As the immune system as such is not always commonly prone to diseases, it is the least protected system. But most of them fail to realize the importance of the immune system. It actually helps in preventing and protecting the other systems and organs to be free from diseases. Unlike all the other systems, the immune system also requires additional care which will only benefit the other systems. Hence it’s high time to think of moving a step forward to have a complete well being and fine fettle.

Most of us in this present era are following an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, many complain that they don’t get time for any sorts of health activities. Remember, health is wealth. Only if you have health you can run and move on in life. One major and easy step that you can put forward for immune health is to have Immunotix 500 on daily basis. Immunotix is a supplement that will help you to provide an additional protection from harmful effects. For instance, unhealthy lifestyle and stress- mentally and physically that can weaken the immunity. Immunotix 500 will deliver whole glucan and 1, 3/1, 6 glucans into your body for better improvement. This will help in supporting the immune system and other related activities efficiently.

A note on Immunotix 500

Immunotix 500 is a product by Xymogen. This company is one of the best health science companies in the market. They have more than a quarter century experience in this field and have gained success in being a good supplement in all needs and requirements.

Xymogen ImmunotiX 500 For Healthy Immune System

Immunotix is a supplement that will help you to provide an additional protection from harmful effects. This will help in supporting the immune system and other related activities efficiently.

The processing work of all the supplements from Xymogen is controlled in all the angles. Each supplement ensures promising components, quality and the safety from the very first step to the end. Being an independent health science company, they have established a good base in introducing quality supplements. For further information of any Xymogen products-

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Certification of Immunotix 500

As Immunotix 500 is completely natural, hypoallergenic, patent and non-genetically modified (non GMO), they are generally recognized as safe (GRAS)

Ingredients in Xymogen Immunotix 500

The main active ingredient that is present in Immunotix 500 is beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. This unique complex carbohydrate is mainly purified from the baker’s yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae). This is completely natural and safe.

  • Beta glucan-the main ingredient of Immunotix 500 has been recognized for immune functioning and its support since years. This ingredient has undergone more than 1000’s of scientific study in relation to the immune functioning. Beta glucan is mainly produced by fungi, yeast, gains, and seaweed. Though each source from which beta-glucan has different structures in the glucose linkages, the one from purified yeast from S cerevisiae is the best and the most effective source. This will help to remove all the impurities and also has the power to recognize the unwanted or interfering proteins and fats, their uptake and effectiveness.

The other ingredients –

  • Include in this health supplement are HPMC ( Capsule),
  • Dicalcium phosphate anhydrous,
  • Stearic acid,
  • Silica,
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Medium chain triglycerides.

Working Mechanism

Immunotix 500 has undergone many related searches and studies before turning it to a supplement for immune health in the body. The studies have revealed that the product has the power to activate the neutrophils, macrophages, T-cell immunity. When one administers the product orally, all the first line of defense gets activated. As a result, the mobilized-macrophages, oxidative degranulation power etc. install themselves in the body. You will also notice an increase in phagocystosis power, selective sytokine release etc. that are the first line of defense against any harmful pathogen.

The main action by the cells of the body with beta glucan is that macrophages will degrade this ingredient into smaller fragments. These smaller fragments of beta glucan attach to granulocytes (neutrophils) which are available in an abundant immune cell in the body. When the neutrophils are attached to the extra power beta glucan- they become powerful in functioning. They will also gain more ability to support the body and fight against microbial challenges. These beta glucan attached neutrophils can travel to any parts- targeted sites according to the need (immune action requirement) through the process called chemotaxis.

The intake of Immunotix 500 will also help to gain a positive effect on the levels of antioxidant enzymes catalase, moderate tissue damaging cytokines, superoxide dismutase. These are also reported to assist in ameliorating microbial imbalance.

Treatment with Immunotix 500

Immunotix 500 will mobilize and primes the cells that are responsible for the first defense to the harmful organisms. This will help in enhancing the protection of the body from them. The main ingredients that are present in Immunotix 500 are completely natural, hence you no longer need to worry about the side effects from treatment with Immunotix 500.

These are mainly recommended for patients who have reported of high cholesterol. This will help in reducing the total cholesterol level and bad cholesterol after weeks of treatment with Immunotix 500. They help in lowering the cholesterol level by absorbing the cholesterol from food in the intestine and in the stomach. They are also used for Cancer, diabetes and HIV/ AIDS. These are even best recommended for chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional stress, after radiation or chemotherapy. ImmunotiX 500 is also used for treating certain diseases if you are commonly prone to them. They include- common cold, flu, hepatitis, allergies, asthma, aging, ear infections, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and even in multiple sclerosis.

However, ImmunotiX 500 is reported possibly effective for hay fever, cancer and for preventing infections after surgery. Studies have shown that it reduces the risk of serious infections like sepsis in trauma patients.

The importance of Immunotix 500

As the pathogens of any family try their maximum to elude the host immune response, it is important to have the additional strength to fight against all types of disease-causing and microorganism and to be free from diseases. Therefore an additional help from a supplement like ImmunotiX 500 is necessary- especially for those who have a weak immune health.

Recent studies on Immunotix 500

Recent studies report that there is a sustained release of the fragments providing a unique mechanism of action from beta-glucan which is the main ingredient in Immunotix. Research also reports that the entrance of the soluble fragments into the bone marrow of the body will affect the white blood cell recovery which will help in further enhancement of your health. When a recent study was conducted for 12 weeks, the report concluded that the use of beta-glucan helps in reduction of the acute immune challenge discomforts.

Benefits from Immunotix 500

The main outstanding benefits that you are going to gain while having ImmunotiX 500 is that it will help you to support the immune function, it also helps the body’s defense against almost all kinds of immune challenges. It also aids in hematopoiesis (it is the formation of the cellular blood components) following bone marrow insults and in radiations. This process is essential as the components will be shot down at a very high rate in certain critical conditions of the body.

Cost of Immunotix 500: The price may not be constant everywhere. The 60 count capsules of ImmunotiX 500 will cost $ 88.50 if you are planning to purchase it through

Storage of Immunotix 500: Nowadays, many cases have been reported of children accidentally intaking medicines. Hence a safe storage is essential, especially if you have kids, pets or mentally retarded people in your house. Select a safely raised cupboard shelf to store ImmunotiX 500, preferably a dry and cool place. Make sure you keep it closed tightly and free from the reach of small children after each use. Do not keep it open for a longer period of time. Avoid keeping it under direct sunlight.

Cautionary notes while having Immunotix 500

  • Do not use if the tamper seal is broken.
  • Never inject beta glucans in case if you do not get ImmunotiX 500. This will cause vomiting, dizziness, chills, fevers.
  • Never recommend it for any third person without a doctor concern.
  • Make sure not to use expiry dated products
  • Do not dispose of Immunotix 500 carelessly
  • Note the point not to leave it open for a longer period of time
  • Bear it in mind not to reuse the bottle of medicines to store other materials.

Dosage of Immunotix 500

ImmunotiX 500 is mainly available in two major dose- ImmunotiX 500 and ImmunotiX 250 where ImmunotiX 250 will provide 250mg of beta-glucan and Immunotix 500 will provide 500mg of beta-glucan. The dosage for every person will vary according to the systemic condition and the present health and immune condition of the patient. However, the manufacturer recommends the use of one capsule in the morning and one in the night after a meal for ongoing immune support. For a faster acting immune support, please do not take overdose. Kindly contact a doctor. A single dose is mostly and normally recommended by the doctors.

Safety of Immunotix 500 in your body

Though all drugs are manufactured to be safe in the body, no supplement/medicine is completely risk-free. It can affect different patients in a different manner. This doesn’t mean that all drugs are harmful. Though the basic reaction of ImmunotiX 500 will remain the same in everybody, the reaction of the body will vary according to nature, and so the safety.

Consent from healthcare professional before using Immunotix 500

If you wish to have a safe period and gain maximum benefit from a supplement like ImmunotiX 500, it is important to visit your health care provider. If you wish to have ImmunotiX 500 along as your dietary supplement, a concern with your doctor would be the best step to take. It is only a doctor who can confirm if ImmunotiX 500 and its action in your body will be completely safe in you.

If you are systemically ill, taking a whole lot of other medicines or allergy-prone person, it is a must to have an appointment with your doctor, as the safety and the interaction of the drugs with ImmunotiX 500 is best studied by a doctor. Before visiting your doctor- prepare a list of medicines that you are having or had before- allopathy, homeopathy, natural medications, etc. If your doctor is not aware of the product ImmunotiX 500 from Xymogen, provide him with the necessary details.

Interaction/adverse reaction of Immunotix 500

If you are allergic to beta-glucan – then avoid using ImmunotiX 500.

Beta-glucan which is the main ingredient in Immunotix is reported to have a moderate interaction with the immunosuppressant. Beta glucans are to increase the activity of immune system as the immune suppressants have the opposite action of beta-glucans, a possibility of an interaction is more.

For those patients who are suffering from AIDS/ HIV or HIV related complex are reported to have thick patches of skin on their hands and feet while having beta glucans. This is usually seen in the first 2 weeks of treatment with beta glucan and is commonly seen to disappear after 4 weeks of use and stop of beta glucans.

Missing a dose/ extra dose of Immunotix 500

A Supplement or a medicine works effectively when taken at the same time in the right duration. As immunotix 500 is not an emergency drug, you no longer need to worry about the missed dose. However, make sure you have it in the way directed by your physician.

A missed dose is safe when compared to an extra dose in case of Immunotix 500. If you have taken an extra dose of Immunotix 500 accidentally, it would be always better to have an appointment with your doctor or to seek an emergency help from any health care provider, as a late or adverse reaction from a drug may not be an easy thing to handle.

Immunotix 500 – Can it be used afer the expiry date?

ImmunotiX 500 will not work effectively after the expiry date. The safety and the working efficiency are not promised by the manufacturer after the expiry date. If your Immunotix has crossed expiry date, dispose it off.

Disposal of unwanted Immunotix 500

The common scene in a middle-class family about medicine disposal is in a plastic bag where the whole lot of unwanted medicine is dumped. Have you ever thought, what exactly is the ultimate result of dumping the medicines in such careless thought? This will ultimately harm you or your loved ones indirectly. These will only cause soil or water pollution according to the dumping mode you choose.

If you are no longer using Immunitoz 500 or if it has crossed the expiry date- then make sure you return it to your pharmacy or to your doctor. This will help it be in safe hands.

Immunotix in pregnancy or nursing period

The safety of ImmunotiX 500 during pregnancy period or during breastfeeding is not studied completely. Though it has not been reported of any adverse effects in such period, it would be always better to stay away from drugs or self-treatments during this period until and unless recommended by your doctor.

FAQ Immunotix 500

Are the ingredients of Immunotix 500 present naturally in our body?

The main ingredient that is present in ImmunotiX 500 is mainly beta glucans. These are basically sugars that are found in the cell walls of the main yeast, fungi, bacteria, oats and barley.

How will I know if my body requires the help of Immunotix 500?

If you are a person who is more prone to infections recurrently, then your immune system is in a weakened condition. This shows that it needs an additional support to be active and to fight against the foreign and harmful disease-causing organisms.

Can children take Immunotix 500?

The safety of Immunotix 500 in children is not established. Even if the doctor or the physician feels that your kid is in need of ImmunotiX, a lower dose will be prescribed for them- preferably Immunotix 250.

How long should we use Immunotix 500?

The usage and duration of Immunotix 500 in each individual will vary according to the systemic condition and the individual immune system response.

When will I notice a change in my body in using Immunotix 500?

Immunotix 500 is mainly used to support immune system which functions as a guard for the body. So if you are least attacked by germs or diseases or if the disease level and its symptoms have decreased in severity, it shows Immunotix 500 is the right blend for your body. The change in the body cannot be specified as it will differ in each person. The action of Immunotix 500 will require a minimum of 4 week time period to show the result. As the interaction of Immunotix with the body is all cellular, the vision of it directly is not possible, so you will need a wait and watch approach with trust towards ImmunotiX 500. However, a month’s course has reported changes in the health status.

What will my order for Immunotix 500 contain?

If you place your order for Immunotix 500 through, it will contain a bottle of 60 count capsules. Remember, Immunotix is available in less number of capsules and even in lesser dose. While placing an order, please specify on such categories.

How long will one bottle of Immunotix 500 last?

The bottle will last depending on the usage and dose recommended for the individual by the doctor. However, if it used in normal dose, it is sufficient for 8 weeks supply.

Does this Immunotix contain any harmful ingredients in it?

The only ingredient that is present in Immunotix 500 is beta-glucan which is a sugar that is found in yeast, fungi, and bacteria. This is not a harmful substance. Immunotix is free of gluten, wheat, yeast protein, soy, animal meat, dairy products, nuts, egg, artificial color, preservatives or sweeteners.

Will I get addicted to Immunotix 500 if I use it for a longer period of time?

Immunotix contains beta glucan which does not leave an addictive effect on consumption. You can start and stop whenever you wish with a doctor’s concern.

Who should avoid taking Immunotix 500?

If you are reported any sort of allergies towards beta glucan or if you are having immunosuppresants like cyclosporine (Neoral, Sandimmune), zathioprine (Imuran), ), prednisone (Deltasone, Orasone), Orthoclone OKT3),basiliximab (Simulect), daclizumab (Zenapax), mycophenolate (CellCept), muromonab-CD3 (OKT3, tacrolimus (FK506, Prograf), sirolimus (Rapamunecorticosteroids (glucocorticoids), and other immunosuppressants, avoid taking Immunotix 500 as it activates and boosts the immune system.

What should I do if I think I have been injured as a result of using Immunotix 500?

If you have undergone any sort of unusual or dangerous symptoms or pathetic medical conditions while using Immunotix 500, you should first contact your doctor or other healthcare professional and rule out the cause.

If you wish to move it legally, have a meet with an advocate/lawyer to discuss the right for a legal remedy and options that are left for a legal move.

Can Immunotix 500 be used for any nonmedical uses?

Immunotix is not recommended to be used for nonmedical purposes. However, the main ingredient that is present in Immunotix 500 – beta glucan is used for nonmedical purposes:-
It is used as a food addictive in frozen desserts, cheese spreads, salads, sour creams and in sauces.