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HeartStart ref m5070a battery Replacements for long term use

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Battery Replacements for long term use

The HeartStart ref m5070a battery is a replacement battery for the Philips M5070A defibrillator and it has a long shelf life. The battery is a lithium ion battery and it can last for more than 300 uses. The HeartStart ref m5070a battery does not require recharging and this is one of the main reasons for its long life.

The HeartStart ref m5070a battery is a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide battery. It will typically last for more than 4 years with the defibrillator in stand by mode. The HeartStart ref m5070a battery has a 9 Volt DC and 4.2 Ah. The battery can deliver a minimum of 200 shocks or four hours of operating time.

HeartStart ref m5070a Battery Specifications & Uses

The HeartStart ref m5070a battery has a label of install by date of at least 5 years from the date of the manufacturer. The standby mode is affected by a few conditions like the temperature range. This can be done by assuming one battery insertion test and no defibrillator uses.

HeartStart ref m5070a battery

The HeartStart ref m5070a battery is part of a defibrillator which is used for life threatening cardiac dysrhythmias and other heart related issues. The defibrillator can deliver a therapeutic amount of electric energy to the heart with this device. The HeartStart ref m5070a battery does not require recharging and this is one of the main reasons for its long life.

The HeartStart ref m5070a battery is part of a defibrillator which is used for life-threatening cardiac dysrhythmias and other heart related issues. The defibrillator can deliver a therapeutic amount of electric energy to the heart with this device. This will depolarize a critical mass of the heart muscle and will help in stopping the dysfunction. This will lead to a proper sinus rhythm. The HeartStart ref m5070a battery is a very efficient replacement for the battery of the defibrillator batteries as they get worn out after a few uses.

The HeartStart ref m5070a battery weighs around 220 g and the voltage capacity is 9V 4.2 Ah. The dimensions of the HeartStart ref m5070a battery are 128mm (L) X 62.2 mm (W) X 27.2 (H). The battery type of the HeartStart ref m5070a battery is Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMno2) as mentioned before.

Proper training is required for the proper use of the defibrillator and the HeartStart ref m5070a battery will ensure the proper working of this to avoid any technical errors in this function. The earlier the defibrillator is used, the better for the person. It is this necessary to ensure a long life of the machine and the HeartStart ref m5070a battery will help in it.

Heartstart defibrillator battery M5070A

Heartstart Ref M5070A battery can be used in Philips HeartStart defibrillator. This battery has a Long life and is a lithium battery that is simple to install. It can work continuously without recharging. The easy to view ‘Install by date’ is printed on back of the battery for your ready reference. It is essential for you to know where to buy genuine Heartstart Ref M5070A and must be aware of customer reviews about the product. Before going into these details, learn about the features of Heartstart Ref M5070A:

Features of Heartstart Ref M5070A battery

  • The HeartStart Ref M5070A battery is a lithium manganese dioxide which can be disposed easily comes with a long-life battery.
  • It is capable of delivering 300 shocks against the other generic batteries that can deliver just 200.
  • The HeartStart Ref M5070A battery comes with 4 yrs. warranty compared to the third party brands that provides 1 year.
  • This battery has a five-year shelf life plus a (typical) four-year installed life.
  • It is extremely recommended for you to purchase a spare M5070A battery for Philips HeartStart defibrillator. This spare battery should be stored in the case with your HeartStart AED for emergencies, if your defibrillator is used frequently for training or demonstrations.

Heartstart defibrillator battery M5070A is one of the few products you would want to have in store all the time. A medical condition could occur any time and you have no reason why you should have the right equipment’s working at all times. If you are a medical professional and practicing regularly, defibrillator are expected to be in working conditions at all times. A broken battery is not just an embarrassment but sometimes a life threatening situation for patients who rely on you as a medical professional. The Heartstart defibrillator battery M5070A comes with a 4 year warranty and the life expectancy of the Heartstart defibrillator battery M5070A is also up to 4 years. If you are a medical professional a backup to the energy is always recommended.

Additional Information

At a meagre price, you could expect to save someones life with just a backup. For regulars who use the Phillips M5066A, M5067A, M5068A, 861304 series of defibrillator, This is one product you could buy now from heartsmart. The heartstart defibrillator batteries are not just a requirement for the doctors or the medical professionals but also for people who have an emergency situation at home .

Most defibrillator are not used at home and are rare but if you are one of them who have had the need to get a Philips HeartStart Onsite Home FRx AED Defibrillator get a set of spare batteries now. This one small device could save you all the trouble at the right time. All Philips AEDs use long-life batteries which lasts a good 4 years and if thats not enough there is a 4 year warranty on the products too.

If you are one of the Few professionals or organizations involved in training or represent a hospital/clinic, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy a spare set of these Heartstart defibrillator battery M5070A. Phillips Heartstart Defibrillator Stored Batteries usually last a good 5 years and thats a good reason why you should get a spare battery at all times and keep it handy. The Battery uses disposable, lithium manganese dioxide and has a 5 year shelf life with 4 years installed life. This is a one time Use battery non rechargeable.

Heartstart Ref M5070A Battery Reviews

The Heartstart Ref M5070A Battery Reviews from the actual users of the product are positive ones. Most of the customers are happy with the product. They found it very easy to use and require simple installation. Many reviews stated that this battery lasted for at least 4 years as described and is delivered the same as advertised. Many Heartstart Ref M5070A Reviews are for the replacement. They reordered this product again for their AED as these users were highly satisfied with the quality of the product. Some customers bought in bulk for their ambulances, training, etc. and were pleased by the outcome offered using this battery. Some users’ reviews reported that battery other than Philips Heartstart Ref M5070A which they had used previously were not as per their expectations. Heartstart battery Ref M5070A is delivered to them in a perfect way as expected and without any defects.

There are some set of people who are not happy with the product due to its price. They found it as an expensive item but appreciated the security offered by the Philips defibrillator. One user also stated that he feels like companies such as Philips take advantage of the lack of competition in replacement parts and so price the product accordingly. But, if you own a home defibrillator and a family history of heart problems then Heartstart Ref M5070A is worth the cost to keep the defibrillator in working condition.

From the general customer reviews of Heartstart Ref M5070A, you can conclude that it is highly recommended product that works as expected during time of rescue.

Where to Buy Heartstart Ref M5070A Battery?

Genuine Philips Heartstart Ref M5070A battery is build to be used in Philips HeartStart defibrillator. It can be used in the Philips HeartStart FRx, HeartStart HS1 or HeartStart OnSite home defibrillator.

The Heartstart Ref M5070A is available from various sources such as its official site, Amazon, eBay or from any authorized Philips distributor. From whatsoever place you buy the Ref battery M5070A but it is significant to buy from a genuine source only

This is because of several reasons such as

  • Using Third-party battery May void Philips warranty – Any other third-party battery should not be used inside a Philips defibrillator at any point of time during the service life of the AED as it will void the Philips warranty. This is because a third-party battery may compromise the integrity of the Philips AED. Philips will not be responsible for the AED’s performance when using Philips HeartStart AED on any patient with a third-party battery. Thus, it is advisable to buy Heartstart Ref M5070A only for any Philips HeartStart defibrillator.
  • Increased Risk of Electrical stress – The high level of performance required by Philips HeartStart Ref M5070A Battery pack needs every cell to have a balanced electrical capacity. Using third-party battery packs may mismatch battery cells inside, leading to hazardous electrical stress on the cell and may possibly cause fire, explosion, or the machine’s inability to perform a rescue. Hence, use Heartstart battery Ref M5070A for its designated defibrillator.
  • Carefully arranged battery components – The HeartStart Ref M5070A AED battery contains high-quality welding and a thorough arrangement of components inside an enclosed space of battery that is ultrasonically welded together. This all ensures that the battery meets vibration, fall, humidity, and thermal requirements. Third-party AED batteries may not had built in such a way to perform in the wet or rugged environments that Philips HeartStart often works. With improper connection and welding, water may pass all the way through the third-party battery and into the AED, thus compromising the integrity of the AED.

For the reasons as mentioned above, you should buy Heartstart Ref M5070A from a valid authentic source only, otherwise you may risk someone life.

On buying this battery pack, you should consider the following points

  • Ensure you are getting genuine Philips product only.
  • The after sale and overall customer service offered is good
  • Make sure you get battery of the freshest date
  • The seller is offering you the guaranteed lowest price
  • Free shipping by some sellers.

Bear in mind the above details while purchasing Heartstart Ref M5070A Battery to make sure you get the best product at lowest price possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I charge philips heartstart ref m5070a battery?

The best part of Philips Heartstart ref m5070a battery is that it is not required to recharge the battery and that is why it is known for long life.

What type of battery is used in philips heartstart ref m5070a?

The battery type of the HeartStart ref m5070a battery is Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMno2)

Are there any customer reviews on philips heartstart ref m5070a battery?

Yes, there are many customer reviews on Philips heartstart ref m5070a battery available online. you can also check in their official website and in Amazon. The reviews show a positive feedback about the product.

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