Irregular menstruation is one of the commonly seen problems these days. Many women are suffering from irregular menstruation at early ages not to mention an early onset of menopause by the time they are 30. I am not trying to scare you off just bringing the ugly side of the body. This article cover causes and Home Remedies for Irregular Periods.

During the initial years after menstruation starts, it is common to have irregular or missed periods as the hormones takes it own time in controlling the menstruation cycle. Even when women are reaching menopause, irregular or missed periods are common.


There are many reasons which are the causes of irregular menstruation that can really differ from person to person. Generally, it is normal to have 11 to 13 menstrual periods or even more a year. But when you miss periods, that’s when you need to undergo a checkup to find out what’s bothering the body.

What causes irregular periods?

So, what exactly causes the body to throw itself haywire making you skip periods? Well, apart from the fact that you can be pregnant, there are a lot of causes that provoke missing periods. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Overweight
  • Eating disorders such as bolimia or anorexia
  • Stress
  • Medications

Obesity is one of the topmost causes that stirs irregular periods. How? When you tend to overeat, the fat cells in the body overproduces estrogen which misleads the body to believe that you are pregnant thereby putting a pause to menstruation. Obesity can also lead to insulin resistance where the body cells are unable to utilize the insulin that the body produces which can also lead to PCOS.

Society can be sometimes cruel to ‘fat’ people by neither fixing the core problem nor accepting the person completely. People who are obese tend to go through many problems making it emotionally difficult for them to face people. Apart from mind numbing factors such as depression or anxiety, this puts a lot of stress on their mind provoking them to go in for eating disorders which can lead to irregular menstruation.

People having eating disorders carry much higher risk because vomiting as soon as they consume food probably makes them feel that this can lead to weight loss. But it can also prove fatal. Apart from this, it can lead to many diseases such as body swelling, bowel problems, depression or irregular periods. This is because of poor diet which makes the period irregular or stop it forever which can lead to infertility.

Medications are also one of the facts that can lead to change in menstruation. Many people consume diet pills or weight gain pills, banned drugs which can affect their menstruation days to a large extent. It is always best to stay away from unnecessary medications available over the counter and embrace natural remedies that will work for you without any side effects.

Be it for weight gain/loss, fertility or any other factors that is affecting your life, natural remedies provide always the best cure to you for a simple fact – they are gift from Mother Earth.

You won’t find it over the counter or you don’t need a prescription. These home remedies for irregular periods are found at your kitchen. So here are some of the best remedies that will straighten your fluctuating menstruation.

Over the kitchen top – Ten home remedies for irregular periods

Check out the best natural remedies for irregular periods.

  • Carrot juice – from my personal experience, it fixes any problems related to menstruation. I can guarantee it completely. A simple intake of glass of carrot juice can correct all the wrongs in your body. One of the best home remedies for irregular periods.
  • Grapes – if you are dealing with menstruation problems, then there is no better way than grape juice. You can even include them in your daily diet which will make sure that such occurrences are inhibited. Just don’t overdo it and it can give you bowel movements.
  • Papaya – it is one of the best emmenagogue which stimulates the blood circulation in the pelvic area that can ease the menstrual flow by proper muscle contraction. The two things to keep in mind are to consume unripe papaya and not have it during periods.
  • Turmeric – this astringent comes with very many properties such as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory that can regularize the blood flow. Simply take a quarter tsp of turmeric powder with honey, jaggery or even milk.
  • Sugarcane juice is one of the simple remedies that is used to control the menstruation cycle. Consume sugarcane juice two weeks before your menstruation starts which will help you getting menstrual flow regularly.
  • Bitter gourd roots – make a decoction of bitter gourd roots and consume it 1-2 times a day.
  • Figs – take 4-5 figs, peel the skin and make a decoction by boiling them in water. Filter it and consume daily. It will definitely help to normalize your menstruation.
  • Parsley – a herb in all ways, parsley has medicinal properties which when consumed everyday can stabilize your periods.
  • Ginger and honey – this can be easily found in your kitchen. Just take some raw ginger, mix with honey and consume. It will prove beneficial not only for your overall health but ginger and honey too.
  • Buttermilk and radish seeds – grind radish seeds till powder. Now take 2 tbsp and mix to a cup of buttermilk. Consume this for a minimum of three months which will give you effective relief from irregular periods.

Bottomline, your lifestyle has a very big role to play health wise. Take up the responsibility to respect the body and fix the wrongdoings. Make sure to eat right, healthy and work out without compromising. The results I promise will be positive and prolonged.