Does the world spin around you? Ever felt that you have lost control of yourself and the body balance is tumbling down? Dizziness is one of the common health issues that almost everyone experiences at least once in their lives. A sudden or abrupt feeling of unsteadiness, lost of balance often termed as vertigo can really put a ‘spin’ on your daily routine. It lasts from minutes to hours.

Many people misinterpret dizziness as a disease but it is actually a symptom of other diseases such as heart muscle, neurological disorders, allergies, anemia, ear infections, eye problems, anxiety, or even stress, hormonal change, motion sickness etc.

Dizziness often comes with vision changes, blind spots, irregular pulse, vomiting or loss of consciousness but this doesn’t mean you will be feeling all these symptoms. There are many natural home remedies that can help you get rid of dizziness but if symptoms keep recurring consult your doctor at the earliest for right treatment.

Giving you top 5 quick remedies for dizziness.

  • DEEP BREATHING – Best Way To Prevent Dizziness

Inhaling and exhaling deep is one of the best natural remedies to balance out the blood levels and eliminate dizziness. By deep breathing you are providing enough oxygen to the brain which will relax the nervous system and curb the dizziness. Pranayama of Yoga is one of the best ways to prevent dizziness. Know about Pranayama here at


It doesn’t matter if you are in office or home, dizziness can occur anywhere. If you have the prompt presence of mind, you can tackle it anywhere. Dehydration is one of the most known causes of dizziness. Rehydrate the body by drinking good amount of water. Note that dehydration can lead to vomiting or diarrhea so make sure you intake good amount of water or any other fluid items such as juices, tea etc.


Low blood sugar level is another reason for dizziness. Trust me I know because I have personally gone through this experience and it is not a good one to remember. If you didn’t have a proper breakfast and are dealing with fluctuating blood sugar levels, then trust me, dizziness is one of the factors that you cannot negate. The best thing to do is gobble down healthy foods that will stop the vertigo immediately. Be it a protein bar or banana, fruit with high water content, bowl of yogurt or handful of nuts, it will balance out the sugar level and keep you stable till reaching home.


As it contains natural element of sugar, it will trigger the energy level in your body preventing dizziness thereby. The best part of honey is it will prevent low blood sugar and keep you fit and in shape everyday. Consuming honey and lemon juice with a glass of warm water is one of the best ways to even out fluctuating blood sugar levels as well detoxifying yourself. You can even mix 1 tsp of honey with cinnamon powder and consume it for few weeks. (Pssssttt….did you know that honey and cinnamon are one of the natural remedies for curing ovarian cyst?).


Also known as Amla (in Hindi), Indian gooseberry is termed one of the best in the books of Ayurveda for curing dizziness. A rich source of vitamins (A and C), Amla improves the blood circulation in the body and treats dizziness effectively. Remove the seeds of two amla and grind to a fine paste. Mix them with 2tsp of coriander seeds in a cup of water. Keep it overnight, strain and drink the water. Using regularly will improve the results.

These are the top five quick home remedies that will curb the dizzy attacks. But do keep in mind that apart from all these factors, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet that will keep you fit and keep the body in perfect shape.