The diet is utmost significant for HCG in helping the weight loss. It is the combined effort of both the HCG and the low calorie diet that aids in the faster and healthier weight loss. HCG is the hormone produced in pregnant women to help the fetus get required energy to grow even when the mother is taking less food. This ability f this hormone is discovered and utilized for the various weight loss programs. The HCG is effective with this very low-calorie diet. The official diet plan for HCG is the 500 calorie diet suggested by the Dr. Simeons.

The Official HCG Diet Plan

The Diet plan is to take excess food in the initial days and then going into the very low-calorie diet for the stipulated days – as long as the HCG is taking, then increasing the calorie limit but restricting the fats, carbohydrates and sugars in the diet all the while. Since all these molecules have the tendency to be stored as fat the body weight will not be lost when they are consumed. Once the body weight is maintained for three weeks after the weight loss, both calorie intake and the restrictions are back to normal. The idea to take fewer calories is to make maximum use of the HCG that mobilizes the stored fat molecules to the metabolic sites to be used for energy production.

How does the official diet plan for HCG work?

The HCG hormone increases the body metabolism and there is an increase in the fat burning process. When that combined with less calorie intake the energy requirements are fulfilled by more fat burning which results in the weight loss. Apart from this, the HCG resets the hypothalamus in identifying the stored fat and restricts newer fat molecules storage also. Since there is a constant energy production from the fat molecules the body will not feel tired and the appetite is also controlled. The more energy production also develops a feeling of well being which reflects in having a positive mood change. Moreover, the weight loss makes the person more self-confident. With the official diet plan for HCG a person is able to lose weight.

Official Hcg Diet Plan – 15 Days

The Diet plan is to take excess food in the initial days and then going into the very low calorie diet for the stipulated days – as long as the HCG is taking, then increasing the calorie limit but restricting the fats, carbohydrates and sugars in the diet all the while.

Effects of official diet plan for HCG

The main advantage of HCG is that it keeps all the beneficial fat molecules intact and targets only the stored and unwanted fat molecules. So the person will stay healthy and do not suffer any skin sagging or other bodily changes like that in other weight loss program. The structural fat molecules are untouched and only the body weight is lost and not the physique. All the unwanted fat from the hips, thighs, belly, and upper arms are the target.

Even though HCG is a hormone produced in women, its ability to burn fat is the same in both men and women. Since the hormone is produced in a human body there are no adverse effects like that in other hormone therapies. Slight discomforts in the initial days are common and harmless, which will disappear within a few days.

Any side effects of HCG Diet Plan


HCG is one hormone that can be used on both men and women equally. But minor side effects may be seen in some individuals. The sudden change to a very low-calorie diet can cause headaches, dizziness etc due to the sudden sugar imbalance. This is most common in people who were on a high sugar diet. As the body gets adjusted to the new diet regime these symptoms are reduced and gradually disappear. Constipation is another problem associated with the official diet plan for HCG. Skin rashes may also occur due to the release of toxins, which were earlier trapped inside the fat molecules. The easy solution for these problems is to take plenty of water. Water helps in better metabolism and keeps the body hydrated and flush out the toxins.

How safe is the official diet plan for HCG

HCG is one of the safest hormones to be administered into the human body. They are target specific and will not alter any other functions. As for the diet plan, it is believed that a low-calorie diet is not healthy, yes it is true. But what makes it healthy is the use of HCG along with it. HCG keeps the body energized by the fat burning and aiding in weight loss. Any energy deficiency from the diet is compensated by the work of HCG. Both the HCG and the diet plan are a team and they cannot function healthily without the assistance of one another. Only HCG will not have the right effects and low-calorie diet only can cause unhealthy weight loss. When combined together they make the perfect solution for the healthy weight loss discovered in recent time.


The HCG Diet has been making rounds since the past few years now. People have come up with great testimonies and plenty of promises which seem to be too good to be true. I have gone through the ordeal of making a good list myself to check if these were genuine. the Fact? 90% of them are real! But the fact almost always remains that there are the successful ones which are portrayed on the website and are there any of those people who have tried Triumph HCG but have not had success… so far… Yes. There are a few who have tried the HCG and it did not work for them.

The HCG Drops and pills are great to reduce weight, But there is a big catch here. The drops and injections only work if you follow a diet. A diet so strangely hard that most people would simply give up. There seems to be no chance of you eating a decent meal in the time you are using HCG. If you indeed don’t follow the diet, You have a guarantee that the HCG will not work, no matter how much you inject yourself with.

The HCG Diet is a 500 Calorie max diet, Fixed to the dot and strictly to be followed. There are things you can eat and things you cannot. This is the key to weight loss when added to the HCG hormone