Scabies infection is a highly contagious disease caused by mites. It causes constant itching and spreads quickly. The immune system will have a hard time fighting this infection. The parasite that causes this infection is dangerous enough to leave the affected person feeling like a parasite in the society. It needs immediate treatment that can put an end to the problem and to have a long-term solution to avoid relapse.

Biogetica HRS 200 Scabease Formula contains the key ingredients that are capable of reducing the symptoms and eliminate the pathogens.

HRS 200 Scabease Formula Ingredients, Benefits & Uses

HRS 200 Scabease Formula uses the popular homeopathic ingredients for skin infections. The major ingredients are,

  • Sulphur 30 is one of the natural best remedies for scabies. It can treat the itchy skin and soothes the affected area. The skin I the affected area can be sensitive and irritated when exposed to heat or water. Sulphur is the best remedy that works under these circumstances.
  • Hepar sulphur 200 is effective for the crusty pustules on the skin. It reduces these pustules and desensitizes the skin to cold conditions. The cold conditions cause a flare-up in the symptoms.
  • Arsenic alb 200 works on the sensitivity of the skin. It reduces the burning feel, soreness and the dryness of the skin.

HRS 200 Scabease Formula Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

  • HRS 200 Scabease Formula is a homeopathic preparation that requires you taking the dose every hour on day 1.
  • On day 2, you should take the tablets every 2 hours
  • On day 3, take the dosage with longer duration, at every 3 hours
  • The relief is usually visible within 3 days. Once the symptoms and discomfort are subsided, keep taking the tablets for 3 months straight. During this period the dosage is 3 times a day. This will help in preventing the relapse.

The HRS 200 formula is in tiny tablet form that is safe to use with other medications. There are no known drug interactions for this scabies remedy.

HRS 200 Formula Risks, Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

HRS 200 Formula is risk-free. It shows no side effects or adverse reactions. Only in rare cases, people might have an increase in the itchiness on day 1. Later it subsides easily and you will get relief.

Are HRS 200 tablets safe?

Yes, completely! Being a homeopathic remedy has its major benefit that it is milder in dose and yet be effective without causing any threat to the health.

Is HRS 200 Formula FDA approved?

An FDA approval is not mentioned anywhere on the official site. Since it is based on homeopathic and Ayurvedic formulas, the laws of approval differ. But they do claim that the products are made in compliance with the FDA standard labs.

Does HRS 200 Formula work?

HRS 200 Scabease Formula is working well for many. The HRS 200 Formula is usually used in combination with 2 topical applicators like Neem karanjel lotion and Curtis cream. Use the Neem lotion for the first 3 days to relieve the itching. It can be useful whenever there is itching. After 3 days, the topical application switches to the Curtis cream. Start using it from day 4 for about a month. This helps in skin revitalizing and normalizes the skin health. In short, the HRS 200 formula kit works wonders in the skin by relieving the infections, smoothening the texture and preventing further infections. It makes the skin surface unfavorable for the pathogens that it will be forced to leave the body. It can promote the skin renewal and repairs the affected skin.

Biogetica HRS 200 Scabease Homeopathic Formula

The HRS 200 Scabease Formula is a holistic homeopathic formula that can empower the immune system of the body to fight the infection.

HRS 200 Formula Results

The general symptoms of scabies like itching, rashes, redness on the skin and the blisters would soon disappear one by one. The HRS 200 formula soothes the skin. The itching will be gone within 3 days of the tablets. Continual use of the formula will show changes in the skin appearance and repair.

HRS 200 Formula Reviews & Complaints

The user reviews of HRS 200 Formula show satisfaction. Though there is a slight problem with it working rather slower than conventional medicine, people have no complaints. As long as they get the expected results and are able to keep the scabies away for longer, they are happier.

The HRS 200 Formula Testimonials show that the result varies from one individual to the other. It took a week for someone to get complete relief while others had a longer time to reach this point. You can also see that there are users from all over the world. The product is available in the USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia etc.

Where To Buy HRS 200 Formula?

HRS 200 Scabease Formula is an online product. You will not find it in the shops, not even at Coscto or retailers like Walmart or Target. It is not available on Amazon as of now. You can order it directly from Biogetica online.

HRS 200 Formula Price

HRS 200 Scabease Formula is not an individual product. It comes as a combo of 3 products. The price is applicable for the kit. The Kit with HRS 200 Scabease Formula will cost around $79. You will get a direct deduction of $10 when bought from the makers.

HRS 200 Discount, Coupon Codes & Promos

You can find free coupon codes for all Biogetica products from various sites. The coupons allow you a discount on shipping, general discount etc. Make sure that they are valid and are used within the time period.


HRS 200 Scabease Formula is an effective way to deal with scabies. It is safe for the body and causes no side effects. The general FAQs regarding the homeopathic products are provided at the Biogetica site. You can refer them to see if such products would suit you or not.

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