Viratrol is a product from Hello Life that can curb the symptoms of Herpes that too without any side effects. If you are looking for a natural remedy, you need not look anywhere else.

Viratrol for healing Herpes

Long before HIV came into action, it was Herpes (Herpes simplex virus). In addition to blistering and bulging in facial or other body parts, one has to endure the shameful name tag that it carries along – an HSV-1 or HSV-2 patient. Approximately 70% of the Americans suffer from HSV-1, though only a rare 3% have resulted in rashes and outbreaks in cold sores. HSV-1 is transmitted through oral excretions such as sharing toothbrushes or cooking/consuming from the same vessels. But HSV-2 occurs when a normal person has sexual relations with a person who has genital infections.

Viratrol Supplement For Herpes – Benefits

It is best to consult with your doctor if you are pregnant so that the child does not suffer from HSV disease. Symptoms of the disease appear in the person’s genitals, mouth or other body parts. Sadly, there are no remedies for curing Herpes condition as once the virus enters the body it stays there, though inactive unless some other bacteria prompt it. Medications for Herpes can only help you heal the pain and reduce the number of outbreaks in the body.

Viratrol is an absolute non-alcoholic and non-irritating product that comes with an easy to administer liquid formula which helps you to tone down those itches, swelling or other outbreaks. With the proper dosage and a healthy lifestyle, you can get rid of any herpes outbreak on your body. I do understand that there is no remedy, but at least you can inhibit the growth of herpes and prevent symptoms from rising again by making proper use of Viratrol.

Many researchers have come up with alternative treatments like herbal extracts, health supplements though none are quite satisfying. A recent study found out that echinacea plant raises the immunity level to combat Herbes and STV related stages. Gels and ointment containing the chemical propolis (honeybee induced waxy item) can help the cold sores heal faster than predicted. Herbal Rozites Caperata or Prunella Vulgaris can fight Herpes and HIV related viruses. Though you can purchase these meds over-the-counter, FDA has not approved them and so may not have the standard quality unlike and FDA approved the item.

Viratrol Ingredients

Viratrol, a 100% homeopathic product ensures that you get quick relief from Herpes. Gaining lots of positive feedback from users, Viratrol currently soars the market with their non-steroidal effects as it is void of gluten and alcohol contents. Active ingredients such as Mentha Piperita or Capsicum Annuum and many other vital ingredients provide you with temporary relief from Herpes. It is readily available OTC, or you can purchase it online via its official site – Though Viratrol is 100% naturally safe, if you are taking medications from your physician, it is always best to consult them and go ahead with the product.

Viratrol reviews

There are many Viratrol reviews and experiences shared by people all over the internet. Many are satisfied with the quality of the product and the effects it has delivered. For instance, one of the users reported that she was suffering from cold sores for more than five years. After using Viratrol, she was able to stop the cold sores before they arrived.

Another user claims in his Viratrol reviews that he developed a red patch on his right ribs that caused him intense burning sensation combined with gut-wrenching pain. It would erupt at night which he realized was herpes. He took treatment which was only temporary, and the symptoms would pop up after a while. After consuming Viratrol, his condition began to decrease which included the scars too gradually.