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Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Immunocare

Healthy Immune Defense and Antioxidant Support is what Immunocare has to offer. Three springs back I caught up with an allergy problem. Tried different medications, remedies, and finally had to go for shots as prescribed by the doctor. The shots did the job of controlling my allergy flare-ups but thereafter every spring I had to deal with these issues. Definitely, shots were not an alternative for a long-term and that is when I knew about Immunocare from the Himalayas.

Learn how to deal with your seasonal allergies, respiratory tract infections, cold, and flu the easy with the help of Immunocare from Himalaya’s healthcare.

Himalaya Immunocare Key Features

  • Clinically studies and proved in various controlled trials
  • Promotes respiratory and immune health by enhancing the activity of lymphocytes
  • Aids in all immunological functions of the ear, nose, and throat
  • Helps the maintain the macrophage cells a type of white blood cells that remove cell debris
  • Helps in normal production of antibody-forming cells
  • Available in 240 and 120 capsules per bottle

Why Use Himalaya Immunocare?

Immunocare aid in boosting the immune system and helps the body to deal with regular and seasonal health issues. If you have allergies, frequent cold, and sinus problems then Immunocare is the best remedy that you can stack for help. Immunocare has a wide range of ingredients that support the immune system naturally and help in proper functioning of the organs. These natural remedies for immune system promote numerous other benefits as well.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Immunocare For Immunity

Immunocare has a wide range of ingredients that support the immune system naturally and help in proper functioning of the organs. Immunocare has an excellent combination of herbs that nurture the lymph, bone marrow, and the spleen. It helps to balance the body functions, promote immune activity, and improve overall wellbeing.

It contains useful ingredients like Amla that is a well-known remedy for various health issues across the Indian subcontinent. To name a few you get proper digestion, improved immune system, and longevity by adding amla into your diet.

Immunocare does not replace the immune activity instead helps the body to perform well. It supports the body functions and provides vital nutrients for long-term wellness. Immunocare has an excellent combination of herbs that nurture the lymph, bone marrow, and the spleen. If you want to improve, your immune system in a holistic way then Immunocare is the best remedy you can rely on. It helps to balance the body functions, promote immune activity, and improve overall wellbeing.

Is Immunocare Himalaya Safe To Use?

Immunocare from Himalaya is a safe product as it contains all natural ingredients. Each ingredient is cultivated organically and extracted without harming the potencies. This product is free from gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and other chemicals. It is very safe for all especially for those who have allergy issues.

Does Immunocare Work?

Immunocare is a supplement that works best when you take it consistently for a long lasting period. It builds the immune system by supporting the organs and the entire body. This remedy helps to settle scores with microbes during an infection with the help of strong ingredients. It does not have any side effects and works best when taken piously. Do not expect instant results as it takes to build the system strong.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Himalayas Immunocare?

  • Maharasnadi quath (polyherbal formulation) – This is a powerful blend used in Ayurveda for various conditions. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic properties. It also helps in providing relief from joint pain and muscular disorders.
  • Chebulic myrobalan (fruit rind) – This has adaptogenic qualities and it helps to treat acid reflux naturally. If you want to have smoother bowels then this ingredient helps for the same.
  • Amla (fruit) – Amla is an excellent remedy for various health issues. It acts as an excellent remedy for hair, skin and other organs inside the body. This is widely used in Ayurvedic treatment since ages. Amla has a high content of Vitamin C and contains many essential minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, and Iron. You can also get loads of Carotene and Vitamin B Complex through this ingredient. Amla is a powerful antioxidant and helps to increase longevity.
  • Ginger – ginger is common natural remedy used across the world. It aids help to deal with many health issues like cardiovascular problems, indigestion, nausea, malabsorption, and microbial infections. Ginger also helps to improve the immune system and enhance respiratory functions. It also offers help to treat ulcers and GERD problems to a certain extent.
  • Malabar nut tree leaf – This herb is very popular in the Ayurveda stream and is the best remedy for respiratory ailments. The leaves of this tree contain alkaloid vasicine, a type of essential oil, which proves beneficial for the body. This alkaloid used alone or in combination with other ingredients helps to treat a variety of respiratory problems. It helps to treat asthma, bronchial asthma, cough, cold, and tuberculosis. It is the best expectorant that you can have without any side effects. This herb works by stimulating the bronchial glands and removing unwanted mucus.
  • Castor – castor plant has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It helps to clean the bowels and remove unwanted particles from the intestines. The oil extracted from this plant has great anti-microbial properties. It helps in hair growth and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Coriander – coriander is all time natural remedy that helps to solve day-to-day problems. Cilantro adds ample dietary fiber to your diet along with essential minerals like magnesium, iron, and manganese. Coriander is also rich in essential vitamins and proteins. Drinking coriander water on a daily basis help to get rid of inflammation in the body.
  • Ashwagandha root – Ashwagandha or Indian Ginseng offers a wide array of health benefits. It helps to battle against cancer and elevated blood glucose levels. It helps to reduce inflammation, provides relief from arthritis and asthma. Ashwagandha also helps to deal with hypertension, stress, and depression. It has a rich supply of antioxidants, which help to boost the immune system.

Other ingredients include

  • Belleric myrobalan (fruit rind),
  • Shatavari (root),
  • Long pepper (fruit),
  • Barleria (whole plant) Indian fagonia (whole plant),
  • Heart-leaf-sida (whole plant),
  • Deodar cedar (heartwood),
  • Spiked ginger lily (rhizome),
  • Javanese long pepper (stem),
  • Cyperus (tuber),
  • Boerhavia (root),
  • Indian tinospora (stem),
  • Tuber of finger-leaf morning glory,
  • Dill seed,
  • Tribulus fruit,
  • Indian laburnum (fruit pulp),
  • Yellow-fruit nightshade (whole plant),
  • Solanum anguivi (whole plant) 104 mg

Proprietary Herbal Blend:

  • Indian Tinospora stem,
  • guggul (Oleo-gum-resin),
  • Indian madder root,
  • amla fruit,
  • horseradish tree (leaf),
  • licorice (root) “

Dosage And Instructions

Immunocare immunity booster comes in 2 bottle sizes, 240, and 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Two capsules twice daily are the required dosage for best results. Taking these capsules along with meals is the best way to help it get absorbed into the body.

Immunocare Customer Reviews

Immunocare from Himalaya is an excellent immune-boosting remedy and it is clear from the reviews back at The majority of the buyers endorse this product with immense praises. All of them say that this product works and offers help to deal with seasonal allergies, cold, and flu. Below you can find reviews posted by customers.

“This product helped me to treat my allergy issues and frequent colds. It is easy to use and does not cause any side effects.”

“I take these capsules as soon as I feel something is not right with my nasal passage. I start taking this when I get symptoms of fever and cold it helps to deal the issue in a better way. However, taking this after a fully-fledged fever will not do any help. It is always better to take this as a dietary supplement for best results.”


Immunocare is a simple natural remedy that contains unique ingredients and proprietary blends. It helps to build the immune system and fight against various health issues. Taking these capsules will help you to get rid of the frequent cold, pain, inflammation, nasal blocks, asthma, and other microbial infections. This comes at a reasonable price and has a history of Ayurveda to its credit. You can add it to your daily routine to improve the quality of your life and health. This product is a highly recommended catch for a healthy health.

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