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Immunoberry Liquid

Immunoberry liquid is a health supplement with a perfect blend from the Designs of health. Apart from being a supplement, it is a strong immune support provider.

It is usual to have diseases due to lack of immunity but if you are suffering from disease for a longer period of time or if it keeps occurring repeatedly, then you have a solution. Some people are more prone to infections especially children. So to provide an additional immune support, it’s good to use this supplement.

There are lot of researches and studies going on about the immune power and resistance power of the body. Studies show that many natural products have the ability to provide resistance towards infection by its antibacterial and antiviral properties like herbs, mushrooms and other natural compounds. These natural substances have the ability to boost the immune power by stimulating the natural killer cell activity, by providing support in the synthesis of cytokines and provide strong immunity defensive mechanism by T cell and B cell mediated responses. These compounds of natural origin and compounds in the product show a perfect protection and mechanism against infections due to lack of immune power. Use the supplement in normal conditions as well as for severe chronic problems like influenza, sinusitis, respiratory tract infection as well as various other bacterial infections.

Designs For Health Immunoberry Liquid

Immunoberry liquid is a health supplement. It is a natural remedies to boost our body’s immunity. The ingredients provides a counteract against infections as well as restricts the further suppression of immune system. Immunoberry Liquid can improve the respiratory tract diseases. It is used to treat influenza.

Treating immunity naturally

Immunity is a balanced state where the body’s natural defenses has adequate ability to fight against various diseases and infections and thus protecting the body from any sort of allergy, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. If this state of health is not unstable, body tends to have severe outbursts. This can often lead to many serious health complications. Use Immunoberry Liquid to avoid such instances. Even though the body has the ability to provide healthy immunity but in some conditions human body will be unable to provide sufficient immunity power to counteract infections and diseases.

The need of additional immune support will be more in children, those who undergone surgeries, auto immune disorders, malnutrition, defects in immune system etc. So it’s always better to have natural remedies to boost our body’s immunity with help of this supplement. Some people often have chronic diseases due to lack of immune power due to their environmental, habitual and other reasons. Immunoberry Liquid is natural, herbal remedy that can be provided in such cases to improve the health conditions.

This health supplement is one of the best selling immune support products from designs of health. It comes in liquid format with a good pleasant taste. Consumption of this health herbal supplement regularly can have a dramatic change in the body’s immunity response and immune activity. After a long research and study by a team of experts from Designs of health, they have finally found out the power of natural influence and herbal remedies to provide a healthy immune system known as Immunoberry Liquid.

Design for health- the manufacturer of immunoberry liqud

Immunoberry Liquid is manufactured by a team of experts from ‘Designs of health’. Designs of health are a professional brand which manufactures various health and healthcare products for providing comprehensive health support. They manufacture various products like this after a detailed study and conducting researches. They are the best in the market which provides a supportive hand for perfect human health.

Ingredients in Immunoberry liquid

One serving size of Immunoberry Liquid to be taken is about 1ml or 35 drops or take as your medical practitioner’s directions. One bottle of the supplement contains

  • 200 mg of elderberry or sambucus nigra
  • 100mg of astragalus root or astragalus membranaceus
  • 75mg of lentinula edodes or shiitake mushroom
  • 75mg of maitake mushroom or grifola frondosa
  • 50 mg of prunus serotina or wild cherry bark
  • 25mg of Beta 1,3 Glucan.

Additional Ingredients

Other ingredients in Immunoberry Liquid are –

  • vegetable glycerin,
  • deionized water,
  • raspberry
  • berry natural flavor.

Note –

It doesn’t contain:

  • wheat,
  • yeast,
  • soy,
  • gluten,
  • eggs,
  • diary,
  • artificial colors,
  • flavors,
  • sugars
  • any preservatives.


  • Elderberry or sambacus nigra which is present in Immunoberry Liquid is an old remedy to boost the immune power and providing support to resist against various infection and disease and foreign attack like flu, colds, tonsillitis etc.
  • Astragalus root present in Immunoberry Liquid is a natural substance from the pea family which provides a support to immune system and rebuilds the dormant immune system over time.
  • Shiitake and maitake mushrooms are natural, which contains a lot of healthy ingredients and lot of vitamins and minerals which helps our body to boost the immunity.
  • Wild cherry bark is a natural bark which has anti inflammatory effects and is a key ingredient of many cough syrups and expectorants
  • Beta 1, 3 Glucan are not available in our human body and hence it is mandatory to be taken through foods or supplements which have a good effect in boosting our immune system. Beta 1,3 Glucan present in Immunoberry Liquid is an effective ingredient to fight against infections by stimulating the activity of lymphocytes and macrophages.


Lot of people among us has immune disorders or diseases due to lack of immune power. Use Immunoberry Liquid for many situations where there is a lack of immune support in the body. Normal cough and flu are a constant headache to us. It is worse if it affects children. These situations occur due to lack of body’s tendency to boost immune power or when the immune power is suppressed. So the ingredients provides a counteract against these infections as well as restricts the further suppression of immune system.

It is used to treat influenza. Influenza or commonly known as flu is a disease occurs due to influenza virus. People experience high fever, severe headache, coughing and tiredness due to influenza. Use this herbal supplement to improve your health condition.

Immunoberry Liquid can improve the respiratory tract diseases. Most of the respiratory disease occurs often due to lack of immunity. The regular intake of the product will bring us change from the current situation. Another use is to treat sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs due to many reasons. It can be due to infection or any other foreign body attack, Use Immunoberry to boost in immune activity. You can also use this supplement to treat viral hepatitis as it provides a counter attack against the virus and helps to cure the symptoms quickly.

Dosage & Directions

Consult your health care professional for proper dosage. Consume 1 ml or 35 drops of Immunoberry Liquid once or twice or thrice daily and for better results follow intake as per your medical practitioner’s instructions.

When is the best time to take the supplement? Can I split my dose into two times in a day?

The best time to have is to have after having food. You can split the dose to two times daily. But do not split a single dose again into two.

Is it safe for everybody to have this supplement?

Avoid this supplement during pregnancy and lactation. And avoid the use of Immunoberry Liquid for those who have any known allergies towards the ingredients in it.

How long should I use this supplement?

Dosage and duration for consuming  this supplement should be determined by a health care professional. Regular use of Immunoberry Liquid report to have drastic changes in the health conditions. It is best to have it for about 16 weeks.

Cautionary notes

  • Do not keep it open for a longer period of time.
  • Keep in a safe place, preferably inaccessible for your pets and kids.
  • Check for expiry dates- do not use after expiry date. If you purchase a product past the expiry date, return it as soon as possible.
  • This product contains mostly natural ingredients, so it requires time to show the changes outside the body. If you still feel you are no longer benefiting from this product even after using for a longer period of time, kindly stop the product and meet your doctor.

Is immunoberry liquid certified?

Immunoberry Liquid is made in USA and is GMP certified.

What all should I inform my doctor before starting the use of immunoberry liquid?

One should inform about the present health conditions. Prior to the consumption of Immunoberry Liquid consult with a health care professional and tell him about the disease you have, lab tests undergone and about any additional medicines taken in etc. Avoid Immunoberry Liquid during pregnancy and during breast feeding.

Are the ingredients of immunoberry liquid present naturally in our body?

Some of the ingredients in the Immunoberry Liquid are present naturally within the body and some has to be taken through diet. The ingredients in this supplement help many people to provide a good change in the immune system.

How will I know if my body requires the help of immunoberry liquid?

If you are a person who is always prone to disease, it means your body has some trouble in fighting back to the harmful microorganisms or infections. So it necessary to have a support likes Immunoberry liquid to get back to normal healthy situation.

What is the importance of having immunoberry liquid in my body?

Immunoberry Liquid is an additional support for improving the immunity. It provides an extra support to counteract against many infection and diseases. Majority of disease occurs in the body due to lack of immunity. Consuming this supplement helps in overcoming such issues.

How to administer this supplement?

Immunoberry Liquid should be taken orally. It should be taken only after consulting a health care professional. Your medical practitioner will prescribe the dosage and do not change it without your doctor’s approval.

What are the benefits of liquid form of immunoberry?

In liquid form of Immunoberry liquid, the ingredients quickly absorb by your body. Research and studies has shown those nutrients and the ingredients from a liquid sources or supplement absorb quickly by the body than solids. In addition to the absorption matter, liquid supplements are easier to swallow than large pills or tablets for people.

What if my immunoberry liquid by design for health changes it’s color? Is it normal?

Yes, there exists a possibility for a color change in Immunoberry liquid supplement as it is synthesized with natural ingredients that can change color over time but the quality and purity are not affected in the change in color. If the color changes after expiry date kindly discard it.

Can my child take this supplement?

Immunoberry Liquid is ideal for both children and adults. But only a doctor can determine the dosage and consumption depending on your child’s age, gender and other health factors.

What benefit will I get of having immunoberry liquid?

You will feel an improvement from the symptoms of the disease you are suffering from. Regular consumption of this supplement will provide a boost in immunity power and this will in turn counteract against further infections.

When will I notice a change in my body in using immunoberry liquid?

Some people will take time to feel a change in the body after consuming Immunoberry Liquid. Some will have a change within few weeks or it will take 2 or 3 months to have a change in the body after consuming  this product.

How much will I have to spend to purchase immunoberry liquid?

One should spend thirty two dollars for a 4 ounce liquid bottle of this supplement.

What will my order for immunoberry liquid contains?

Your order will consist of one bottle of Immunoberry Liquid, instructions and precautions for using Immunoberry Liquid.

Where should I store immunoberry liquid?

Store Immunoberry Liquid out from reach of children and in a cool and dry place.

Should I refrigerate the immunoberry liquid?

Store Immunoberry liquid supplement in cool and dry place. You can also refrigerate it after opening.

What if I don’t like the taste of immunoberry liquid, can I mix with other ingredients?

Though the liquid is rich with a sweet taste of glycerin, the flavors of natural supplement in Immunoberry liquid’s ingredients may not be great to everyone’s taste, and it is fine to mix Immunoberry with water, juice or honey.  Avoid adding Immunoberry supplement to hot liquid items.

Is immunoberry liquid give any addiction if I use it for a longer period of time?

Immunoberry is free of addictive ingredients, so you can start and stop at anytime you wish with a concern of your doctor.

Are design for health products like immunoberry liquid gluten free?

Immunoberry liquid do not contain any harmful products, it is completely free of gluten and artificial products.

What happens if we forget a dose of immunoberry liquid for an entire week or just forget to have it on the scheduled day of the week?

Immunoberry is a supplement for immune disease; it is not a cure to treat any disease completely. Hence it is not an issue if you miss it for a week. You can continue as usual. But remember, the effectiveness of continues use of it will be lost once you miss a dose for about a week.

What do I do if I miss a dose or take an extra dose?

For liquid supplements the possibility of taking an extra dose is more as to to the tablets forms. If you have taken an extra dose which shows a great difference from your normal dose, then meet a doctor as soon as possible. A drop difference will not create much adverse effects for most of them.

If you miss a dose and its already time for the next dose, then avoid the missed dose and follow up with the upcoming dose. If you still have a time gap between the missed and the upcoming dose, have both in the right duration of time, not together.

Who should avoid taking immunoberry liquid?

Those who are allergic to the ingredients of Immunoberry liquid- elderberry, astragalus root, shitake mushroom, maitake mushroom, wild cherry bark, Beta 1,3 Glucan should not have Immunoberry liquid.

Does immunoberry liquid contain any meat products or any diary products?

No, Immunoberry Liquid does not have any milk or dairy products. Immunoberry Liquid is also free of egg, fish or meat products.

Where is the expiry date of immunoberry located on the bottle?

Each Immunoberry bottle has the expiry date printed on the bottom of the bottle or on the sticker that describe the details of the product.

Can I use the immunoberry liquid after the expiry date?

The effectiveness of the ingredients and the blend in the Immunoberry liquid work only till the expiry date. Do not take risk and have products pass the expiry date.

How should I dispose of immunoberry liquid that I no longer need or pass the expiry date?

The disposal of Immunoberry liquid supplement is an important issue. Do not throw it open in a trash, the chance for your kids or pets to take it and administer is more. When you dispose of the Immunoberry liquid supplement in to the trash, it is more likely to be taken by the landfill where they dispose off to soil or water. Do not flush the remains of Immunoberry liquid in the sink or closet.

The apt solution for disposing Immunoberry liquid is to return the medicine (that you no longer need) to your nearby pharmacist.

Is the packing of immunoberry liquid of design for health recyclable?

Yes, Immunoberry liquid is recyclable. If you wish to give it for recycling, check with your local center for recycling.

What do I do if my immunoberry liquid freezes?

Do not freeze Immunoberry liquid intentionally. However, if the supplement freezes accidentally, it is safe to consume if the bottle of Immunoberry liquid is still intact. Before having, leave the bottle of the supplement in room temperature until it is completely thawed, then shake the bottle of Immunoberry vigorously, so as to reincorporate all ingredients in the bottle. Do not put the frozen bottle of this supplement in hot water or boil it or in microwave.

What should I do if I think I have been injured as a result of using immunoberry liquid?

If you or a loved one has experienced unusual medical conditions or dangerous symptoms while using Immunoberry liquid, you should immediately contact your health care professional or your physician.

If you want to move legally, have a visit with your lawyer discuss the options that are left for a legal remedy and to protect your rights.

Can I have immunoberry liquid if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

There are medications that are safe in pregnancy and nursing period and most of them are dangerous and must be avoided. Avoid Immunoberry liquid in such crucial periods of time. Even if you were using it in prior to pregnancy period, do not continue the use of it in pregnancy or feeding time.

What are the other natural methods that can be used along with immunoberry liquid to boost the production of it in the body?

Immune system is more stable when your mind relaxes. Have a stress free life. Remember, a problem will get more complex if you solve it with more stress. Have more of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Prefer having the dinner before 7pm.

Practicing in more of yoga and medidation has significant proof in boosting the immune system in to more healthy levels.

Can immunoberry liquid used for any non medical uses?

Immunoberry liquid has been manufactured only for medical purposes- as a support to the immune system. Kindly do not use it for treating any medical condition neither for other diseases nor for any non medical use.

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