle of hairmax battery is around 500 cycles. That will last around 5 years approx. Hairmax is planning to launch a battery replacement policy ASAP.

Where is the headquarters of Hairmax?

Hairmax office is headquartered at Boca raton, Florida.

Is Hairmax band available in UK?

Yes, there are online stores in United Kingdom where you will find Hairmax.

Does Hairmax really work?

Yes, there are hundreds of reviews that Hairmax actually grows good hair.

Does Hairmax have a forum where I can ask question?

Yes, this is the official hairmax forum –

Has Hairmax been approved by FDA?

Yes, Hairmax has received FDA clearance as medical devices and not just cosmetic units. In fact, hairmax has been clinically proven to regrow hair.

What is facebook page of hairmax?

This is the official page of hairmax –

What is Hairmax groupon? is a website where you can find coupon codes for hairmax. Use this discount code to get a cut off on price.

Does Hairmax come with money back guarantee?

Yes, hairmax comes with 20 weeks (i.e. 5 months) money back guarantee. If not seen positive results, give it back for a refund.

Can Hairmax cover grey hair?

Gray hair is a fact of life that cannot be ignored. While hairmax has not been proven yet to cover grey hair, laser treatment can stimulate other areas of hair follicle such as melanocytes. This would produce more melanin that can restore the color of hair.

Do Hairmax provide any gift cards?

No, hairmax do not provide any gift cards.

Can I use Hairmax with hair oil?

Yes, you can use hairmax with essential hair oils such as rosemary, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, white thyme etc.

Is Hairmax available on or ebay?

Yes, hairmax lasercomb is available at, ebay etc.

Can overuse of Hairmax cause any side effects?

There is no need to use hairmax everyday. The company recommends using it thrice a week and that is sufficient enough. Too much use does not trigger any side effects but it won’t make your hair grow any faster either.

Where are Hairmax replacement parts available?

Check out the accessories section in website to get replacements.

Where to buy hairmax?

Click on the link below that will direct you to official website of hairmax. You can order your Hairmax unit straightaway.

Are there any review about Hairmax review lasercomb?

Yes, there are many youtube videos about hairmax lasercomb reviews.


To sum it up, hairmax does come with lots of pros and cons. The reviews speak for itself. So I leave it at your discretion. If your gut instinct is positive, then go ahead and enhance your hair growth with hairmax.

Money does not grow at your backyard. Products of hairmax are quite expensive. For those on a budget, this can be a great hindrance. However, consider the benefits and give the product good time to grow on you.

Reviews say that initial hair loss can happen but with necessary patience and healthy lifestyle you can have bouncy thick hair to brag about.

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