For years, the coconut oil was considered unhealthy that cause many problems. But it is also not to be ignored that it has been a main ingredient in many Ayurvedic preparation that itself is proof enough to show its ability to improve the health. Here is a small account on how coconut can improve the health in so many ways. It can work both internally and externally.

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

  • Weight loss: Coconut oil is a great help in weight loss programs. In fact it is one of the only allowed oils in the very low calorie diet that is coupled with the HCG. The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil can fasten up the energy expenditure that increases the metabolism. More the metabolism more will be the calorie burning. This is how this oil helps in the low-calorie diets. Coconut oil is especially involved with losing the belly fat. Belly fat is a tough region that loses the fat. Studies reveal that the intake of one ounce of coconut oil can bring down the waistline a few inches.
  • Appetite controller: It is a bit hard to believe that an oil can help control the appetite. Coconut oil can improve the metabolic rate and energy expenditure of the body. The extra energy produced by the metabolic activities will help curb the hunger for a little longer. It also helps in utilizing the food we eat effectively. It will also help in taking in fewer calories than usual. More often the food we eat ends up being storage than being used. With coconut oil in the diet the food is sure digested well and is utilized as well.
  • Help with Alzheimer’s: Alzheimer’s disease has damaged brain cells and only few cells are still healthy. The damaged cells will reduce the brain’s ability to utilize the glucose for the energy production. Some fatty acids in the coconut oil are converted into ketones that can supply energy to the brain. It works as an alternative or brain energy production and can reduce the symptoms of dementia. It works better in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Anti-microbial: Coconut oil has many saturated fatty acids and he prominent one is lauric acid. It constitutes 40% of the total composition. Inside the body this lauric acid is converted into a compound named monolaurin. It is a monoglyceride that has power against most of the microbes like virus, bacteria, or fungi. Lauric acid itself has the anti-microbial ability that seems to have increased when it is converted into the monoglyceride. It can act against bacteria that cause influenza also. Coconut oil suggested to use as a mouthwash to reduce bad breath. Simply squish the coconut oil around the mouth to kill the bad breath causing bacteria.
  • Good for heart: The saturated fats will increase the HDL- the good cholesterol levels. This helps regulate the cholesterol level. The good cholesterol is good for health and also works to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. The total cholesterol of the body is also brought down. The triglycerides in coconut oil have antioxidant properties. All these factors lead to cardio vascular health. The blood clotting is normal and there is also no adhered cholesterol that blocks the flow of blood through the blood vessels. After all a normal and balanced total cholesterol level, thanks to healthy good-bad cholesterol ratio, is always considered healthy.
  • Perfect moisturizer, conditioner, and stimulator: Coconut oil can be good for both skin and hair. It has moisturizing effects that helps reduce the dryness of hair and make it softer and less brittle. It improves the lipid content of the skin that prevents drying out. It also protects the skin surface from sun damage. It is a natural sunscreen that can block almost 20% of the UV rays. Massaging coconut oil on to the scalp can improve the hair growth. The follicles are stimulated to have new hair.

Moreover, coconut oil contains phenols, vitamins, and minerals also. it is capable of improving the immunity with its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that functions like a barrier. It works as a digestion aid to prevent many digestive related disorders.