SleepGuard is a headband that is used by many people to prevent bruxism i.e. teeth grinding.

About SleepGuard

SleepGuard is like a brakelight on your car while you are driving. Sounds weird? Don’t be. SleepGuard is a headband that perceives signals from the brain muscles while you grind. The main feature of this headband is the audio tone you receive as and when you clench your teeth. The audio sound makes your realize at once that you are grinding and helps you put a stop to it.

Initially, you might find it difficult to trace out the sound while you are in deep sleep, but eventually you will find it responding to the voice in your head. You can turn off the biofeedback at night and trace out the times you clenched in the morning. If you feel like conditioning yourself, here are a few tips you can implement during daytime:

  • Practice for just two minutes a day if you are in a hurry
  • You can wear it while you are driving or working
  • When you hear the biofeedback, relax your jaw immediately
  • Picturize yourself doing it without the biofeedback in your sleep

The features are quite user-friendly. As the headband is made out of cotton, you need not worry about skin rash or allergies. The center contact is made out of stainless steel. Though some people are allergic to steel, there have not yet been any negative reports on SleepGuard. We provide you with a warranty of one year from the date of purchase and ninety days if you have bought a revamped headband. Even children can use this headband though it would be appropriate if you consulted a dentist before using this on small kids.

How the Features of SleepGuard work

  • Score – it provides you with the number of times you have grinded your teeth. Do not forget to reset after the last unit
  • Duration and Time – It will give you the complete clenching duration after the last reset
  • Level of the Volume – You can minimize or maximize the volume of the RelaxTone biofeedback signal
  • Bite Level – This displays how hard you bite your teeth trigger the biofeedback sound

You can hear the sound of the biofeedback in both your ears and forehead as the back of the headset contains a module which would be the sound generator. For more info, click here.