Coconut oil enjoys a celebrity status among all the health remedies as it offers enormous number of health benefits. This oil is by and large used in most of the tropical countries due to its abundant availability and due to their beneficial nature. Coconut oil is one of the main ingredients used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines and concoctions.

Now this oil is being studied expansively in the west for the health benefits it offers. The recognition of this oil is gaining momentum all over the world. Before getting into the product details of “coconut oil supplement from Healthy directions” I would enlist a few benefits of coconut oil or copra oil.

Coconut oil dietary supplements benefits

  • Improves digestion
  • Prevents worms inside the digestive tract for infants
  • Helps to boost immunity power
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Great for skin, keeps it hydrated and best remedy against acne
  • The best remedy for Candida and other skin disorders
  • Antimicrobial properties to boost the immune system
  • Nourishes the hair with ample amount of proteins
  • A healthy tonic for liver and kidneys
  • Improves brain functions
  • Improves eye health
  • Has anti-aging properties (prevents wrinkles and dark spots)
  • Promotes weight loss and quickly absorbed by the body

Virgin Coconut oil supplement
Coconut oil supplement is made of virgin coconut oil and is rich in MCTs which is directly used for energy purpose and not stored as fat deposits. MCTs are quickly absorbed because they can be broken down easily during digestion in comparison with other triglycerides. Coconut oil supplements are also being used to assist in weight loss.

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These were some of the benefits that I could list out easily. Since I am an ardent follower of coconut oil I devotedly recommend coconut oil related products (of course genuine ones) to one and all knowing its beneficial nature. Scroll below to know more…

About Coconut Oil Supplement From Healthy Directions

So coming to the product…. It comes in the form of 60 soft gels which is more than enough to cater a full one month supply and is made up of extra virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is the best source of naturally occurring medium chain triglycerides and it provides as a quick source of usable energy. Consuming these soft gels will help your body to quickly absorb the oil and provide instant energy to carry out body functions along with other benefits.

This product is made of virgin coconut oil and is rich in MCTs which is directly used for energy purpose and not stored as fat deposits. MCTs are quickly absorbed because they can be broken down easily during digestion in comparison with other triglycerides.

Natural Whole Food Supplement

Imagine all the benefits listed above and you are getting all of them in just 2 soft gels every other day. These are natural whole food supplements that are made from certified organic coconut oil from non-GMO coconuts and are free from Tran’s fat.

Coconut oil contains essential vitamins, minerals and certain health promoting compounds which are necessary for day to day functions of the body. This is one of the nature’s gifts which is loaded with immune boosting elements and is great choice to add to balanced diet. In southern parts of India coconut oil is commonly used for cooking, as hair oil and skin rejuvenating oil. Additionally coconut milk is also utilized as a major ingredient in their cuisines. This supplement is one of the best dietary supplements available.

Coconut Oil Supplement For Weight Loss

Coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies that is also being used to assist in weight loss. There are many types of oils and brands hitting the markets with different benefits. Largely most of them are just bogus claims and the truth is something that has to be researched well before picking up a product.

I have seen that most of the media vouch on Olive oil to be the healthiest but that’s not true actually. They contain monounsaturated fatty acids which actually contribute to weight gain. If you want to lose pounds and maintain a healthy waist then avoid olive oil and stick to coconut oil.

The main reason why coconut oil can aid in weight loss is due to the presence of medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCTs). These medium chain saturated fatty acids help to boost the metabolism for instant energy and they don’t get accumulated as a fat reserve. That simply means that you won’t be getting any fat deposits across your body while on coconut oil supplements.

If you are still not ready to buy this idea then here is something that will make you rethink your opinion about coconut oil.

Countries like India, Philippines and pacific islands consume coconut and coconut oil products in their diets on a daily basis. The notable fact is that there are relatively fewer cases of cardiovascular problems and obesity issues in these areas. For those who want to lose weight, understand that weight loss is not something that happens overnight but it requires patience and right food choices. Coconut oil can be the best choice when it comes to including healthy oil in your diet regimen.

Coconut Oil Supplement For Healthy Digestion

Most of the people think that avoiding fats as whole is the best way to keep the body healthy. This is actually a wrong perception and our body needs fats to keep going. Fat is the main food for the countless cells present in our body and this is what helps in producing energy. Every oil or fat food that you consume contains fatty acid or fat molecules.

Fatty acids are classified into many types based on their saturation and molecular size. These fatty acids join to form triglycerides which may be short, medium or long. In most of the oils and fat rich products available in the markets contain long chain triglycerides. Long chain triglycerides are not a healthy option and its takes time to get absorbed into the body. It actually delays the digestion process and creates bowel issues. Now our coconut oil contains MCTs or medium chain triglycerides that are easily broken down during digestion.

MCT’s are smaller in size and they are easily absorbed also they require fewer enzymes to break them. This makes them an excellent source of instant energy. Coconut oil also possesses antimicrobial properties that help to get rid of microbes that create poor digestion problems. Those who have digestion issues should actually switch to coconut oil for preventing indigestion issues.

Coconut Oil Supplement Ingredients & Dosage

Every container consists of 60 soft gels which will last for a one full month supply.

Dosage according to doctor’s suggestion: two soft gels on a daily basis.

Ingredients include

  • Organic extra virgin coconut oil (50% MCT) – 2000 mg/ serving
  • Medium chain triglycerides (from palm oil) – 500mg
  • Other inactive ingredients – gelatin and glycerin

Coconut Dietary Supplements Precautions

Coconuts oil supplements are generally safe and can be taken by all. If pregnant or a nursing mother then consult a health expert before taking this product. Also keep this product out of reach of children. For those who have nut allergies, have a word with your doctor before going for any such products.

Coconut Oil Dietary Supplements Side Effects

There are no side effects that accompany while using this product. It contains pure coconut oil in its finest form and no added chemicals. This makes it safe and a healthy option for the body. It is always advised to take the recommended doses and not more than that as too much of anything can be dangerous to the health. In general all oils are loaded with fats. So using them in moderation and as recommended is the best way to keep the body healthy.

Coconut Oil Dietary Supplements Reviews

Coconut oil dietary supplements have started receiving huge and overwhelming responses in the recent years. This product especially is well liked by the customers as it is safe and natural without any chemical ingredients.

This product has received a 5 STAR rating at most of the online shopping portals and is one of the best picks in the category of coconut related products. There are a lot of customers who have actually attained a healthy weight loss after using this product. Some say that they have started noticing improvements in their skin and hair texture. I also read in a review where a person mentioned that his bowel problems came to an end after using this product. Now he feels that his digestion has improved and he feels happier than ever. It is true that coconut oil offers a lot of benefits and this product in particular is very easy to use. Those who don’t have time to add coconut oil in their diets can rely on these soft gels to reap all the benefits.

Frequently asked questions

I have nut allergies. Can I use this supplement?

Coconut is actually a fruit and not a nut. But FDA has included it in the list of tree nuts. It is generally seen that people who have nut allergies don’t have any issues consuming coconut based products. It is very rare to have allergic reactions to coconut. But to stay on the safer side it is always better to ask your health expert before taking this supplement. In general I would say it is safe to use this product.

Where can I buy this dietary supplement?

This product is available at the official site of Healthy directions ( ), and other registered sites. To obtain offers, promotions and guarantees it is always better to buy the same from the manufacturer itself.

Where can I avail Promotion codes and discount coupons?

If you wish to buy this coconut oil supplement with a discounted price then visit their official site to avail promo codes. They offer promo codes and discount coupons from time to time which you can avail during checking out. Also note that only one promotion code can be applied only for one order.

Do they offer a money back guarantee if am not satisfied with the product?

100% satisfaction guarantee or money back offer from Healthy directions

Healthy directions offer 100% genuine products as all the products are doctor formulated, triple testing procedures and third party purity& potency checks. Also note that healthy directions has been servings its customers since 20 years which simply shows their reputation and worthiness. There are very less chances that you will not be satisfied with their products. If at any case you are not satisfied with their products they offer money back option which you can avail by contacting the customer care department.

How do I order and when will my product be shipped?

You can order the product by making the payment on their official site. All orders are processed and shipped with standard delivery times. It may take around a week to reach you or if the order is by mail it may take much longer. Shipping charges are customer responsibility. If you want auto delivery option then you can apply for the same by signing up.

Are all products quality tested?

All the products are manufactured with FDA’s GMP standards and standard operating procedures. Every single batch is tested for its purity and potency. Also the raw materials used are of high quality and organically produced. Health directions supply all the products with highest quality with the triple testing philosophy.

How do I return a product?

There are very less chances that you have to return their products. But for any reason you dislike a product you can return it within 90 days for a full refund option of the product price. You can initiate the return process by contacting the customer care center. The return address is as follows:

  • Healthy Directions Returns Department
  • 3890 US 51
  • Southaven, MS 38672

Conclusion: Coconut oil is indeed a popular choice among people around the world. Due to this fact there are many number of coconut based products flooding the markets. If you are a busy bee and literally out of time to include coconut oil in your diet then try this coconut oil supplement. You can rely on the brand called as healthy directions as they offer genuine products. This coconut oil supplement is economical and all natural product which is safe to use. It is worth buying for all the health benefits it offers.