Immunitone plus is an herbal formula from Designs of health which helps our immune system and body to fight back against the foreign attack.

It is a store house of many essential and natural ingredients to boost the immune system. People having acute illness and those with long term chronic viral attack can have this supplement and thus the natural immune response and support will be boosted up. The herbal powers is magical. It assures a perfect result.

Immunitone plus have both antibacterial and antiviral properties which provides attack against the viral cells in the body by increasing the activity of natural killer cells. It also boosts up the release of cytokines. Thus Immunitone plus helps to co-ordinate with its appropriate immune responses. It also helps our body to attack against viral and bacterial attack and makes you stay from illness thus providing a perfect health.

Immunity is often described as balanced state of well being with adequate biological defenses to counteract against all infection, diseases, and other invasions towards the body while providing necessary tolerance to get rid from inflammation, autoimmune diseases and allergy. Immunity is the property of body to provide resistance against viruses, bacteria and other harmful micro organisms entering into the body. Reaction of the body against any foreign substance is called as inflammation. Immunitone plus has the ability to boost the immune system and provide a healthy resistance against the attack of foreign organisms. With the natural herbal contents, it provides a boost in the natural immune responses in the body rather than providing a short term recovery from any inflammation or disease. It provides a protection from the base rather than clearing out the signs and symptoms with conventional medicines.

Designs For Health Immunitone plus

Immunitone plus is an herbal formula which helps our immune system and body to fight back against the foreign attack. It contains ingredients which provide antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial effects. Use this health supplement for auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome etc

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Immunitone plus is a pool enriched with multiple vital ingredients to provide the best immune response. It provides antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory and antioxidant protection. The supplement is a standardized product available in the market which is developed and manufactured after a lot of studies and research for the benefit of immune health for the people. You can use it for acute cases or chronic diseases pertaining to the immune system. It is safe even on high doses, be it for short term or long term consumption. Standardized herbs are those with active ingredients in a consistent and optimal amount. The formula has green tea which is standardized of very high level of EGCG and it also contains Echinacea augustifolia, andrographis paniculata and even goldseal.

Many researches and studies are going on the topic immunity. Researchers and a team of experts developed the product in such a way that a perfect immune health is provided naturally itself. All herbs are standardized and active content of each is taken and blend to provide a perfect immune supportive formula called as Immunitone plus.

About Design for health

Design for health – the manufacturer of Immunitone plus is an exclusive brand that is been offered to the health care professionals and to their patients. This team includes an expert team of pharmacist, doctors, higher health authorities and dedicated staff that helps in discovering powerful products that help in preventing and supporting in treating various diseases in almost all the sections of human body. Design for health has started the move from 1989 by Jonathan and Linda Lizotee with a team of nutritionist. This company has helped to deliver a whole lot of people with the latest scientific nutrition researches.

Immunitone plus Ingredients

A capsules of Immunitone plus contain 300 mg of root of Echinacea augustifolia which is standardized to contain

  • 16 percentage of echinacosides
  • 300mg of aerial part of camellia sinensis or green tea extract which is standardized to contain 50 percentage of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG
  • Toot of astragalus membranaceus or astragalus extract (200mg)
  • Flowers of sambucus nigra or elderberry (200mg)
  • Lleaves of andrographis paniculata which is standardized to contain 4 percentage of andrographolides (200mg)
  • 100mg of immune enhancer or arabinogalactan larch tree
  • Root of hydrastis Canadensis or goldenseal which is standardized to contain 5 percentage of alkaloids (100mg)
  • Lauric acid or monolaurin, 50mg of cordyceps sinensis or cordyceps mushroom (100mg)
  • 50mg of shitake mushroom or lentinula edodes
  • Grifola frondosa or maitake mushroom (50mg)
  • 50mg of ganoderma lucidum or reishi mushroom and
  • 9mg of beta 1, 3 glucan

The other ingredients present in Immunitone plus are –

  • rice flour,
  • magnesium stearate
  • gelatin for capsule.

Does the ingredients of immunitone plus present naturally in our body?

Some of the integral contents from the Immunitone plus is present in the body. Some ingredients of the product are taken through our food what we take in daily. But in some medical conditions and diseases the amount decreases in the body. So we need an additional supplement for the body to maintain the levels. Thus we have the choice for boosting the immune system through Immunitone plus.

Treatment with Immunitone plus

Use this product only after proper consultation with a health care professional. It is not an alternative for any drug or treatment. In fact, it is the only herbal remedy for providing our body with powerful immune system. Immunitone plus is mainly used for many infections in the body like frequent colds, sinusitis, influenzas, cystitis etc. It is also used for reducing the problems associated with bacterial vaginosis and Candida infections.

  • It contains ingredients which provide antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial effects.
  • Use this health supplement for auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome etc.
  • The right blends is used for respiratory system disorders like asthma, emphysema and allergy conditions
  • It is also seen using for many vital systemic diseases and it provides a better resistance coverage from diseases.
  • Immunitone plus improves control of blood sugar level and thus can be used in cases of diabetes mellitus.
  • You can also use the product for osteoporosis, heart disease and gout.
  • Use it also for neurological disorders like depression.
  • This herbal supplement provides resistance against colds and flu.

Immunitone plus is a perfect immune supportive formula designed after many research and clinical studies. The ingredients show a significant benefit when used for many acute and chronic conditions like influenza, respiratory system infections, sinusitis, cancer, viral hepatitis and other bacterial infections.

It is supposed to be only taken under doctor’s prescription but not as any alternative for any above mentioned disease or conditions.

Immunitone plus Reviews

Immunitone plus reviews from users are 5 out of 5 star ratings. Few testimonials include

“ I haven’t been sick since I started taking these once a day and I feel great and improved now. As the pills are of Immunitone plus are not large – so they are not difficult to swallow- Walking Neophyte”

“Loved Immunitone plus”- says William S Elkus.

Almost all the customers are happy using Immunitone plus. For further reviews by the customers visit-

Immunitone plus side effects

You will not find any complaints or any adverse reactions reported for this immunitone plus formula. It is a healthy herbal formula that is specially meant to support a healthy immune system function.

Warnings And Instructions

  • Avoid providing it to your pets or children
  • To get better results from Immunitone plus, avoid including health risking habits such as smoking and alcohol. Smoking and alcoholism are the two fatal factors that spoil the internal organs in body.
  • If you are planning a baby, check if you are pregnant. Do not have this supplement if you are pregnant.
  • Do not recommend the use of the product directly to your friends or relatives without a doctors concern. Even though Immunitone has worked efficiently for you, it may not be safe for everyone as the systemic condition is different for everyone.
  • If you are no longer using this product, dispose it in the right way.
  • Any kind of irritation or allergy or sense of unwell in using immuntione plus, do consult a doctor soon.
  • Before having Immunitone plus, check for expiry dates or if the bottle is already open before first dose.
  • A concern with a health care provider about this supplement would be the best option to opt before taking any health system because self medications without realizing the aftereffect of Immunitone in your body could be dangerous to your life.
  • Do not freeze or keep  the product under direct sunlight.
  • Dosage of Immunitone plus may vary from person to person. The prescriber will see certain facts – Indication of use, age of the patient and weight and systemic health condition.
  • Do not flush down the remnant medications.

FAQ Immunitone Plus

What should I tell my healthcare professional before using immunitone plus?

Prepare a list of products and medicines that you use in your daily life including prescribed and non prescribed items and share the list with your physician or doctor. Discuss with him or her and confirm if the product is safe in your body.

How will I know if my body requires the help of immunitone plus?

If you lack of immune power or disorder in immune system you can go for Immunitone plus. If you feel chronic symptoms, long term inflammation and infection you can have this product.

What is the importance of having immunitone plus in my body?

If you are suffering from immune system due to its low power to fight against diseases and other harmful substances, it is must that your system require a support to boosts its power and bring back to its natural healthy state. Immunitone plus has the ability to maintain all the cell activities at the right phase and in right quality. They also have the power to fight against acute, chronic diseases and weak immune system. This right formula of herbs like green tea extract, astragalus extract andrographis, immunenhancer, cordyceps mushroom, shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom and reishi mushroom will help the immune system to be on the right track for a better health and for a better living.

How should I have immunitone plus?

If you are planning to have Immunitone plus as your dietary supplement, have one capsule of it thrice daily. The dosage can vary according to the medical condition of the patient which can be finalized on safer measures by your physician

Is it safe for everybody to have immunitone plus?

In countries like U.S higher authorities like FDA should approve medicine before selling it to the public. However, the safety of the drugs is not promised for everybody. It depends on various factors like, the present and the past medication you had before, the present and past systemic conditions, history of any hypersensitivity reactions.

Can children take immunitone plus?

Immune disorders are also common in children. However the need of Immunitone plus in your child can be evaluated only by your pediatrician.

What are the benefits of having this product?

This perfect blend of Immunitone plus is manufactured by design for health to benefit your immune system. Since a metabolic support is must to achieve a vibrant health, this product will help in immune system case. This formula contains herbs that have the ability to fight against viral and bacterial infections playing both roles at a time benefiting you. This can be used for even acute conditions in immune system. As this formula contains most of the content as herbs, the result will be with very less negative effects.

How long should we use immunitone plus?

The duration of use of Immunitone promised by the manufacturer is 3 months. However, cross check it with your doctor on the medical condition of the immune system.

When will I notice a change in my body after using this supplement?

Immunitone plus shows the result not only when consumed for the recommended time period, you need to have trust in a medicine while having it. Since Immunitone has natural remedies to boost immune system in it, it requires time to show its result. For some the result is seen within a week and for few, it will take time to heal the immune system.

From where can I purchase immunitone plus?

It is available in both online and pharmacies. You can place orders in online stores like amazon, store drhyman etc.

What is the cost of immunitone plus?

Immunitone plus cost $38 for 90 vegetarian capsules.

What will my order for immunitone plus contains?

If you are placing your order for Immunitone plus, it will contain a bottle of immunitone of 90 vegetarian capsules. The shipping weight of Immunitone Plus is 2.4 ounces.

Where should I store immunitone plus?

Select a safe shelf which is free from reach of your children or pets to store Immunitone plus. Keep it in a dry and cool place. Avoid keeping Immunitone plus under direct sunlight.

How long will one bottle of immunitone plus last?

The lasting of the bottle depends on the dosage that is recommended by the doctor. However, following the manufacturer’s recommendation, it will last for 30 days.

Is there any adverse reactions for the product?/ Is it safe to have immunitone plus if I am taking othermedication(s)?

Each and every drug is synthesized to help the body heal from the disease, but at the same time it will have any other negative effect in other ways which range from minor to major according to the person and the effect of the drug in that person. This is why some drugs are indicated for some and contraindicated for others according to the systemic condition. Though Immunitone plus has not been reported of any side effects, a detail checkup from your doctor is required to finalize if Immunitone plus is completely safe or free from adverse reactions in your body.

Will I get addicted to immunitone plus if I use it for a longer period of time?

Immunitone plus is composed of more of herbal ingredients and are totally free of addictive ingredients. So be free to have it for any duration of time recommended by your doctor.

Is there any serious problem if I miss a dose of immunitone for a week or for a day?

Don’t be too curious if you miss a dose of medicine. Take it as soon as you remember. Do not take two doses of Immunitone plus ie- 2 or more tablets at a time. Avoid taking a dose of Immunitone plus, if it’s already time for the next dose.

What do I do, if I take an extra dose of immunitone plus?

In case of over dose of Immunitone plus, seek a medical emergency as soon as possible. Do not wait for any pathetic signs or symptoms.

Who should avoid taking immunitone plus?

Immunitone plus capsules should be avoided at the time of pregnancy and lactaction. Even though some suggest it for children, always take ImmunitonePlus only after consulting a health care professional.

Can I use the immunitone plusafter the expiry date?

Expiry dated products will not work efficiently as promised. Saving money, risking your own life is not a good idea to practice.

How should I dispose of immunitone plus that I no longer need or are expired?

It’s always better to avoid Immunitone plus when it’s expired or not needed.

Never handover the medicine to anyone or advice them to take in. because doctors prescribe the Immunitone plus and its dose according to the individual health, symptoms and history.

Before disposal, always scratch out any information in the label and remove from original containers. Consumers of Immunitone should remove the expired or unused medicines from your home as soon as possible as it will reduce the chance for accidental intake by others or intentional misuse of Immunitone. Hand over the medicine to medicine take back programs.

What should I do if I think I have been injured as a result of using immunitone plus?

If you feel no improvement in having Immunitone plus for your disease condition, stop it and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Remember, Immunitone plus contains 80% of herbal ingredients. To act completely and to show the better action outside the body will require time. If by any chance you are injured using Immunitone plus and you want to move legally, you can as the law permits.

Can I have immunitone plus if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

No it’s always better to avoid Immunitone Plus during pregnancy and breast feeding. Though none has reported of any negative effects in pregnancy period, avoid taking it in risky periods of life. Always avoid the intake of Immunitone plus without consulting a health care professional.

What are the other natural methods that can be used along with immunitone plus to boost the production of it in the body?

Along with the intake of Immunitone plus one should have a good life style and habits? Avoid habits like intake of tobacco, smoking and consumption of alcohol which results in the depression of the immune system and body. Intake of nutritious food along with Immunitone plus will boost our immune system perfectly. Have more of green leafy vegetables, kale, spinach, broccoli and nuts. Do exercise daily so that a healthy body can be maintained. Exercise improves our immune system action and provides a perfect protection. Yoga and meditations can help you to be in calm and disease free state.

Can immunnitone plus used for my pets?

Immunitone plus is manufactured by design for health only for human use only which is to be used in the right dosage fixed by the physician.

Can immunitone plus be used for any non medical uses?

Immunocore is manufactured only for medical use solely. Kindly do not use it for any other non medical use.