Are you looking for natural home remedies for ovarian cysts? Then this is the right place to be. Home remedies do not give you any side effects and keeps your body safe by curing you of all the ailments.

Ovarian cysts affects one in every four women once in their lifetime. They are basically fluid filled sacs that are present in or on the surface of ovaries. Some people consume oral contraceptive which stops development of new cysts but it will give you other reactions such as nausea, weight gain, mood swings, hair loss and many more.

This is one of the reasons why people are moving towards alternative methods i.e. the natural cure to reduce the risk factors and clear their menstrual irregularities in a natural way. Home remedies work miraculously in completely healing the ovarian cysts which will prevent them from painful menstruation as well as surgical treatments that are often recommended by medical professionals.

Home Remedies That Treat Ovarian Cysts

  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR For Ovarian Cysts

ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar is famous for its ability to shrink and dissolve ovarian cysts. Did you know the main reason for ovarian cyst is potassium deficiency? ACV contains rich amount of potassium that can bring in the lost potassium in the body thereby eliminating the chances of ovarian cyst. It will also regularize the blood sugar levels thereby preventing insulin spike. High insulin can increase testosterone that causes irregular menstrual cycles, loss of scalp hair and many more. For best results, dilute apple cider vinegar with 2 parts of water. Start with low dosage of ¼ tsp a day and then slowly raise the dosage from 2-4 tsp a day. Better to consume it before or after meals and not on empty stomach.


Many studies have shown that aloe vera can improve insulin sensitivity and eradicate ovarian cysts. Yes, aloe vera gel can restore the hormonal levels in the body which results in healthy ovaries and many people have noted disappearance of ovarian cysts in the body. All you have to do is peel the leaves of aloe vera and combine it with any juice of your choice (preferably orange juice) and consume it everyday regularly.


Known for ages, Cinnamon is one of the best remedy for treating cysts in the ovaries. If you are having high level of insulin resistance, then it will lead to hormonal imbalance in the body that can trigger cyst and other changes in the body. Cinnamon is one of leading healer of cysts that plays a major role in cutting down the insulin levels in the body. Combo of cinnamon and honey is quite famous in curing ovarian cysts in women.


Applying castor oil packs are found to heal many issues related to female reproductive system. And one among those is elimination of polycystic condition from the ovaries. If you are planning to be a mother soon, then do not hesitate and try this. Soak a flannel in castor oil and place it on the abdomen. Now cover it with plastic sheet and keep a hot water bag/bottle for an hour. Doing this will improve the blood circulation and the motivates the body to naturally dissolve the cysts from your ovaries by balancing the hormones. Keeping castor oil pack also stimulates the liver that detoxifies the body and flushes out all the unwanted toxins that are the primary cause of ovarian cysts.


Known to be a sleep aid, Chamomile tea is also famous for effectively breaking and dissolving ovarian cysts. Chamomile comes with powerful antioxidants that boost your immunity power and motivates it to flush out the toxins at a speedy rate. The result is detoxification that balances the hormones in the body which decreases the size of the cysts. Did I mention that Chamomile also soothes the menstrual cramps?

Now keep in mind that ovarian cysts are quite common so do not get stressed and do not delay your treatment. Keep your body under check and try to relax and think positive. Taking unwanted worries can only burden the mind which will aggravate the symptoms. If you are obese, cut down on sugar, salt and oily foods and adapt to a healthy diet. If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor to avoid any interaction.