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Himalaya ProstaCare For Healthy Prostate Support

Himalaya ProstaCare is an herbal formulation for a healthy prostate support. Men are not prompt in seeking medical help regarding their prostate health. They carry on with the discomfort until it is really unbearable. Most of them approach the doctor when they are frequenting the bathroom in the night time. With an early approach and an appropriate medication prostate enlargement and other prostate-related discomforts could be easily solved.

Elder men would need a long-term and constant supplementation of the medicines to prevent further discomforts. ProstaCare is an ideal solution for such situations. This herbal formulation causes no side effects as like the medications and creates no problem whatsoever.

Benefits of Himalaya ProstaCare

ProstaCare claims to support a healthy urogenital function. It promotes normal urine flow and pretty much prevents the frequent urination at night or daytime.

  • Prostacare promotes the natural immunity of the urinary tract.
  • It reduces the enlarged prostate and relieves the inflammation in the glands.
  • A safe long term usage is on the cards with no excess urination or the incomplete urination to keep men feel and stay healthy.
  • It keeps up the natural cell integrity to prevent future inflammations.
  • It can also maintain healthy sexual life.
  • Furthermore, the antioxidants in the ingredients can also prevent the cell damage and possibly cancer as well.
  • On the molecular level, Prostacare contains amino acids like L-alanine, L-glycine and L-glutamine that are in seminal fluid which help in the lubrication of urethtra.

Himalaya ProstaCare Herbal Formula For Healthy Prostate
Himalaya ProstaCare is an herbal formulation with no side effects at all. It reduces the enlarged prostate and relieves the inflammation in the glands. ProstaCare claims to support a healthy urogenital function. It promotes normal urine flow and pretty much prevents the frequent urination at night or day time.

Himalaya ProstaCare Ingredients

  • Tribulus fruit is helping the body with hormone production and in the natural efforts to expel the liquid waste out. It improves the kidney functions and manages the timely excretion of urine. It is also known as a natural adaptogen and help the body cope with stress. This fruit can promote sleep and maintain a fair amount of energy. The other important benefit of this ingredient is that it can improve libido and also known to cure erectile problems.
  • Bonduc seed soothes the inflammation in the prostate glands that make them enlarged. It works on the tissues and soothes them this eases the urine flow and gradually under control.
  • Betelnut palm nut is a digestive aid and a remedy for healthy urination.
  • Shatavari root can strengthen the tissues in the genital area. It is anti-inflammatory and can also clear the blocked prostate ducts. This will improve the urine flow and cures the interrupted urination.
  • Three-leaf caper bark contains the active ingredient lupenol that supports prostate health.

Himalaya ProstaCare Dosage & Side Effects

Dosage: Himalaya ProstaCare is taken 2 capsules per day. The capsules can be divided in dosage. It should be taken with a balanced and healthy diet. Prostacare is suitable only for males who are above the age of 18. It is mostly needed by men who are 40 plus in age.

Side effects:

  • There are no known side effects of using ProstaCare.
  • It is one of the safe and natural supplements for prostate health.
  • It does not have any contraindications as well. Still, it is highly recommended to get the physician’s advice before starting the supplements.
  • It can also be safe to use along with any medications. The only thing to be careful is to avoid overdosing.

Product: Himalaya ProtaCare comes in 2 types of bottles- one bottle that has 60 capsules and the other with 120 capsules. The former would last for a month while the other is a bimonthly supply. Store the bottle in a cool and dry area, preferably in dark, away from any light.

Other care to go along Himalaya ProstaCare


There are not particular diet restrictions for healthy prostate support. All you need to do is to avoid as much processed food and junk items from the diet. Add more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Choose healthy fats over the saturated ones.

Limiting dairy and animal based products could also help bog time. Remember that sugar is a culprit for half the health issues of not just the prostate glands but also for the whole body. Limit its use as much as possible.
Limit the alcohol intake and do not take too much salt.

Take the food 4-5 times a day in smaller quantity and not larger meals thrice a day. Try to have all types of food to balance the nutrients. Finally, drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

The only thing that you need to completely AVOID is coffee. Caffeine can increase your bathroom visits and does not help with the case.

Physical activity

Mild to moderate physical exercises cures many diseases. Exercises keep the prostate glands away from the usual problems. It improves the blood circulation and creates boosts immunity.

It is noted that obesity or excess weight can trigger prostate problems. The physical exercises keep the weight off and chances of inflammations or even cancer.

Smoking should be completely avoided to support the prostate glands.

Himalaya ProstaCare customer reviews

  • Mike had been on steroids for years and he is happily surprised with the results of ProstaCare ever since he started. He recommends never to miss a dose and to always keep the stock ready for the next time.
  • Mark is another user with positive results. It took him some 3-4 weeks to get the positive results.
  • Alan is another satisfied customer who tried ProstaCare to save some money by not getting the expensive medications. This has worked well for him.

The Final Verdict

Himalaya ProstaCare is an herbal formulation with no side effects at all. We hardly see such products. It contains no harmful ingredients of any kind. The ease of using it with other medications and lack of any contraindications are its plus points.

It is considered suitable for all and also suitable for long term use. This product is most effective if you can start using it in the early stages of prostate enlargement. the only problem which bothers many is that the product is not available directly from the makers. It is not available at their site but is available from other online stores.

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