The Healthy back institute is a fitness and rehab center with its office located at Austin, Texas.

The Healthy back institute focuses on helping clients with special conditions from sciatica, stroke, Parkinson’s and back pain to avoid surgery and medications that can cost thousands of dollars. With self-treatment program and inversion exercises, Healthy back institute has a good amount of fan following. Read on to know more about The Healthy back institute…

Healthy Back Institute

In plain words, The Healthy Back Institute is a rehab and fitness center that can help you to get rid of back pain and other health conditions such as sciatica, herniated disc, fibromyalgia, somatic pain, vertebral compression and so on. The Healthy back institute also offers various therapies such as massage therapy, pain cream such as Rub on relief, reclining chairs and so on.

Healthy Back Institute Inversion table

Reverse the damage that gravity did to your back. The spinal discs get squeezed together due to gravity that can trigger pain. Inversion therapy helps you decompress the spine.

Let’s it out in the open. There are many medications that mask your pain temporarily. They only work for a while and then you are back to square one. Surgeries too not only burn a hole in the pocket but also make you keep visiting the chiropractor every now and then.

Found in 2001, Healthy back institute has treated over 240,000 people in more than 85 countries. With the right self-assessment programs and treatments, you can fight back pain and other body pains using natural techniques.

Losethebackpain offers you FREE BOOKS as well!!! While some are e-books, others are hard copies that can be shipped to you, doesn’t matter the location. You only have to pay a small fee for the shipping charges.

“The 7 day back pain cure” written by co-founder Jesse Cannonne have sold more than one million copies worldwide.

Top Healthy Back Institute Products

Healthy Back Institute Nubax Trio Back Traction Device

Healthy back institute introduces Nubax trio back traction device. The equipment is absolutely a breeze to assemble. The main motive of introducing this traction device is to help everyone to strengthen their sciatica area.

Lose the back pain says that Nubax trio for sale will benefit people who are having good spinal health. Gravity can at times be cruel. Daily regimes such as walking, running and other activities put pressure on the discs. Lack of proper diet, dehydration etc. are also some of the causes for back ache. This will suck away the water flow causing the discs to get thinner and add stiffness to the spine.

First reaction is undoubtedly pain. Nubax trio back pain reliever can solve the issue without any surgery or medication. With only a few minutes of exercise, you can actually restrengthen the spine. Here is how it works.

The Nubax trio is designed by experienced team of chiropractors, fitness experts and medical practitioners. In fact, a clinical study conducted by the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health in Western Australia have proved the effectiveness of Nubax trio. At the conclusion of study, 350% increase in physical activity in just three weeks post Nubax usage.

Steps To Use Nubax Trio

Lose the back pain site says that with regular usage of Nubax trio back traction device you will notice dramatic improvement within 3 weeks. The device is easy to use.

  • First kneel to the Nubax trio. Elderly people who find it difficult to bend on the floor use the bed to serve the purpose.
  • Wrap the waist belt and have a good grip on the handles.
  • Assist the body to lean forward.
  • Hold the position for 1-3 minutes. Retract to original position.
  • Try this pose few times a day and be amazed!!!

Absolutely easy to use, the traction device is easily foldable for storage purposes. When you order the Nubax trio back traction device, you will get a user guide along with instructional DVD for guidance. Just like other products, the Nubax trio comes with a trial period for your own peace of mind.

Nubax Trio Back Traction Device Reviews

The product has received few good words from users. It has received 4.0 out of 5 star ratings in Nubax Amazon. Users say that Nubax actually works without any false promises. Assembling the product is absolutely easy and can be done solely. People who complained of lower back pain and sciatica for more than 7-10 years have benefited within couple of weeks after using Nubax trio.

Nubax trio negative reviews

On the downside, a user said that the nylon canvas strap that supports the body tore away making the device unusable. Another customer said that the product is quite large and is definitely not a space saver.

Bottomline, keeping in mind the Nupax trio critical reviews as well, the device is not as bad as pictured. It has worked well for many people. Keep in mind that apart from the Nubax trio it is equally crucial to take care of their dietary lifestyle, get good sleep and exercise to keep the body moving and inhibit back pain.

Healthy Back Institute Inversion Table

Did you know that Hippocrates used the Inversion therapy to alleviate back pain and other ailments in patients? Many doctors and chiropractors are actually aware of this fact. However, they are not going to give you an inversion table and practically get rid of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Spinal surgeries, spinal decompression treatments and so on are few of the treatments that can pile up your insurance.

A natural treatment in itself for more than 2000 years, the inversion table therapy from The healthy back institute can cut down your pain in just 10 seconds. That’s right. Jesse Cannonne, co-founder of The Healthy Back institute claims that inversion table therapy works even for the worst case of severe nerve pain.

Backed up by studies

Recently a study was conducted by Newcastle University, England. The session included two groups of sciatica patients suffering from herniated discs and severe pain. In fact, few of the patients were already scheduled for surgery.

Both groups received physical therapy but only one was put on inversion therapy as well. By the end of four week study, almost 22% of the group without inversion cancelled their surgery while 77% of the group with inversion table therapy cancelled their forthcoming surgeries.

Inversion Table Features

There are many models and brands in the market that offer inversion tables. The Healthy back institute, however, have manufactured their own set of inversion tables with impressive features such as –

  • Long locking mechanism that inhibits bending down oneself to lock. Simply grab the handle, bring it forward and lock yourself in position.
  • Adjustable handles on both the sides that will help you to manuever the chair.
  • An effective table towards natural nerve healing, this premium inversion therapy table comes with safety strap that can limit how long you want to get inverted.
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in US
  • Can be easy folded for storage capacity

However, during the initial times, partial inversion is best recommended. Once you get adjusted to the chair and know how it works, you can go for full inversion.

The Healthy back institute premium inversion table comes with 5 year limited warranty. A sturdy support for your spinal nerve, the Healthy Back Institute Seated Inversion Therapy System stays durable in the years to come. Unlike flimsy models that do not withstand enough weight, losethebackpain inversion therapy table is made out of high quality materials that last good times.

Healthy Back Institute Inversion Table Reviews

There are many reviews from users in the Lose the back pain and other websites who have tried out the inversion therapy table and have been successful. Users who were dealing with excruciating pain have found profound relief after trying out this natural method.

Many of us wonder about the initial investment. But consider thousands of dollars you will be saving on surgeries and monthly visit to chiropractor. The fact that inversion therapy is an ancient method of relieving pain is not new. It is a proven and clinically based fact. With just 5-10 minutes of inversion therapy a day, you can save yourself from going under the knife and have a healthy life.

“I am a 54 year old nurse who has tried massage, acupuncture and other traditional medicines as well. The pain had reached a point where I cannot even stand in the shower without crying because of the pain that radiated from the left side of my buttock to the ankle.

I have been communicating with losethebackpain website and came to know about the inversion table and I received the table after Christmas. I am on there twice a day not more than 5 minutes a day. After a week I no longer walk lopsided. The pain is gone and am able to dance, run and do my garden.” – R. Baak, Perris, CA

“We received the inversion table. Assembling it was a breeze and the instructions were excellent. The quality of the product is amazing. Looking forward to experience the benefits”. – S. Barnhart, Lititz, PA

Rub On Relief For Joint & Muscle Pain

Rub On Relief is a fast acting anti-inflammatory and long lasting relief cream for joint and muscle pain. The Healthy back institute Rub on relief comes with ten different ingredients including 8 homeopathic ones that help in alleviating the pain.

Rub On Relief From Healthy Back Institute

The Healthy Back Institute Rub on relief is a topical cream that relieves you with any type of body pain. A well researched product, there are many clinical studies conducted. The Healthy back institute Rub on relief comes with ten different ingredients including 8 homeopathic ones that help in alleviating the pain.

The key ingredient is CMO or a fatty acid called Cetyl Myristoleate. They act as a moisturizer on dry brittle joints. This will repair the cell membranes and easen the joint movement. Rub on relief is fast acting even on inflammation.

Second main ingredient is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Not many know but MSM is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It makes the cells much more porous so as to allow easy flow of nutrients in and out.

Active Ingredients

Rub on relief contain pain blocking agents. They block the “C” pain nerve fibers that transmit the signal of pain to the brain. Other active ingredients of rub on relief cream include –

  • Menthol – ancient herbal medicine of Greeks and Romans, it cools the painful area and acts as pain blocker. It also increases the blood flow reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Ignatia – calms the nerves and eases the tensed muscles. It also helps in relieving emotional stress thus allowing the muscles to relax.
  • Magnesium Sulfate – can cut down joint pain by 80%. Mag sulfate is excellent in alleviating sudden muscle spasms.
  • Lachesis mutus – is a rare homeopathic remedy that is usually prescribed as blood thinner. It is an excellent medication to remove toxins from blood.

Other rub on relief ingredients include –

  • Belladonna,
  • Rhus Tox,
  • Phosphorous, Naja.

Rub on relief pain cream is considered best for –

  • Arthritis,
  • Back pain,
  • Sciatica,
  • Muscle spasms.

No more goo-ey creams that stick on your body and leave foul smell on your body! Rub on relief comes with light mint smell that is non-sticky and non-greasy. It doesn’t burn like Bengay or Icy Hot. You will only feel a tingling sensation and that’s enough to get rid of pain.

There are many Rub on relief coupon codes available. You can find them online that will help you get a discount on the price.

Does Rub On Relief Really Work?

This is a question which many of us ask before clicking on the “buy” button. Let’s face it. We do not want to invest on a wrong product. However, Rub on relief reviews claim that the product keeps up to the promise. It has received excellent reviews from users. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica pain etc. has been using the product for a while now.

They are at absolute ease and say that buying rub on relief is one of the best decisions they have made. Using rub on relief has worked wonders on many people and actually saved them from undergoing surgery or taking tour of chiropractors every now and then. Here are few of the rub on relief cream reviews.

“I have arthritis in my hands so it seems to give me good relief from hurting. It also lasts a good while. I would recommend it. – Amazon customer

“I started having a bad sciatica pain. Having rub on relief for neuropathy in my legs was a good decision. I also tried it on my lower back where the pain was moving to the sciatic nerve. It really took away the pain and I was also able to sleep good at night. I wouldn’t be without it now”. – Grace H. Busch.

Where can you buy rub on relief cream? Rub on relief cream are not available for sale in stores. They can be purchased from online either from or from amazon.

Rub On Relief Reviews – Customer Reviews For Lose The Back Pain Products

Rub on Relief from The Healthy back institute has received excellent reviews from people. For those who want to check out the reviews before narrowing in on a product, rub on relief has many reviews in amazon and in Lose the back pain site FYI.

Here are few of the rubs on relief reviews from various sites.

An awesome product – Goldie

“I found this product to work almost instantly. It actually stopped severe muscular pain through my tennis games. I just used a small amount for applying. It is non greasy and there is no smell. It even gets quickly absorbed. The natural ingredients are successful for anti-inflammation and spasm problems.”

Sciatic nerve – Grace H. Busch

“I started having a very bad sciatic pain. Tried on rub on relief for the neuropathy on legs. I tried it on my lower back where the pain was going on. It really took away the pain and i was able to sleep again.”

It’s ok – DeAnne Miller

“It does help in relieving pain but not for too long. Could use an entire tube in a few days. But its too expensive.”


The Health Back Institute Heal and Soothe

Heal and Soothe is an anti-inflammatory health supplement to fight inflammation and get rid of pain in joints. Also known as Systemic Enzyme Therapy, Heal and Soothe from The healthy back institute come with blend of enzymes that work with the body to handle inflammation. Fibrosis, for instance, build up in the bodies over a period of time. It is difficult to detect them at an early stage. After a while they strain the organs and disrupt blood flow so that they can no longer function properly.

Heal and Soothe from Healthy back institute ensures that the enzymes completely cleanse the blood and body. Not many know but fibrin is the main cause of clots in body. Excess fibrin buildup can thicken the blood, motivating them to clot. The result is heart attack or brain stroke. Natural enzymes are also a great detoxifier. They get rid of any strain in the liver and help it function in top gear.

That’s not all. The adaptogenic feature of the enzymes can boost the immune system by fighting free radicals. Heal and soothe when consumed regularly inhibit chances of getting autoimmune disorders. Not many know that autoimmune system can trigger many health ailments including arthritis, inflammation in joints, diabetes and more.

Though the product itself has not been studied upon, its contents surely have gone through lot of clinical studies. Bromelain is the key ingredient of Heal and Soothe. Study shows that 77 patients who consumed 400 mg of bromelain a day noticed significant reduction in swelling and pain.

Turmeric, another ingredient was not only safe but precise than asprin in preventing inflammation. It blocks the CoX2 enzyme that is responsible to trigger pain in body.

The all natural ingredients of Heal and Soothe include

  • Proteolytic systemic enzymes – they breakdown scar tissue and cleanse the blood thus boosting cardiovascular and respiratory function.
  • Bromelain – extracted from pineapple, this natural compound comes with many proteolytic enzymes that work as pain blockers in the body.
  • Turmeric extract – taken from the dried root of plant, it reduces inflammation by blocking COX-2 and 5-LOX enzymes that creates pain in the body. It also fights free radicals and heightens the power of immune system.
  • Ginger extract – used in Asia for more than 2500 years, ginger is used to treat nausea, pain and inflammation.

Other key ingredients of Heal and soothe include –

  • Devil’s claw,
  • Citrus bioflavanoids,
  • Rutin,
  • Mojave yucca root,
  • Papain,
  • Boswellia extract.

Losethebackpain offers a 30 day FREE TRIAL PERIOD to try out this product. The company ships out the product worldwide. But you need to pay the shipping charge.


The company is vigilant about consumer’s health. Hence, they have sent out warnings regarding consumption of Heal and Soothe. If you are

  • recently undergone surgery
  • taking blood thinners
  • have history of ulcers in stomach
  • pregnant or nursing
  • currently taking medication
  • allergic to pineapples or papayas
  • under the age of 18

Then, you SHOULD NOT CONSUME Heal and Soothe without consulting the medical practitioner.

Heal and Soothe Side Effects

As per The Healthy back institute, there have been no reports of any side effects. In case of allergy, users should discontinue the capsules at once.

While the enzyme therapy starts to function, the body may try to get rid of toxic elements from the body. Users will experience some bad effects and must stay vigilant, says Losethebackpain.

  • People dealing with sinus problems will notice drainage for short time. This is because the mucus thins and is now chucked off from the body.
  • You may also have to deal with gas or loose faeces because undigested matter is broken down and removed from the body.
  • If you are dealing with borderline high blood pressure, your blood pressure can go down. This is because fibrin is eliminated from the body and there wil be less resistance on the blood.
  • Women who are having uterine fibroids might have vaginal discharge while fibroid is broken down.

Healthy Back Institute Heating Pad – Deepheat Far Infrared Pad

There are no problems, there are only solutions waiting to be unveiled. So when Healthy back institute created the heating pad or the Deepheat, few thought it would just work like a normal heating pad. They are probably not meant to work any wonders.

However, the product is an infrared heating pad from the healthy back institute. In the 1980s, NASA discovered that using infrared energy is actually an ideal way to maintain cardio health in astronauts during their space expeditions.

It seems that using deep penetration of infrared rays (upto 2 inches to the body tissue) can effect the muscle tissue and internal organs. In fact, the body responds positively to the heat by improving the blood circulation to vital organs.

AHA (American Heart Association) claims that FAR infrared rays can triple the blood flow from 5 quarts a minute to 13 quarts a minute).

So how exactly does healthy back institute FAR infrared heating pad (Deepheat) work?

The strategy is simple. Electricity passes through the wires and produces heat that is delivered to the body. When the vital of the body are trapped with toxins and inflammation, blood flow is trapped. When you apply infrared heating pad in an affected area, the inflamed joints loosen up. This is because the infrared heat warms up the area making it much more at ease. Even the muscle aches and pains are blocked effectively so that you won’t feel any pain.

Using Deepheat FAR infrared heating pad from healthy back institute can increase the blood and oxygen circulation upto 6 hours that can alleviate the pain to a great extent.

All you have to do is plug it in and simply lie down. Within ten minutes, you can feel the heat penetrate to the muscles that no other heating pad can offer. You will have the affect of an infrared sauna.

Prominent features of FAR jade infrared heating pad include

  • A convenient heating pad that provides maximum penetration and pain relief
  • Polished stones that generate heat (Green Jade, Brown Tourmaline And Black Germanium)
  • Features digital controller to adjust the heat settings
  • Car friendly inverter to plug it any standard car power outlet
  • 90 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty
  • Benefits the body by improving the blood circulation, cleansing the system by Removing toxins and enhance the function of heart, spine, kidneys etc.
  • The best heating pad can be used anywhere and absolutely flexible for secured storage

Deepheat comes with different models that you can choose from. We all want a product that works and there is no best experience than our own. The product comes with 100% risk free guarantee which gives you the liberty to try out the product. Just few minutes a day and you can notice the changes. If you don’t, return the FAR infrared heating pad within 90 days from the date of purchase. You will be completely refunded with the amount (excluding shipping charges).

The healthy back institute sends out warnings on when the heating pad should not be applied. For instance, you are not supposed to use the pad on face or genital area. Be careful to read out the warnings presented in the website.

With regular usage of Deepheat you can expect

  • Relief from sciatica and severe back pain
  • Relaxation from sudden muscle cramps
  • Better mobility from arthritis
  • Alleviated pain from muscle sprains or strains

Deepheat FAR Jade Infrared Heating Pads Reviews

Overall, the FAR infrared heating pads are a good idea for those who travel a lot and suffer from impromptu spasms while working out. They can be easily plugged in anywhere and absolutely portable. The company offers a good warranty on the product which gives you the freedom to fix if at all any issues come up.

Jade heating pads has received good reviews from users. Regular usage have assisted in optimum relief without any side effects.

“I had purchased the infrared heating pad for emergency help. A well constructed product, it works great and surpasses the expectations. I would recommend it.” – Lynn Osker

“I own the FAR infrared heating pad and it is without a doubt the best piece of heating equipment for aching back”. – George Ben

“As a result of heat applications and recommended stretching exercises, I do not suffer from sciatica pain anymore. At the age of 84, I am still playing tennis 5 times a week”. – Wayne wall

The Healthy Back Institute Office Chair

Currently, there are no office chairs available from The Healthy back institute. However, there are back pain seat cushion that aids in cutting down spinal pain. They work with any standard size chair – 16 x 14.5 x 2.5.

Prolonged hours of hogging the PC can stress out the spine area, lower back, buttocks and thighs. If you are in a job that calls for longer duration of sitting in front of computer or telephone, then this product can work wonders for you.

The cushion is designed in such a way to resist pressure from prolonged sitting. Made out of high density foam, it assists in providing good support to your spine. It distributes the body’s weight equally thus taking pressure off from pelvic bone. The wedge shape ensures that the pelvic is rotated reducing strain from the lower back.

The small dents in the seat provide excellent air ventilation not to mention making it feel good for your “tushy”.

Prominent features include

  • The ‘Zero Pressure Tailbone Cutout’ for the coccyx area (buttocks) area reduces stress build up due to prolonged hours of sitting.
  • High density foam that comes with contoured surface to avoid pressure on lower back and thigh
  • Soft breathable cover for all day comfort
  • Standard size so it works on all chairs – 16 x 14.5 x 2.5
  • Can be used anywhere – home, work, car or even plane!!!

Lose the back pain also provides two e-books absolutely FREE when you order the seat cushion. The anatomic shape of the seat from The Healthy back institute assists in comfortable sitting posture. This is a major plus point because when you sit the pressure is channelled to the lower back and tailbone.

The Healthy back institute have carefully constructed the product keeping in tone with the challenge of the users. This is one of the reasons they have a decent fan following.

Healthy Back Institute Natural Cleanse

The 30-Day Colon Flush is a product from The Healthy back institute that comes with natural ingredients to eliminate toxins from your colon.

If you are dealing with

  • weak hair/nails
  • extreme hunger or lack of appetite
  • frequent migraine attack or headaches
  • lower back pain or leg pain
  • frustrated feeling, moodiness or tend to cry often
  • poor immunity
  • lack of quality sleep
  • sensitive skin with frequent allergies – psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne etc.

Then, you might be suffering from unhealthy digestive tract. Indigestion, diarrhea, extremely bad smelling stool, acid reflux etc. are few of the symptoms due to poor colon health.

Such situations can affect your life – both personal and professional in the long run. We are well aware of the fact that fiber drinks or chemical laxatives tend to provide only temporary relief. The side effects are an additional package.

A sluggish colon can have a huge impact on your overall health. A healthy lifestyle with good dietary regime can rejuvenate the colon function and help the vital organs absorb the necessary nutrients. But then, it is equally important to get rid of the ongoing toxins in the colon.

While laxatives in the medical cabinet might seem like an immediate action, they can make matters worse. They put stress on the already inflamed GI tract and trigger a series of events.

Let’s say for instance

  • GI lining can become more inflamed
  • brain and other vital organs might be affected
  • faeces will be stocked up in the colon
  • continual process of toxin leak in the blood stream and many more

The Healthy back institute claims that Natural cleanse is a more healthy way of combating toxins in colon. The product comes with a blend of herbal ingredients such as Buckthorn Bark, Cloves, Milk Thistle Extract, Ginger Root, Rhubarb Root, Licorice and so on.

Another key ingredient of Natural Colon Cleanse is Probiotics. The good bacteria when ingested in the body can deliver multiple benefits. Lose the back pain says that Natural Cleanse comes with anti-inflammatory properties that delivers positive results within 7-14 days, however, for best results must be continued till 30 days.

The healthy back institute says that within a month of consumption, you will note

  • improved sleep quality
  • no more bloating or gas
  • flat stomach with efficient digestion
  • less allergy symptoms than before
  • energetic and focused mood
  • quality of your hair and nail is good
  • detoxified body with better skin

Natural Cleanse are NOT MEANT FOR KIDS. It is NOT SUITABLE for vegans since it contains probiotics derived from milk. However, lactose intolgerants can consume it safely because the product does not contain any lactose. If you are taking any medication, pregnant or nursing, consult your medical practitioner as a security measure.

Will The Healthy Back Institute And Its Products Work For Me?

Negative attitude doesn’t help. Jesse Cannonne of Lose your back pain claims that few of the clients he met claimed that the therapies didn’t work mainly because of their bad attitude. If you want a product to work, you need to have utmost faith in it. A healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude can help you reach stars, so curing back pain is just a momentary matter.

There are dozens of videos and blogs that review about The Healthy back institute. Lose your back pain also makes a genuine attempt by uploading videos for free so as to help people fight common health conditions.


The Healthy back institute has received many reviews stating that regular usage of natural therapies have benefited them by

  • Improving quality of sleep
  • Having a flexbile body
  • Stronger body muscles
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Healthy sex drive
  • Excellent energy levels

In fact, a 70 year old user mentioned in his review that his libido has peaked up more than before. Though this is a first review of its kind, Jesse Cannonne finds it worth mentioning that a proper lifestyle can deliver impeccable results.

Since you have the liberty to self-assess yourself, it is at discretion to choose the right therapy for you. The personalized self treatment program can enhance your overall lifestyle giving you prolonged results. With few minutes each day, you can get to know how the body works.

The sedentary lifestyle has made us feel contrite. But it is upto your discretion to choose what’s best for you. All the therapies and treatment equipments from The Healthy Back institute are guaranteed by Quality Assurance. The company submit the supplements to third party testing labs. Upon proper scrutiny, the company has surpassed the expectations for safety and quality.

In the Lose your back pain website, you will also find that all the dietary supplements are abiding by the FDA based Allergen Control Program. Made under GMP facility, the supplements are void of any allergenic contamination. All the manufacturing facilities of The Healthy back institute do not formulate any products contain peanuts. The company uses whey and soy to manufacture supplements.

To top the genuinity, The Healthy back institute offers a 90 day, 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. This is a good safety measure to secure your investment.

The Healthy Back Institute – Inversion Exercises For Back Pain

The Healthy back institute provides you inversion exercises for lower back pain, sciatica nerve, herniated disc, neck pain and so on.

If you are trying inversion exercises for the first time, partial inversion stretching exercises are recommended. You don’t want to try out stunts and then worsen the health condition.

Partial Inversion Exercises

As you invert, gently stretch the whole body outwards. Arch the torso from side to side. This will help in loosening the muscles around. Not to mention assisting the mid and lower spine section to stretch out as well.

Another technique is to cross one arm over the whole length of the body. Grip opposite side of the inversion table. Once you have a good grip, rotate up to a shoulder and perform the stretch.

These mild exercises can be performed at any given time. For alleviating the neck pain, stretch the neck by inverting. Now rotate the head from side to side. You are also free to lift the head but just don’t sit up.

Inversion Exercises Advanced Level – Full inversion

DO NOT START RIGHT AWAY with full inversion i.e. advanced level of inversion exercises. This is because your body will not be able to handle the pressure you put on the body. It will result in extreme soreness or damage to muscles. If you have already performed the partial inversion exercises, your body is now capable of dealing with full inversion as the muscles have developed more strength.

Inverted crunches

Place your hand behind your head. You can even place it on the chest area. Now begin lifting the torso half way to the knees. The result is a tremendous sensation and you can actually feel the muscles working hard.

Sit ups

Place the hands behind your head. Now do a sit up to your knees. If you have trouble doing a sit-up when fully inverted, assist the knees by keeping your hands behind them. In fact, inverted sit ups are quite difficult of a stunt to pull off successfully. Many experts claim that one inverted sit up can provide same difficulty during 10 normal sit-ups. Don’t try too hard to get it right. Listen to what your body tells you and don’t overdo when your body is tired.

Inverted squats

Inversion table exercises are a great workout for your legs. Keep each leg on the legs of inversion frame. Bend your knees. Now try lifting the whole body upwards. It will look like the usual standing squat except that you are now doing it in an inverted position.

Inversion table stretching

A best way to get rid of stress and tension, mentally and bodily, there are two types of stretching – basic and then assisted. The simple stress buster includes slowly placing both the arms behind the head. When you tilt upside down, make sure to place the fingertips on floor thus stretching the arms. Try to hold it for a while. This is a comprehensive stretch for your arms, spine and lower back. Assisted stretch means you need another person. Follow the procedure as of simple inversion mentioned above. Here as you put your arms behind head, your partner can crouch down and pull the arms gently. You want your arms to be in sync with the body. Your partner will obviously have more power now. You will realise that an assisted stretch can enhance stress release much more effectively.

You can find many more inversion exercises videos online at lose your back pain website.

Are inversion exercises good for you?

There are many people that ask if inversion exercises are good for them. The answer is a definite YES!!! See the world through a whole new viewpoint. As in the name, inversion means upside down. Majority of users use inversion tables and benches to invert. It is mainly used to alleviate any back, neck pain.

There are many benefits of inversion exercises. Read on to know them.

  • Defying gravity – the prominent feature is the ability to reverse the stress caused by gravity. When you stand, sit, gravity is pulling you down. This can put strain on the joints especially the spine. It can cause compression, pressure on the body and trigger pain in joints. When inverted, you are giving relief to the muscles.
  • Intense workout – challenging the gravity can intensify the workout sessions. As you are pulling your body weight you are putting an extra effort to fight gravity as well. This can also help you in losing few extra calories. For example, during the downward dog pose in Yoga, the heart is slightly above the head but with the Headstand pose your head is fully below the heart.
  • Regressive therapy for pressure – reversing the gravitational pull is beneficial to fight stress and negative side effects of exercising. Inversion gets rid of pressure in the joints assisting them to deliver a much more effective performance. As you stretch the muscles and tendons, you enable circulation of fresh nutrient filled blood to the compressed cells and tissues. It can speeden up any cell damage making you much more stronger than before.

Book By Jesse Cannone – The 7 Day Back Pain Cure

The 7-Day Back Pain Cure is a book by Jesse Cannonne, the co-founder of The Healthy back institute. The book contains ingredients on how you can cure your bodily pain naturally without any surgery or medication. There are more than million copies sold and is still on the go.

In this book, you will find all about

  • Why 60% back surgeries fail to achieve proper result
  • Causes of back pain that your doctor wont tell you
  • 7 mistakes many back pain sufferers make
  • 3 treatments that give fast and durable pain relief AND
  • 7 foods that can silence pain

Many people seem to have derived lot of new info from the book. You can find many reviews about the 7-Day Back Pain Cure by Jesse Cannonne. The book is available in amazon for sale and has got 3.5 out of 5 star ratings from users. That’s not so bad!!!

Now on the downside. A minor group on the opposite side claims that the book contains too many advertisements to provoke the user purchase a product. The book is also NOT available for free though the company says so. You actually need to pay the shipping charge to receive the product no matter where you are.

Here are few of the reviews about 7-Day Back Pain Cure book by Jesse Cannonne.

“Great info that doctors don’t tell you” – Connie Storey

Have had back issues for years. I have taken cortisone shots and was suggested a surgery as well. I am currently doing the exercises recommended and am doing much better.

Tulay Girard – “I recommend this to every one” 

I recommend this book to everyone. It has already helped me to make some positive changes in my life. My back pain and sleepless nights have reduced a lot. This is one of the first positive change I am experiencing for years. It has changed the quality of life.

“A multipage commercial” – Clayton Freeark

A multipage commercial there are too many ads and no down-to-earth that can actually help.

Bottomline, if you feel that back pain has taken a toll on your life, then Healthy back institute has few products for you that has the capability to wipe out surgery from your life. The book can give you an added info of what you can do as a primary step to eliminate back pain.

The Healthy Back Institute Complaints

Many ask if the Healthy back institute is a scam? Are there any Healthy back institute complaints available?

Well, to be frank, there are lot of unhappy customers. There are many complaints popping up that range from lack of quality from the experts to lack of business ethics. Users complain that though the company says free ebook they are being charged monthly without any intimation. Worse on products they they never really purchased.

The Healthy Back Institute Coupon Code

There are healthy back institute discounts and the healthy back institute promo codes available on various websites that will help you get a cut-off on the product. Simply paste the coupon code to get a discount on the original price.

The Healthy Back Institute Reviews

The healthy back institute reviews are mixed. There are many happy customers out there. Be it inversion tables or infrared heating pad, users have benefited a lot from the products. Many reviews found claim that they have saved thousands of dollars on surgery and other treatments using natural therapies from the healthy back institute.

The con side, however, has many people complaining about poor customer service. The company also tends to lack ethical behavior as many users were charged every month for products they never actually authorized. Minor to none users claim that they did not even receive the FREE e-book after paying the shipping charges. The customer support fails inexcusably for not providing proper refund, unattended emails, over charging products and so on.

This is something the company needs to take care if they want to retain the current users and want to establish a genuine rapport with the clients.

Frequently Asked Questions – The Healthy Back Institute

Where can I contact healthy back institute affiliate program?

You can contact the customer care number of The healthy back institute at 800-216-4908.

How can I look for careers at the healthy back institute?

You can check the linkedin page of Jesse Cannonne at for career information.

What is the address of the healthy back institute?

The office of the healthy back institute is located at 2407 S, Congress Avenue, Ste E #100, Austin, TX 78704.

Is the healthy back institute legitimate?

Yes, the Healthy back institute is legitimate with a proper brick and mortar location at Austin, Texas.

Is buy rub on relief available in UK?

Yes, since the company ships worldwide, you can find rub on relief and other products in countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and more.

Is rub on relief available in walgreens or local store?

No, you can purchase rub on relief and other products of lose your back pain website online only at sites such as amazon. They are not available at local stores.

What are alternative inversion exercises without table?

Alternative to inversion exercises without table include yoga, gravity boot, fitness balls etc. that can help with your back/neck pain.

Conclusion: reviews

The final verdict!!! The company has both good and bad sides. Many customers have benefited and have no complaints regarding the goodwill of The Healthy back institute. On the contrary side, numerous reviews can be found in myriad sites such as regarding the credibility of the company.

The products of lose your back pain website seems genuine and have definitely helped lot of people around. I leave it at your judgement and instinct to go ahead when it comes to relying on health back institute but as far as the user reviews go (the positive ones), you cannot find a more better company to rely on.